Mother abandons children in home during blind search for drugs

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35-year-old Amberly Reed was charged with child neglect after leaving her children alone to wander the neighborhood looking for drugs and shooting up in her locked bathroom.

On September 3rd, Metro Nashville Police arrived at 113 Burning Tree Drive in response to a call from a concerned husband telling police that his wife, Amberly Reed, was using drugs in the bathroom with children in the home.

Officers spoke to the husband, and he told them when he returned home from work Reed was in the bathroom with the door shut and a needle in the top of her hand. While her husband is at work, Reed is the sole care provider for the children. Authorities found that Reed left her children, eight and nine years old, alone at home for over an hour. Reed claimed that she only left the children alone to go to Kroger.

Amberly Reed (MNPD)
Amberly Reed (MNPD)

Reed attempted to show officers text messages as proof that the children were being watched, but it was observed that she was texting “Avery” about “shooting up” and going to this person’s home for “3 points” (or 300 milligrams MDMA). A neighbor at the scene stated they witnessed Reed leave the children alone, and that it is a common occurrence. The witness claimed Reed often walked around the apartment complex “looking for drugs,” and that this time was no different.

Reed’s wandering of the neighborhood allegedly happened before she went to Kroger. Reed told police that she took narcotics and that she took one and is prescribed suboxone because she is trying to quit using drugs. Although Reed denied using a needle at all that day, she was seen with a fresh, red, and swollen needle mark on her left hand. The 8-year-old child told police that he witnessed his mother lock herself in the bathroom, and saw his father take the needle away from her. Reed was observed to have extremely dilated eyes, slowed and difficult speech, and was taken into custody.

Amberly Reed was arrested and charged with child neglect. Her bond was set at $7,500.

Reed, Amberly441203113 BURNING TREE DR
Hermitage, TN 37076
Child Neglect- Child 8 or less

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  1. Andy Carroll

    This story is totally false and this is her husband so it needs to be removed

  2. Andrew Carroll

    This post contains false allegations and needs to be removed immediately before a lawsuit is filed for exploitation of my minor children

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