Alfred Arnett drunkenly tries to fight security at AJ’s Bar on Broadway

36-year-old Alfred Wayne Arnett was talking inappropriately to women and refusing to leave AJ’s Bar on Broadway on December 30th. Officers arrived and observed Arnett fighting with security. Security advised officers that Arnett was asked to leave three times as patrons complained about his level of intoxication and behavior. Arnett told them he wanted to fight, initiating a scuffle as security tried to get Arnett out of the bar. Alfred Arnett was taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

Ethan Millican yells, acts aggressively towards officers on Broadway

24-year-old Ethan Millican was yelling at another individual on Broadway on the night of December 1st. Officers observed this and advised him to leave the area, but he continued to walk aggressively towards them, disregarding their commands. Millican was taken into custody for disorderly conduct.

Anthony Mctigue jailed after taking drunken nap on downtown Nashville sidewalk

46-year-old Anthony Mctigue was found sleeping on a sidewalk in downtown Nashville by officers this weekend. Mctigue was visibly intoxicated when officers asked him to stand up, and he also admitted to having “a lot of beers.” Officers determined Mctigue was unable to take care of himself and placed him in custody for public intoxication.

Bryon Kirkpatrick jailed after threatening to shoot up a business; reports wife missing

28-year-old Bryon Thomas Kirkpatrick contacted police wanting to report his girlfriend missing on October 28. Officers were assisting Kirkpatrick when he told them that he was going to get his firearm to shoot up an unrelated establishment as he was visibly intoxicated. Kirkpatrick went to numerous officers to report the same crime, but officers were advised that Kirkpatrick’s girlfriend was at home. Kirkpatrick was taken into custody for public intoxication due to his inability to care for himself.

John Perez films in women’s restroom at FGL House; bribes cop with $2,500

22-year-old John Perez was video recording over the stalls in the female’s bathroom at FGL House this weekend, according to security at the venue. Officers responded to FGL House regarding the public annoyance call. Perez was already being detained for filming in the women’s bathroom and being transported when he offered Officer Tucker $2500 for his freedom. Perez was charged with bribery of a public servant and disorderly conduct.

Ivey Runion charged with slapping man in downtown Nashville

21-year-old Ivey Runion was hurried to sit her drunk friend down outside of Music City Showcase on Broadway on August 12th. A man told police that Ivey asked him to move so she could sit her drunk friend down. She reportedly then slapped him in the face when he refused to let her sit. Ivey was issued a citation for assault and was later booked on the charge.

Billy Kroese kicks two officers in their genitals after Broadway arrest

54-year-old Billy Kroese refused to leave the doorway of Layla’s Honky Tonk when police arrived. Police instructed Billy to leave the business’s curtilage and noticed several signs of intoxication. Reportedly, Billy then became aggressive and started shouting explicit language. He still refused to leave the doorway, and police attempted to detain him. Billy pulled away but was eventually arrested and transported to booking. While in booking, he was disruptive and kicked officers George Poulos and Bryan Malone in their genitals.

Marius Pleitner drunkenly sleeps in alley at Legends Corner

26-year-old Marius Pleitner was found asleep in the alley by Legends Corner late Saturday night and was awakened by club security. He refused to leave the location and returned to sleep. Metro Nashville Police arrived and attempted to locate his friends or hotel but were unsuccessful. Pleitner was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication. 

Ryder Starick doesn’t want to leave Jason Aldean’s bar after being kicked out Saturday

22-year-old Ryder Starick was kicked out of Jason Aldean’s bar Saturday after causing a disturbance. Starick refused to leave and raised his hand as if to punch a bouncer who was assisting in his exit. He continued to fight and resist officers upon their arrival and was taken into custody. 

Octavious Bates “intoxicated and uncooperative” after assault on ex-girlfriend

Metro Nashville Police say 29-year-old Octavious Bates was “intoxicated and uncooperative” when they encountered him as the subject of a domestic assault call on Stratford Avenue. His ex-girlfriend, Kira Mercedes McKenzie, says she invited him over to visit, and at some point, he got drunk and became disorderly. During a subsequent argument, she says Bates grabbed both of her arms and lifted her against a wall, holding her there. Officers documented injuries and bruises to her forearm and bicep.