Hopkinsville Musician Tulei Yano assaults multiple women at Big Jimmy’s Bar

41-year-old Hopkinsville Musician Tulei Yano assaulted multiple women at Big Jimmy’s Bar in the early hours of February 24th. Security for the establishment flagged officers down and advised them that the attacker, Yano, was inside the closed construction site on 2nd Avenue North. Officers arrived at the site and noticed Yano exhibiting symptoms of intoxication before getting him to exit the construction site. Yano was unaware of his whereabouts and was deemed unable to care for himself. Officers then spoke with Brandi Renea Stimson, an employee at Big Jimmy’s Bar who Yano assaulted. Stimson advised them that she was checking identification at the entry door when Yano grabbed her shoulders from behind and pulled her toward him. Then, after Stimson told him not to do that, Yano entered the bar and assaulted another woman before being kicked out. A short time later, Yano started staring at Stimson from the construction site on 2nd Avenue North. Yano began violently shaking the fence with his hands, causing her to believe that he was targeting her and may climb over the fence to get her. Yano was taken into custody for public intoxication, criminal trespassing, and assault.

Darryl Dinning Jr. fights security at Whiskey Row, tells officer to “Suck His D*ck”

26-year-old Darryl Dinning Jr. had an altercation with security personnel at Whiskey Row in downtown Nashville on February 12th. Whiskey Row security signaled officers for assistance, and when they arrived, Dinning Jr. was walking away from the establishment, yelling at security. Officers approached and detained him due to his level of agitation, and then he became belligerent, yelling racial slurs towards them. Whiskey Row security personnel advised them that Dinning Jr. tried to grab items off the DJ booth inside the establishment and continued after being told to stop repeatedly. Security managed to push him away from the booth and eventually escorted him outside. When they got outside, Dinning Jr. walked around security towards the bar again. Dinning Jr. grabbed the line stanchions and threw them on the ground. Dinning Jr. was taken into custody for disorderly conduct. On the way to booking, Dinning Jr. told one officer to “suck his d*ck” and called her a “slave monger,” and then he called the other officer a “f*cking white boy” while stepping into their faces, trying to provoke a physical altercation, and told them to punch him.

Robert Dellion booked after getting into fight at Whiskey Row

27-year-old Robert Dellion got into a fight at Whiskey Row in downtown Nashville in the early hours of February 11th. Officers observed this when they arrived, separated the parties, and spoke to them. Dellion was visibly intoxicated as officers remembered him from earlier that night when they told him to get a cab and go home due to his level of impairment.  Dellion was deemed unable to take care of himself and was taken into custody for public intoxication and disorderly conduct.

Alexandra Peterson drunkenly punches girlfriend during altercation on Broadway

24-year-old Alexandra Peterson had an altercation with her girlfriend, Alexis Jean Daniel, on Broadway near Representative John Lewis Way in the early morning of February 10th. Peterson was intoxicated and crying when she flagged officers down. Peterson told them she could not get to her hotel and had met someone downtown who left her there. She said she knew a friend named “Lexi,” who stayed in Nashville, but when officers tried to call “Lexi,” there was no answer. So, officers agreed to give Peterson a ride to her hotel in the Hermitage area. While they drove westbound on Broadway, Peterson told officers she saw “Lexi,” so they stopped and approached a male and a female, later identified as Alexis Jean Daniel and an unknown male. Officers asked the pair if they were looking for Peterson, and they explained that she was probably looking for them. Officers let Peterson out of the patrol car, and she began crying hysterically as Daniel advised that she thought Peterson left with her mom. Based on Peterson and Daniels’ behavior towards each other, officers separated both parties to speak with them. Peterson said that she and Daniel argued, so she tried to walk away, but Daniel grabbed her shoulders. Peterson admitted to punching Daniel in the face because of this. Daniel said they had no physical altercation but confirmed the verbal argument. Officers noticed redness to the left side of Daniel’s face, consistent with being punched. Daniel explained that Peterson had hit her a couple of days prior in a separate altercation. Peterson was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Texas Tourist Dylan Kinnett vomits on himself in police car after resisting arrest at Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk

23-year-old Texas tourist Dylan Michael Kinnett entered Kid Rock’s Honky Tonk from the side door late February 3rd. Officers arrived and began removing people from the side door entry area since they aren’t permitted to enter this way. While Officers spoke with patrons, Kinnett tried to push through them to fight an unknown party. Officers attempted to detain him, but he resisted, tensing his muscles and hindering them from putting his hands behind his back. Then, after officers brought him to the ground, they arrested him and noticed he was intoxicated. Kinnett vomited on himself when they placed him in the patrol car, and then he was taken into custody for disorderly conduct and resisting arrest.

Carson Dobozy cried as he was taken into custody for public intoxication in Nashville

24-year-old Carson Dobozy’s eyes teared up as he began to cry and speak with Officer Danielle Thompson at booking in the early hours of Saturday morning. Just after 2:30 a.m. Dobozy had been found asleep in a parking garage on 4th Ave North, in an obvious state of over-intoxication. He was unable to locate any friends or family to retrieve him and refused medical assistance. With no other resources, Dobozy was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

John Perez films in women’s restroom at FGL House; bribes cop with $2,500

22-year-old John Perez was video recording over the stalls in the female’s bathroom at FGL House this weekend, according to security at the venue. Officers responded to FGL House regarding the public annoyance call. Perez was already being detained for filming in the women’s bathroom and being transported when he offered Officer Tucker $2500 for his freedom. Perez was charged with bribery of a public servant and disorderly conduct.

Drunken Ireland tourist Niall Brennan punches bouncer in downtown Nashville

24-year-old Niall Brennan returned to Honkytonk Central after being kicked out this weekend. Brennan was seen falling on his back at the entrance of Honkytonk Central by officers as they were patrolling. The security at the bar stood Brennan up and detained him as officers arrived. Officers observed Brennan to be visibly intoxicated as they were advised by security that he was kicked out of the club before returning, and when they were trying to get him to leave a second time, he punched a security guard in the chest. The security guard did not wish to prosecute, and Brennan was taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

Arthur Jay Gann says he’s “rich and will sue the police” who arrested him in downtown Nashville

33-year-old Texas Tourist Arthur Jay Gann repeatedly told Metro Nashville Police he would sue the officer and the department because ‘I’m rich,” as they placed him in the back of a patrol car in downtown Nashville Friday evening. Gann had been detained by security at the Lucky Bastard Saloon after being disorderly inside the bar and threatening security staff and officers with violence. He was extremely intoxicated and was transported to booking, despite his wishes otherwise. 

Matthew Landan faces felony after filling Nitrous Oxide balloons at Phish concert

On October 7th, 51-year-old Matthew Landan was observed in the area of the Walk of Fame Park just outside the Phish concert in downtown Nashville. Officers described a sea of fifty to one hundred people who were all partaking in inhaling nitrous oxide via inflated balloons. Officers noted some were talkative; some were talking about how high they were; some were quiet, while others vomited.  While patrolling, officers witnessed two of them actively filling balloons as one fled on foot; the other, Landan, was detained after resisting and then taken into custody.