Keon Smith drives his momma’s Nissan Altima, gets caught with 523 Grams of marijuana

21-year-old Keon Smith drove his mother’s Nissan Altima with heavily tinted windows into the parking lot in front of Kings Market Vape & Smoke Shop on Jefferson Street in the early hours of April 6th. Officers observed an individual exit the passenger side, enter the store, and return to the Altima before leaving, so they followed them and conducted a traffic stop on Underwood Street. After Smith parked the car, he and his passenger exited and started to distance themselves from the Nissan until officers began to speak with them. Smith told officers he was giving his friend a ride to the store. Smith’s family members started coming outside while the police were interviewing him, briefly interrupting their investigation. Then, officers discovered that Smith only possessed a learner’s permit. Shortly after, officers noticed a digital scale with single-use plastic bags in the cup holder of the Altima and a large bag of marijuana, which later weighed 138.1 grams, sitting on the backseat. Officers detained Smith and searched the rest of the Altima, where they located a bookbag with three large bags of marijuana weighing 207.2 grams, 133.0 grams, and 45.4 grams, as well as 12 individual-wrapped brownies. Officers seized a total of 523.7 grams of marijuana and $4,510 in US currency. Officers went to speak with the passenger and learned he was not involved in the sale of marijuana. Smith told them he was giving his “Cuz” a ride to the store. Smith was taken into custody for possession of Schedule VI with intent to sell, the unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, and driving a vehicle with tinted windows.

Arlington Castle shoots at car, caught with 8.6 grams of cocaine

24-year-old Arlington Castle was booked on March 20th after reports from several witnesses of shots fired on Columbus Boulevard. Witnesses stated they saw a black male subject shooting toward an apartment complex and running toward the street. When police arrived, they observed Castle in the middle of the street, shooting at the windshield of a black four-door sedan. Castle then surrendered to the police and was detained. Officers located a black and silver Taurus G2c 9mm handgun. There were five bronze 9mm casings along the road where officers witnessed the shooting. The vehicle that was being shot at fled Northbound on Briley Parkway. During the search of Castle’s person, officers located three plastic bags of cocaine inside his fanny pack. The total weight of the baggies combined was 8.6 grams. There was also a digital scale, which officers noted is usually used for the distribution of controlled substances. Castle was then transported to booking.

DUI: Charles Hendricks drives Chevy Malibu after taking Cocaine with 2-year-old son in the car

49-year-old Charles Williams Hendricks drove his black Chevy Malibu without headlights, traveling northbound on Gallatin Pike South in the early hours of March 23rd. Police observed this and followed Hendricks as he got into the left lane to turn onto Old Hickory Boulevard West. When officers got behind Hendricks, he changed lanes as if he were trying to avoid them. This prompted officers to conduct a traffic stop near Gallatin Pike North and Williams Avenue. Officers approached the driver’s side and noticed Hendricks seemed disoriented and showed multiple signs of impairment. When officers asked him about the plastic wrapper he had stuffed in his door handle, he quickly grabbed it and tried to hide it in his center console. Police then requested an ARIDE-certified officer to assist with the traffic stop, during which Hendricks had several mood swings, where he went from angry to laughing to crying to being sleepy. Hendricks consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly, nearly falling asleep while standing up. Hendricks then refused to provide a sample after being informed of implied consent, so officers took him for a mandatory blood draw. Hendricks was found to have a gram of cocaine in a wadded-up dollar bill in his right shoe as well as his two-year-old son sitting in an unsecured car seat. Additionally, officers found a straw with drug residue in his car. Hendricks was taken into custody for driving under the influence, simple possession, unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, child endangerment, and implied consent.

Holden Parker caught with 6 grams of Meth after man overdoses on Rosa Parks Avenue

27-year-old Holden Wendt Parker, a Full Stack Salesforce Developer, was in the passenger seat when officers responded to a call regarding a man lying in the roadway near James Robertson Parkway and Rosa Parks Avenue on the night of March 22nd. When officers arrived, they located the unresponsive male and administered him Narcan. Officers observed Parker parked in his vehicle near the incident, approached him, and noticed he had white residue around his nose as if he had just taken a substance, exhibiting signs of impairment. Parker refused medical attention and then was detained due to his level of intoxication. Since his car was being left in a private lot, officers did an inventory search. Officers located six grams of Methamphetamine, a black pipe next to fentanyl test strips, dollars, a scale, and multiple small bags, all of which had residue on them. Then, the other person with Parker admitted to taking an opioid. Parker was taken into custody for three counts of unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, public intoxication, possession of fentanyl with intent, and possession of Schedule II drugs with intent.

Jeremy Anderson caught with cocaine, loaded gun while driving stolen Chevy Colorado

