Jessica Hiefnar living in deplorable conditions with kids, animals, & a double-murder suspect

22-year-old Jessica Hiefnar admitted to police that a double-homicide defendant was hiding in the crawl space of her residence and had been living there with her. Police arrived at the residence based on an unrelated domestic disturbance report on August 30th. They dry heaved from the homes’ overpowering smell of animal urine and feces. They saw two dogs in a three-foot by three-foot cage, malnourished and underweight. The bottom of the cage was covered in feces, spilling out onto the floor. Next to the cage was a one-year-old female child and a two-year-old male child wearing nothing but sagging diapers and appearing unbathed. While the police spoke to Jessica, they saw the children touching the feces in the cages. They reported that food was left out and multiple flies inside the home. After she told them about the defendant hiding in the residence, they prosecuted Jessica due to the deplorable conditions of the home with children present.

Emad Sous leaves 4-year-old child in vehicle while shopping at One Hundred Oaks Mall


45-year-old Emad Sous was jailed on May 28th after leaving his four-year-old daughter in the back seat of his red Toyota RAV4 unattended in front of Sketchers at One Hundred Oaks. When officers arrived, they found the girl in the backseat with the windows partially down. She wouldn’t respond verbally, so the officers entered the vehicle to check on her. While police were at the vehicle, the father came back hysterical, getting in the officer’s faces and pushing one. Police tried to detain Sous, but he resisted by grabbing the handcuffs and refusing to let go.

Elocin Nuleaf says DCS can have her son if he doesn’t want to walk with her on the interstate

35-year-old Elocin Nuleaf was jailed on March 19th after police saw her walking on the interstate with her young children and advised her that it was illegal. It was below freezing, so police transported Nuleaf and her children to a Mcdonald’s, where they waited with her while she waited on a friend to pick them up. When her ride arrived, officers waited for the car to pull off due to Nuleaf being uncooperative during the incident on the interstate. Nuleaf gets out of the car with her children and starts yelling at her friend, saying she doesn’t want a ride anymore. Her 8-year-old son started crying because he didn’t want to walk anymore.

Nuleaf is holding her one-month-old baby in the middle of the parking lot, obstructing traffic and yelling at officers. Nuleaf starts walking towards the road, leaving her 8-year-old in the parking lot crying. She told the officers that if her son didn’t want to come, she wouldn’t make him, and DCS could have him. Officers told Nuleaf that she was not free to leave and that she needed to hand over her one-month-old because she was going to jail. After passing off the child, she resisted arrest, and there was a brief struggle to get her into the cuffs. Officers stayed on the scene until DCS arrived.

Steffany Hamner abandons child in downtown Nashville after assaulting her with boot

Nashville police say 41-year-old Steffany Rose Hamner was at several bars on Broadway in downtown Nashville Saturday with her 13-year-old daughter. As they were walking at 2nd & Broadway, they were “playing” by grabbing each other’s hair. Steffany fell down during the tussle, and when she stood up, she told her daughter, “I’m gonna beat you!” She then removed her boot and began to strike the victim several times, leaving visible injuries on the juvenile. After the assault, Steffany abandoned her daughter in the Entertainment District without a phone or any supervision and without the address of their AirBNB. Medics transported the child to the hospital, and Hamner was located and jailed on charges of domestic assault and child neglect.

Genesis Gillenwaters charged with child abuse after concealing her son was raped by a family member

Metro Nashville Police say that during an interview with 23-year-old Genesis Gillenwaters, she confessed to knowing that her six-year-old son had been raped by a family member for approximately three weeks before the child made a disclosure about it to authorities. She stated she was “handing it through the family” and was getting both the child and the offender counseling instead of getting the police involved. She also stated she was aware that the offender still had access to and had been around the child even after she knew about the rape. She is charged with child abuse for allowing the child to continue to be around the perpetrator after the rape, and with failure to report child abuse.

Mother abandons children in home during blind search for drugs

35-year-old Amberly Reed was charged with child neglect after shooting up in her locked bathroom and leaving her children alone to wander the neighborhood looking for drugs.

Parents pass out on heroin in hot car, child in backseat

Kelsey Bowen and James Burnett (MNPD)

26-year-old Kelsey Bowen was charged with child neglect, unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, and contraband in a penal institution, and 27-year-old James Burnett was charged with child neglect, possession of heroin with intent, and contraband in a penal institution after officers found them passed out in a hot car with their 4-year-old child in the backseat.

Clarksville mother charged after leaving children home alone while she worked in Nashville

28-year-old Rachel Diller was charged with two counts of child abuse and neglect after police discovered that she left her two children, ages 8 and 6, unattended on a consistent basis while leaving for work in Nashville.

Couple overdoses in Mapco as son waits in the car

53-year-old Sharyn Wells and 29-year-old Mark Yurt were charged with child neglect and unlawful possession of a controlled substance after the couple overdosed in Mapco while their 13-year-old son was waiting in the car.

2 adults overdosed on Heroin in hospital parking lot, 2 children in car

When officers arrived to Summit Hospital after midnight Thursday night, they found a vehicle running, with the rear doors open, no heat on, with two adults passed out in the front seat, one with a syringe inserted into his arm, the other with an uncapped syringe beside her on the console. In the back seat were two small children, ages 9 and 7, crying and shivering while the 30-something degree wind blew through the open rear doors.