Christine Qualls punches man in face repeatedly during sex because “his lips were cold”

25-year-old Christine Qualls had a domestic dispute with her intimate partner, Christopher Idle, at his Harmony Way residence on March 25th. When the officers arrived, they spoke with Idle, who stated that they had returned from the bar and started to engage in an intimate act. During said intimate act, Idle drank some water, causing her to become angry because “his lips were cold.” Qualls then began punching him in the face repeatedly, leaving swelling to the left side of his face. Qualls told officers that there was not a physical altercation. Qualls was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Chef Chris Polley breaks into ex-boyfriend’s home, steals cologne & vinyl records

38-year-old Chef Christopher Polley was jailed Thursday on multiple felony and misdemeanor charges in Nashville. Police say he was caught on camera kicking through his ex-boyfriend’s door on N 2nd Street on Christmas Day. He does not live at the location and had no permission to be in the residence of his former lover, Philippe Boehm. Chef Polley, who until recently was the chef at Burger + Grain in the Nations, reportedly stole six bottles of cologne, valued at $500 each, and ten vinyl records, valued at approximately $200 each. Polley was clearly identified from a home security video, which was reviewed by police. In addition to kicking through the victim’s bedroom door, the back door has also been forced open, with a footprint on the door. Warrants were issued for Polley’s arrest, and he was taken into custody in the days following the incident.

DUI: Marissa Marshall has “3 Green Tea shots” before driving

26-year-old Marissa Marshall crashed her Nissan at North 9th Street on November 12. Marshall advised officers she had too much to drink as she admitted to consuming three Green Tea shots before driving into a parked car. Officers observed her to be visibly intoxicated after she consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. Marshall told officers that she had marijuana after she was read implied consent and agreed to provide a blood sample. Marshall was Mirandized and then taken into custody for driving under the influence, failing to provide evidence of compliance and possession.

Tralarrious Harrison crashes into police officer’s car; charged with DUI

21-year-old Tralarrious Harrison crashed his girlfriend’s black Sedan into an officer’s vehicle at the intersection of Dickerson Pk and Ewing Dr. on October 21st. Officers responded to the scene and observed a male get out of the passenger side of the Sedan and flee the scene. Harrison was visibly intoxicated as officers approached him and noticed he did not have shoes on before transporting him to General Hospital. Officers spoke with Harrison, and before they could ask him, he told them that he “was not the driver of the vehicle,” that he “messed his girlfriend’s car up,” that he was “extremely intoxicated,” and that he “exited the driver’s side after the crash.” Officers found a 24 oz Coors Light can with beer still in it and a plastic bag with 6.66 grams of a marijuana-like substance. Harrison was taken into custody for possession, driving under the influence, and an open container violation.

Nicola Gayel bites boyfriend, assaults him with a stick; given $100 bond

On October 1st, Officers responded to Litton Ave. about a possible domestic disturbance. Oraysha Stuart, the caller, and his girlfriend, 38-year-old Nicola Gayel, were standing next to each other in the parking lot of their apartment complex when Officers arrived. Officers spoke with Stuart first, and he stated Gayel confronted him about his ex-girlfriend, saying he was hanging out with her and texting her. Stuart then says Gayel became angry and began to grab his shirt and pull him across the parking lot before biting him and hitting him with a stick. Officers then spoke with Gayel, and she confirmed the incident by admitting to confronting Stuart about his ex-girlfriend, biting him, grabbing his shirt, and hitting him with a stick. Due to Gayel’s admissions, she was deemed the aggressor and was taken into custody. Stuart did not wish to prosecute.

Drunk and disorderly in East Nashville — Sumedha Sagar arrested

Police responded to a disorderly person at Canvas East Nashville late Monday night and encountered 30-year-old Sumedha Sagar, who was attempting to climb over a fence. She then repeatedly banged on a door, yelling loudly to be let in. She was extremely intoxicated and unable to care for herself. She was transported to booking and charged with public intoxication.

DUI: Lisa Smith had three glasses of Prosecco at Christmas party before crash

27-year-old Lisa Smith says she was leaving a Christmas party and headed home on December 13th when she crashed on I-65 North, near mile marker 88. She admitted to drinking three glasses of Prosecco prior to driving. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and blew a 0.202% BAC on a breathalyzer.

Tevin Hamilton offers cop $50 to let him go after found with gun at The 5 Spot in East Nashville

Police say 31-year-old Tevin Hamilton was at The 5 Spot bar with a gun on in the early hours of Tuesday morning. Officers arrived and met with a witness who stated that after the altercation, they witnessed Hamilton exit the bar, and he appeared to be again looking for the other person that was involved while carrying a gun in his waistband. The witness was able to negotiate for the gun and hold it until the police arrived so that no one would get injured. Officers arrived and located Hamilton inside the bar and extremely intoxicated and had two loaded Glock magazines in his pocket. As he was being transported to be charged with public intoxication and possessing a firearm in a bar, Hamilton told officers he lived nearby and offered $20 to let him out and walk home. Hamilton insisted on being let out of the car and raised his offer to $50 to let him walk home.

Alicea Bowker’s DUI: Moscow Mules, Up-Down Bar, French Fries, and a parked car in East Nashville

22-year-old Alicea Bowker is charged with DUI after police say she crashed her red Prius into a Chevy Impala in East Nashville in the early overnight hours of Monday morning. Bowker says she was leaving the Up-Down bar, where she consumed two Moscow Mules, and was reaching for French fries in her vehicle when she hit the Impala, which was parked on the side of the road. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and blew a 0.156% BAC on a breathalyzer.

Christopher Alford found on East Nashville front porch, too intoxicated to know it wasn’t his

29-year-old Christopher Scott Alford was found sitting on the front porch of a house on Fatherland Street in East Nashville in the early hours of Wednesday morning. The homeowner called the police since he didn’t know the man, and wanted him removed from the property. Officer made contact with Alford, who reeked of alcohol and had trouble standing on his own. He admitted to consuming “several shots” before wandering onto the porch, and was taken into custody.