Julius Lorinc assaults his wife after she finds a flash drive in his laundry

44-year-old Julius Lorinc was jailed this week on an outstanding warrant charging him with the domestic assault of his wife, Vanderbilt Doctor & owner of Harpeth Meadows Stables, Amanda Lorinc. Amanda told police she was doing laundry on April 23 when she found a flash drive among her husband’s belongings while folding clothes. She waited for her husband to arrive home and confronted him about the flash drive, and asked him what was on it. He became agitated and pushed and shoved her while attempting to retrieve the flash drive from her grasp. He eventually grabbed her right hand and ripped the flash drive away, leaving a small injury on her hand, which was documented by police. During the incident, she says he also pushed her onto the bed while holding her neck. A warrant was issued for his arrest, and he was booked into custody this week.

Brandon Keener bounced from Ascend Amphitheater

34-year-old Brandon Keener was ejected from Ascend Amphitheater late Saturday night after causing a drunken disturbance. Once outside the gates, Keener became argumentative, disruptive, and attempted to re-enter the venue. He then walked away on his own, but once again returned to argue about re-entering the venue. Officers at the entrance gave him multiple opportunities to walk away, but Keenver refused and was taken into custody.

Lindsey Perdue charged with underage drinking after using a designated driver to get home

18-year-old Lindsey Perdue was booked this week on a citation for underage drinking in March when she was involved in a car accident as a passenger. She told police that she had been drinking with friends at a parking garage off Elliston Place, and someone offered to drive her home because she was drunk. Perdue was transported to Vanderbilt for her injuries after the crash.

DUI: Vanderbilt Doctor Derrick Sowder hits motorcycle rider & flees the scene

43-year-old Vanderbilt Doctor Derrick Sowder was jailed on April 15th for a hit and run on Lebanon Pike. A witness provided police with Sowder’s license plate number, and they found him parking his vehicle in his driveway as they arrived. There was significant damage to his vehicle, consistent with the crash that took place approximately a mile away. Sowder told police that he had been hit by an unknown vehicle and drove home without stopping after the crash. Sowder appeared to be intoxicated and admitted to drinking a glass of wine about 3 hours before the crash. His speech was slow and slurred, and he had watery bloodshot eyes. Mr. Sowder’s boyfriend, James Lindsey, took a rideshare to his house after hearing about the crash and told police that He and Sowder each had about four glasses of wine at his house before Mr. Sowder left to drive home. Mr. Sowder hit Elliot Mullins on a motorcycle, and he suffered a compound fracture to his leg.

DUI: Alexandra Vinson charged after early morning crash near Vanderbilt

27-year-old Alexandra Vinson was jailed early Sunday Morning after crashing her SUV into a utility pole and power line while intoxicated at the corner of 28 Avenue and Vanderbilt place. When police arrived, Vinson had watery eyes and a slight odor of alcohol coming from her. During the investigation, she was slurring her words and needed assistance to walk as she was unsteady on her feet. She agreed to sobriety testing and performed poorly. During the vehicle search, an open bottle of alcohol was found in the passenger side door.

DUI: Kate Swan crashes after drinking 2-3 beers at Chili’s before driving

58-year-old Kate Swan was jailed on March 23rd after rear-ending a stopped car in the turning lane on Myatt Drive while drunk. Swan was standing next to her Toyota Rav 4 when police arrived. They could smell alcohol coming from her, and she told officers that she had 2-3 beers at Chili’s prior to driving. She agreed to sobriety tests and performed poorly. The breathalyzer came back as .131% BAC.

Vanderbilt Student Matthew Liendo jailed with drugs after disorderly conduct at women’s dorm

19-year-old Matthew Liendo was jailed after causing a disturbance in Lewis Hall at Vanderbilt University just after 2 a.m. Monday. Officers say he was asked to leave the building as he loudly and repeatedly knocked on the third floor door of a female student. He was instructed to leave the building and refused, stating, “or what?” He then continued, “I will not leave the building or stop knocking and shouting unless I am arrested!” He was ultimately granted his wish and taken into custody. A search of his person incident to arrest revealed a gold Spiderman grinder and 0.7 grams of marijuana.

Petty Vanderbilt Police charge George Woods with marijuana possession in parking lot

Sgt Orlando Dixson of the Vanderbilt University Police Department charged 22-year-old George Woods IV with marijuana possession on January 20. Dixson says he approached an illegally parked vehicle in a Vanderbilt University parking lot and noticed the seats were laid all the way back. Two small bags of marijuana were in plain view, and the driver, Woods, admitted it was his marijuana for personal use. Woods was booked on the citation this week.

British tourist Elliot Williams punches man on Broadway & his wife in hotel room

27-year-old British tourist Elliot Williams faces charges from two separate incidents this week in downtown Nashville. On Tuesday, he and a friend, Patrick Doran, were harassing multiple vendors on Broadway. Williams punched Conor Patrick Wall in the face, causing him to fall and hit his head. The victim was transported to Vanderbilt, where the attending physician said he may have sustained a brain injury. Williams fled the scene back to his room at the DoubleTree Hotel, where police were called a short time later after he reportedly assaulted his wife, Jenny Moore. She states the two were in an argument, and when she tried to leave the hotel room, he blocked the doorway and struck her in the face. She had a busted lip and was bleeding from the assault, along with a small pool of blood on the bed. During this interaction, police recognized Williams from the earlier incident on Broadway, and he was taken into custody for both incidents.

Gabriel Gwirtsman charged with ramming another man, using his vehicle

Metro Nashville Police say 26-year-old Gabriel Gwirtsman followed Irais Hernandez in the area of Bicentennial Mall Park in downtown Nashville and intentionally rammed his vehicle into the victim’s vehicle. The victim believed his life to be in immediate danger and was injured in the road rage incident.