Joshua Haines points finger gun at officer after being told it is illegal to carry firearms while drunk

29-year-old Joshua Haines was caught trespassing and acting disorderly at Honky Tonk Central near Broadway on May 26th. When officers arrived, they spoke with a group of males, telling them they needed to leave the premises. Haines asked officers why they were being kicked out of the bar. Officers explained that they were no longer welcome and could be asked at any point for any reason. Officers were then informed that one of the males was possibly armed before asking Haines if he was armed. Haines evaded the question, stating it was not illegal to carry a weapon. Officers then told Haines that it was illegal to carry if you were intoxicated or in a bar that had a “No Weapons Allowed” sign. Officers then conducted a pat down of all the males. Haines did not have a firearm but continued arguing with officers. Haines was asked to leave again, in which he ignored officers once more. Haines then reached into his pocket, took his hand back out, and pointed it towards officers with a finger gun motion, saying, “Yes, I have this.” Officers then took Haines into custody, charging him with disorderly conduct.

Hannah Garrison punches security guard multiple times while being escorted out of Whiskey Row

31-year-old Hannah Garrison caused a disturbance at Whiskey Row around 12:10 a.m. on May 4th. Security for the establishment flagged officers down after restraining Garrison and a male who was being resistive. As they approached, officers noticed Garrison being combative and yelling at them. Officers detained the pair for their violent behavior inside the location. Then, officers spoke with Whiskey Row security, who said they observed Garrison arguing with another female inside the bar. Security then told Garrison to leave, to which she refused and continued to bicker with the other party. Then, Garrison was escorted out of the bar, where she started to fight with officers, at one point punching a security guard four times in the head. This prompted him to wrap his arms around her upper body to safely get her down the stairs and out of the bar. Garrison was taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

Robert Niesporek takes off shirt, threatens to fight police after they take his drink away

26-year-old Robert John Niesporek was observed walking on the sidewalk with an open container of alcohol outside of Whiskey Row in the early hours of May 5th. Police noticed he reeked of alcohol and advised him that he needed to throw away his drink, which he refused. Niesporek then started to drink, prompting officers to take the open container out of his hand. After this, Niesporek took a fighting stance, removed his shirt, asking police, “You want to go?” while yelling and screaming derogatory slurs in their faces. Officers gave him multiple opportunities to leave after being warned he would be detained for his behavior, but he continued to be belligerent. Officers deemed Niesporek a danger to himself or others. Niesporek was taken into custody for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Eric Church has fan arrested at his new bar, Chief’s — Brody Goins

21-year-old Brody Goins, son of Tennessee Coordinator of Elections Mark Goins, waited by the alleyway door for Eric Church’s autograph around 11:05 p.m. at Chief’s Bar, Church’s establishment, on April 18th. Security at the bar flagged officers down and explained that Church and his family were trying to exit the building, stating he was not doing autographs then. Officers approached Goins and his friend and told them that the security team wanted them to move away from the door and the vehicle so Church could leave. Goins told police that he was in a public area and would not be moving.

Then, officers told Goins that he was blocking the vehicle from moving back into the alleyway so the occupants could leave. Goins said he was only there for an autograph, a video, and some pictures. The head of security told him that, unfortunately, Eric would not be signing any autographs at this time because he wanted to leave quickly. Security then told officers they deemed Goins a medium-level threat. Goins became argumentative and continued telling them he was not going because he was not committing a crime, and then he asked to speak with a supervisor. When Sergeant Bennett arrived, he informed him that he was obstructing a passageway. Goins was taken into custody for obstructing the passageway on April 19th.

Anthony Flores attempts to direct traffic on Broadway, told police he was “on post at Fort Campbell”

33-year-old Anthony Flores was booked on March 17th for assaulting a man at Shake Shack on Broadway Place. Michael Bahr stated that while he was waiting for a friend, he observed Flores, who was highly intoxicated, attempting to direct traffic. Flores told Bahr to move along and was becoming angry that he wouldn’t move. Flores then kicked Bahr’s driver’s side door, causing visible damage. Bahr stepped out of his vehicle to try to stop Flores. Flores became aggressive and punched the glasses off Bahr’s face, leaving him with a bloody nose.

When officers asked Flores for his side of the story he stood at “parade rest” stance and thought he was on post at Fort Campbell. Flores told officers that he had been drinking but not too much. Flores was visibly intoxicated and smelled of alcohol. Flores was then taken into custody. Flores fell asleep on the way to booking but told officers he was “looking at the scenery.”

Catholic High School President J. Marshall Hyzdu jailed after harassing women in Nashville bar

45-year-old Catholic school president James Marshall Hyzdu was jailed in Nashville Saturday after reportedly following women around a Nashville bar, making them feel uncomfortable. Security at The Twelve Thirty Club says Hyzdu came into the bar and began to follow women around, making them uncomfortable and annoyed with the behavior. Hyzdu was escorted out of the location, only to return and continue the behavior. According to security, he was escorted out of the building six times and continued to return, even changing his clothing once to change his appearance. He was eventually detained until Metro Nashville Police arrived and took him into custody. They noted his extreme level of intoxication and had no one to contact to retrieve him or assist him back to his hotel. J. Marshall Hyzdu is the President of Archbishop Moeller High School, an all-boys Catholic school in Cincinnati, OH.

Vanderbilt Nurse Hannah Hooper berates cops with derogatory slurs during drunken arrest

23-year-old Vanderbilt Nurse Hannah Hooper refused to leave Luke Bryan’s Bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville early Saturday morning. Security initially located her on the steps leading to the rooftop, where she was overly intoxicated and causing a disturbance. Officers had arrived to assist security, and she informed them she was not leaving the bar and attempted to return to enjoying her evening. Officers attempted to guide her outside, but she refused to cooperate and pushed officers. She was taken down and into custody. She became combative and kicked officers, eventually having to be placed into a wheelchair to be transported outside safely. Police say that during transport to booking, Hannah Hooper berated officers by calling them derogatory slurs. Her friends informed officers that she was a nurse at Vanderbilt during the arrest. She is charged with assaulting an officer, resisting arrest, and criminal trespassing.

Billy Hardwick assaults wife at Scoreboard Bar and Grill on his birthday

51-year-old Billy Hardwick had a domestic incident with his wife, Melissa Hardwick, at Scoreboard Bar and Grill in downtown Nashville on January 28th. Mrs. Hardwick’s friend, Christy Hubbard, alerted the authorities, advising them that she, her fiancé, Melissa, and Billy, were in Nashville celebrating his birthday when he allegedly hit Melissa on the forehead, knocking her off her barstool. Then, Hubbard stated they had to put him in an Airbnb on Alameda Street, where officers were dispatched. Hubbard advised they separated him for the night due to his aggression and figured he would cool off while they continued enjoying their time. Mrs. Hardwick spoke with detectives, informing them that she was fine and Christy was just worried about her. Melissa told officers that they have been married for 18 years, and he tends to be an “asshole,” admitting that he bopped her on the head. She informed them that he does not talk much, and when she does or says things to “piss him off,” he gets angry. Mrs. Hardwick did not wish to prosecute for the incident, stating she wanted to let things go so they could return to Kentucky in the morning. Then, officers spoke with Hubbard’s fiancé, who said he did not witness the altercation at the Airbnb but claimed Mr. Hardwick was aggressive at the bar and that he got an Uber for him to leave and cool off. Hardwick was taken into custody for domestic assault.