John Perez films in women’s restroom at FGL House; bribes cop with $2,500

22-year-old John Perez was video recording over the stalls in the female’s bathroom at FGL House this weekend, according to security at the venue. Officers responded to FGL House regarding the public annoyance call. Perez was already being detained for filming in the women’s bathroom and being transported when he offered Officer Tucker $2500 for his freedom. Perez was charged with bribery of a public servant and disorderly conduct.

James Bond offers Nashville police $200 to free him from arrest

31-year-old James Bond offered Metro Nashville Police officers $200 to free him after he was arrested on Broadway early Sunday morning. Bond was initially kicked out of Rippy’s Honky Tonk for being “unruly” inside the establishment. He then began to fight with security as he was being escorted out of the bar. Police took custody of him outside, where he continued to be irate and attempted to kick and headbutt officers. Once inside the patrol car, he began to shout slurs at police and nearby pedestrians and then attempted to exchange $200 for his freedom.

Tevin Hamilton offers cop $50 to let him go after found with gun at The 5 Spot in East Nashville

Police say 31-year-old Tevin Hamilton was at The 5 Spot bar with a gun on in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Officers arrived and met with a witness who stated that after the altercation, they witnessed Hamilton exit the bar, and he appeared to be again looking for the other person that was involved while carrying a gun in his waistband. The witness was able to negotiate for the gun and hold it until the police arrived so that no one would get injured. Officers arrived and located Hamilton inside the bar and extremely intoxicated and had two loaded Glock magazines in his pocket. As he was being transported to be charged with public intoxication and possessing a firearm in a bar, Hamilton told officers he lived nearby and offered $20 to let him out and walk home. Hamilton insisted on being let out of the car and raised his offer to $50 to let him walk home.