Nicola Gayel bites boyfriend, assaults him with a stick; given $100 bond

On October 1st, Officers responded to Litton Ave. about a possible domestic disturbance. Oraysha Stuart, the caller, and his girlfriend, 38-year-old Nicola Gayel, were standing next to each other in the parking lot of their apartment complex when Officers arrived. Officers spoke with Stuart first, and he stated Gayel confronted him about his ex-girlfriend, saying he was hanging out with her and texting her. Stuart then says Gayel became angry and began to grab his shirt and pull him across the parking lot before biting him and hitting him with a stick. Officers then spoke with Gayel, and she confirmed the incident by admitting to confronting Stuart about his ex-girlfriend, biting him, grabbing his shirt, and hitting him with a stick. Due to Gayel’s admissions, she was deemed the aggressor and was taken into custody. Stuart did not wish to prosecute.