James Curtis repeatedly takes photos, refuses to leave Vanderbilt University Hospital

18-year-old James Trenton Curtis was being disorderly, taking photos in the patient care area at Vanderbilt University Hospital’s Trauma Unit around 6:33 p.m. on April 9th. When VUPD Sergeant Garrett Bennett arrived, he spoke with security, who told him Curtis was asked to leave and placed on a twelve-hour visitation ban. He initially complied and returned to confront security, but Bennett intervened and started speaking with him. Curtis requested to speak with a supervisor, and Bennett told him he was the supervisor and agreed to talk with him while they were leaving the floor. Curtis refused to leave at first, but after Bennett asked him to leave repeatedly, he complied. Curtis then recorded the interaction on the floor and elevator as he accompanied him to the lobby. While in the lobby, Curtis went through the entrance as if he were going to leave, stopped at the doorway, turned around, and started recording the lobby. Then, Bennett approached him and told him to leave the property, but he refused and asked for a supervisor again, even after being informed that Bennett was multiple times. Curtis was then taken into custody for criminal trespass and disorderly conduct.

Mark Cowart slips cuffs thanks to lube after pleasuring himself in Vanderbilt University Divinity Library

25-year-old Mark Cowart was booked on February 6th for m*sturbating at the Vanderbilt University Divinity Library. Officers responded to a report of a man on the second floor watching p*rnography on a library computer. Officers then received a second call that he was now actively m*sturbating. When officers arrived, they observed Cowart sitting at a computer watching p*rn, with his sweatpants pulled down and his hands in his boxers, actively m*sturbating. The officer tried to handcuff him, but he was able to slip away due to an unknown substance on both hands. When he was finally arrested, he admitted to m*sturbating inside the library because he was “h*rny.” At least seven people witnessed Cowart m*sturbating inside the library. Officers noted there was an M&M tube located near the computer, which contained a glass pipe and tobacco. He was then transported to the Downtown Detention Center for processing.

Vanderbilt Nurse Hannah Hooper berates cops with derogatory slurs during drunken arrest

23-year-old Vanderbilt Nurse Hannah Hooper refused to leave Luke Bryan’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville early Saturday morning. Security initially located her on the steps leading to the rooftop, where she was overly intoxicated and causing a disturbance. Officers had arrived to assist security, and she informed them she was not leaving the bar and attempted to return to enjoying her evening. Officers attempted to guide her outside, but she refused to cooperate and pushed officers. She was taken down and into custody. She became combative and kicked officers, eventually having to be placed into a wheelchair to be transported outside safely. Police say that during transport to booking, Hannah Hooper berated officers by calling them derogatory slurs. Her friends informed officers that she was a nurse at Vanderbilt during the arrest. She is charged with assaulting an officer, resisting arrest, and criminal trespassing.

Deonte Alley caught trespassing in Vanderbilt University Medical Center

26-year-old Deonte Tavaris Alley was loitering in the main lobby of the Vanderbilt University Medical Center early January 1st. Alley advised officers that he had no reason to be on the property. Officers were notified Alley was banned from all Vanderbilt properties on December 31st. Deonte Alley was taken into custody for criminal trespassing.

#ItzNotReal — Cameron Mitchell of #ItsRealTV arrested at Vanderbilt, where he pretended to work

35-year-old Cameron Mitchell, known by many for his “ItzReal” brand of projects, including #ITzRealTV, used to create and share popular videos in Nashville, was jailed in Nashville Saturday. In addition to his branding, he often boasts about working at “two Vanderbilt departments” while wearing full head-to-toe Vanderbilt clothing and showing off his alleged international trips online. Vanderbilt Police took Mitchell into custody just before 5 a.m. Saturday after he was caught on the tenth floor going through bags of electronics. Despite telling the officers he was a Vanderbilt employee, they confirmed he had been long since terminated. Mitchel disclosed to police he was homeless and slept in the building. He retained both his employee badge and a set of master keys to the building. A stolen VUMC check was also found in his backpack.

Vanderbilt Football’s BJ Anderson bites two bouncers at Barstool Nashville

26-year-old Vanderbilt Football Player Bridges “BJ” Anderson was booked in the early hours of December 8th after officers were flagged down in front of Barstool Nashville on 2nd Avenue in regards to a man being restrained by security. When officers arrived, they observed Anderson visibly drunk and being held to the ground by bar security. Officers then placed him into cuffs and began the interview. Security told officers that Anderson tried to enter the bar with alcohol hidden inside a Gatorade bottle and was denied because of it and his level of intoxication. Anderson threw the bottle out and left the line, only to re-enter the line shortly after and be told again that he may not enter the bar. After being denied, Anderson tried to forcefully enter the bar, pushing security as they stood before him to block entry, forcing another security guard to wrap his arms around Anderson to stop him. This only angered Anderson, and he began to fight the security guards, biting both of them. Officers observed bite marks on both security guards.

Vandy Basketball Forward Lee Dort jailed & suspended from team for domestic assault

21-year-old Vanderbilt Men’s Basketball Forward Lee Dort reportedly assaulted and strangled his ex-girlfriend, Amani Foster, on the Vanderbilt Campus in the early hours of Sunday morning. Vanderbilt Police responded to a report of screams at 1:14 a.m. coming from a dorm room at McTyeire Hall. Foster told officers that 6’9″ Dort took her cell phone and shoved her against a wall and bedpost in her dorm room. He accused her of lying to him about her location during Thanksgiving and searched her texts and call logs on her phone. He says he discovered she was with someone else on Thanksgiving night. He then reportedly gripped her neck after she slid down onto the bed. Officers documented red marks and scratches on the victim. Dort initially fled the scene but was located at Memorial Gymnasium, where he was questioned about the incident. Vanderbilt Spokesperson Jacob Bell confirms Dort has been suspended from the basketball program pending the outcome of investigations by both the criminal justice system and the university.

Ashley Guntherm assaults girlfriend’s ex-husband in Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital

39-year-old Ashley Guntherm was being aggressive towards Robert Snyder, her girlfriend’s ex-husband, at Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital on the afternoon of November 15th. Snyder advised officers he was up there for a follow-up visit for his son when he noticed Guntherm enter the double doors. Then, Snyder stated that Guntherm shoulder-checked him up against the doors, causing him to injure his right shoulder and his left arm. Officers were able to confirm this through footage, and Guntherm was taken into custody for assault.

George Levine founding roaming inside restricted areas of Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital

28-year-old George Levine was reportedly roaming around Vanderbilt Children’s Hospital Tuesday afternoon. Vanderbilt Police contacted George, who staff said snuck into the hospital through the back loading dock door. After that, he began entering into restricted areas through stairwells without permission to do so. He ignored staff who attempted to talk to him, causing a disturbance. Eventually, they helped George out of the hospital and to Vanderbilt University Police. He then ignored the police, who arrested him because he had no reason to be on the property.

Julius Lorinc assaults his wife after she finds a flash drive in his laundry

44-year-old Julius Lorinc was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant charging him with the domestic assault of his wife, Vanderbilt Doctor & owner of Harpeth Meadows Stables, Amanda Lorinc. Amanda told police she was doing laundry on April 23 when she found a flash drive among her husband’s belongings while folding clothes. She waited for her husband to arrive home and confronted him about the flash drive, and asked him what was on it. He became agitated and pushed and shoved her while attempting to retrieve the flash drive from her grasp. He eventually grabbed her right hand and ripped the flash drive away, leaving a small injury on her hand, which was documented by police. During the incident, she says he also pushed her onto the bed while holding her neck. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was booked into custody this week.