33-year-old Jeremy Lincoln Anderson was sitting in the front passenger seat of a stolen, white 2005 Chevy Colorado at the Parliament Place Apartments on Glastonbury Road early on March 20th. Officers observed that the Chevrolet had a temporary white tag covering a blue plate, which they knew concealed the vehicle’s registration; they approached it, located Anderson, and took photos of the VIN through the windshield. Officers noticed a black crossbody-style bag next to him and asked if there were any guns, to which he said there wasn’t. Officers then ran the VIN and discovered that the Chevy was reported stolen by Dustin Perrigo on March 13th in Davidson County. When they reapproached the vehicle, Anderson was outside, leaning into the passenger window. Officers told Anderson to come to the truck’s rear and sit on the tailgate. Officers then searched the Chevy and located a polymer 80 semi-automatic handgun under the front passenger seat. The gun had no serial number, was assembled with various parts, and was loaded with one round in the chamber with an additional 28 rounds in an extended magazine. Officers learned Anderson had previously been convicted of robbery, multiple counts of aggravated assault, and drug possession in Weakley County, TN, as well as two schedule VI drug charges in Knox County. Anderson was detained and searched, where officers found a straw with a folded piece of paper with residue. Anderson was then Mirandized, under Miranda, Anderson told officers that the gun was not his and that he had been picked up in the Chevy. Anderson added that he did not know the driver’s name but had “seen him around.” Anderson added that he did not call him for the ride and did not know that the car was stolen or that the gun was in there. Officers lifted prints from the rearview mirror and turned them in. They discovered additional straws in a black bag in the pickup truck, as well as a plastic bag with .2 grams of cocaine in his pants pocket. Anderson was taken into custody for joyriding, simple possession, unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, and being a felon in possession of a handgun.

Marissa Woodall shoplifts at Home Depot, caught with 62 grams of marijuana

30-year-old Marissa Woodall, a Nashville State Community College employee, and her boyfriend tried to exit without paying for items at the Home Depot on Highway 70 South on February 26th. Home Depot Employees observed them putting merchandise under their shirt and trying to leave the store. So, the employees flagged officers down, pointing at Woodall and her boyfriend. The employees told Woodall and her boyfriend they could not leave the store, but they continued walking out anyway. Once they got outside, Woodall tried to run with her boyfriend, who was running across the parking lot. However, Woodall was caught and detained before she could escape. Officers questioned her about the theft, and as she emptied her purse, they found 62 grams of marijuana in a container and a straw with residue. Officers continued searching the purse and located a pack of baggies, four cut straws, and $1 bills with residue, which she stated was Methamphetamine laced with Fentanyl. Woodall was cited for unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and two counts of simple possession on February 26th. Woodall was taken into custody on March 18th.

Joshua Johnson caught with cocaine, tells police it helps “clear his nose.”

31-year-old Joshua Johnson was found inside a silver Ford SUV at 3rd Avenue South on March 9th. Officers observed the driver of the SUV crushing up a white powdery substance, so both he and Johnson were told to exit the vehicle. Officers conducted a probable cause search of the car and located a brown wooden box containing 10.8 grams of cocaine. Once Johnson was Mirandized, he admitted to owning the box but denied that there was any powder inside. While officers were further investigating, Johnson stated that the powder was “crushed ibuprofen” that he uses to help “clear his nose.” Multiple other drug instruments were located inside the brown wooden box, including a pipe and a digital scale. Joshua Johnson was charged with possession with intent and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia and taken into custody on March 10th.

Deandrecus Ford caught driving stolen Audi A5 without a license

31-year-old Deandrecus Ford was jailed on February 19th when officers observed an Audi A5 with no tags driving on Glastonbury Road toward Massman Drive. Officers initiated a traffic stop, and Ford could not provide a registration. It was also discovered that Mr. Ford was driving on a suspended license. Officers ran the vehicle’s VIN and determined the car was stolen out of Memphis on February 17th. Ford was taken into custody and said he purchased the car from a friend for $900. A search of the vehicle yielded one marijuana bud and a digital scale. Officers also located an open bottle of Jack Daniels in the car. Ford admitted to knowing it was there from the day before. In the trunk of the vehicle, officers located signs for “Shelandra Ford” for office in Shelby County. Mr. Ford told officers that it was his mother. When officers called the unnamed victim, they accurately described Mr. Ford as the thief. The victim said he gave Mr. Ford a ride and stepped out of the vehicle to run something inside. When he came back out, the car was gone. The 2010 Audi A5 is valued at approximately $5,482. Mr. Ford has an extensive criminal history in Shelby County, including two robberies, two attempts at identity theft, burglary, theft, and multiple drug charges. Ford was taken into custody on February 19th for theft of a vehicle, drug paraphernalia, and driving on a suspended license.

Samuel Smith smokes meth before trespassing into woman’s home looking for his “friend”

32-year-old Samuel Smith trespassed in Angelina Mahran’s home on Goodbar Drive around 7 p.m. January 27th. Mahran was not home but observed this from her security cameras and alerted the authorities. When officers arrived, Smith was in the front room of the residence, advising them that he did not live there, and entered through the unlocked rear door. Then, he stated he was there to visit his friend “Jeremy” but did not notify him that he was coming over. Officers confirmed that Mahran lived there with her partner, as she told them that Smith did not have permission to enter the house, which caused concern for her safety. She also told officers that no one named “Jeremy” lived there. Officers then detained Smith and searched him. The search yielded a small clear plastic bag containing less than 0.5 grams of methamphetamine and a pipe used to smoke methamphetamine in his backpack. Smith was taken into custody for the possession of meth, the unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, and aggravated criminal trespassing.

Porsha Leggs found in stolen vehicle with cocaine, chore boy, Oxycodone

32-year-old Porsha Leggs was in a stolen Kia Sorento at the Discount Tobacco Center on Jenkins Street on January 22nd. Officers followed the vehicle to the alley near Rosa L Parks Boulevard and Garfield Street, where they observed Leggs exiting it. They detained her immediately, found that she had no valid driver’s license, and located the keys to the Sorento. A subsequent search led to them discovering two pipes, a chore boy scrubbing pad commonly used in smoking crack cocaine, some cocaine wrapped in paper, and four Oxycodone pills in a paper towel. Leggs was taken into custody for unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, two counts of simple possession, theft, and driving without a valid driver’s license.