DUI: Man blows over double legal BAC limit after I-40 crash — Robert Cade Marklein arrested

When police responded to a crash on I-40, 24-year-old Robert “Cade” Marklein told officers a car forced him into the guardrail and off the roadway. Officers, however, noticed Marklein appeared to be heavily intoxicated, and after questioning, Marklein admitted to drinking “two beers” earlier in the night.

He eventually blew more than double the legal limit, a 0.185% BAC and was charged with DUI and driving on a suspended license. Cade Marklein is free on a $2,500 bond.

Nashville Musician booked on 3-year-old suspended license warrant — Emma Kathleen Zinck

24 -year-old Emma Kathleen Zinck was booked into the Metro Nashville Jail Thursday on an outstanding bench warrant stemming from when she failed to appear for her booking date on a driving without a license state citation she received in 2018. She was originally stopped in West Nashville just before midnight with a headlight out when the officer discovered she was driving on a suspended Virginia driver’s license. He issued her a citation, and she never showed up for court. A bench warrant was issued for her arrest in May of 2018 and had been outstanding until yesterday. She was ROR’d from custody.

Man falls asleep behind the wheel in middle of the interstate — Jacob Sherlin

24-year-old Jacob Sherlin was found asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle, which was in the middle of I-65S at around 5 a.m. on August 30th. Police say he wasn’t intoxicated, showed no impairment, and quickly became alert and responsive. He was, however, driving on a suspended license, so he was transported to booking on that charge.

VIDEO: Nashville Police pummel Black man on ground during drug arrest

25-year-old Emanuel Gage was charged with driving on suspended, resisting arrest, possession of methamphetamines and cocaine, drug paraphernalia, felony drug offense, possession of a firearm during a felony, and unlawful possession of a weapon.

Nashville man tries “to knock the dings out…” of borrowed car with stolen tools

24-year-old Deric Whidby was charged with burglary and driving while on a suspended license after he attempted to steal tools to repair a borrowed vehicle from a Madison resident’s woodshed.

Antioch man charged after police say he cut through Jack In The Box “private driveway”

24-year-old Anterrio Partee was charged with driving on a suspended license, possession of marijuana, unlawful drug paraphernalia, and resisting arrest after he was unable to produce documentation and police smelled marijuana during initial contact. After a defiant apprehension he was also found to have an outstanding warrant.

Man throws syringe out window; charged with tampering of evidence

27-year-old Jonathan Galindo was charged with possessing a suspended license and tampering with evidence after he threw a syringe and baggie out of the window before the driver sped away from the traffic stop.

Anthony ‘Doo Daddy’ Lampkins stashed gun in 12yo’s backpack when he saw police

Late Saturday night, Anthony ‘Doo Daddy’ Lampkins, 29, was stopped for a traffic violation at Doverside & Dickerson, due to an inoperable tail & brake light. He handed officers his federal inmate ID card, and advised officers he was on federally supervised probation for racketeering charges related to gang activities, for which he received an 8 year sentence, and was just released 11 months ago. While officers were speaking with the driver, Anthony Lampkins, a black extended magazine was visible in plain view on the rear passenger side floorboard. A…

Dear ‘Mark Lyle’ Aartun, please STOP driving | #ARRESTED

Some people just can’t take ‘NO’ as an answer. Like when they assault & steal from their boyfriend, or when the state takes away their driving privileges. Mark Lyle Aartun is one of those people. He was in jail, once again this weekend, because he can’t stop driving. Since he ‘forgets’ it’s suspended, here’s a review: 10/29/2014 – No Driver’s License 02/12/2017 – No Driver’s License 03/24/2017 – No Driver’s License 05/26/2017 – No Driver’s License 02/05/2018 – No Driver’s License 02/09/2018 – Suspended License, 2nd Off Last Monday (02/05)…

Nashville Lyft Driver Flees Police, Accelerates Toward Another Officer & Pedestrians – Felony Charges | Joe Lamberson

Lyft Driver with a suspended license charged with multiple felonies after fleeing from MNPD Officers during attempted traffic stop for blocking traffic, nearly hits another officer & pedestrians with vehicle at Monday night’s Predator’s hockey game downtown. Nashville Lyft Driver Joseph Lamberson (“Joe”) was dropping off passengers at Monday night’s Predator’s game at Bridgestone Arena when MNPD observed him blocking traffic on Demonbreun St west bound. A Uniformed MNPD officer directed him to pull into the center lane, at which time the Lyft driver, Joe Lamberson, accelerated at a high…