Kedarius Itiat to police: “I’m high” while being arrested for DUI

20-year-old Kedarius Itiat was recklessly driving before police pulled him over and admitted to smoking three or four blunts before driving. Police noticed a Ford driving at a high rate of speed and almost collided with another vehicle. The Ford braked suddenly to keep from colliding with the vehicle, and the police officer made a U-turn to make a traffic stop. While in the middle of the road, Kedarius exited the vehicle and approached the officer. Kedarius told police he was driving so fast because someone had stolen his phone. Police described him as paranoid, with rapid speech and glossy eyes. He said that he had smoked three to four blunts in the previous hour, and police found 24.4 grams of marijuana as well as a digital scale in his center console. When police asked him to, police arrested him for DUI and felony drug charges due to the amount of marijuana found, suggesting he sells drugs. After refusing an evidentiary sample, police arrested him for a DUI, and he told police, “I’m high.”

John Rowland — dude, that’s not your car #CMAFest

24-year-old John Rowland was walking near 5th & COmmerce in downtown Nashville Friday evening when police say he approached a vehicle with two individuals he did not know inside and attempted to get inside their vehicle. He eventually pulled off the door handle, at which time they pulled over, and the three individuals had an altercation on the sidewalk. Rowland was visibly intoxicated and was taken into custody after the fight was interrupted.

Casey Daff charged with assault of police officer during drunken dispute downtown

Metro Nashville Police encountered 33-year-old Case Daff during a call for another incident they were investigating at 7th & Broadway in downtown Nashville Friday afternoon. During the investigation, Daff was observed to be visibly intoxicated and repeatedly walked up on officers. He was ordered to stand back, and in response, he smacked away Officer Kency Le’s hand. As he was being detained for assaulting a police officer, he tensed up and was taken to the ground. He continued to make threats and challenge the arresting officer to a fight while at booking.

DUI: Mandy Garman drove car onto railroad tracks after drinking IPA beers at Jonathan’s

25-year-old Amanda ‘Mandy’ Garman says she consumed “two IPA beers” at Jonathan’s Grille before getting confused and driving onto the railroad tracks on 2nd Ave. North, where her Toyata then became disabled. Police arrived, located her nearby the vehicle, and said she was visibly intoxicated and reeked of alcohol. She performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was charged with DUI.

Steffany Hamner abandons child in downtown Nashville after assaulting her with boot

Nashville police say 41-year-old Steffany Rose Hamner was at several bars on Broadway in downtown Nashville Saturday with her 13-year-old daughter. As they were walking at 2nd & Broadway, they were “playing” by grabbing each other’s hair. Steffany fell down during the tussle, and when she stood up, she told her daughter, “I’m gonna beat you!” She then removed her boot and began to strike the victim several times, leaving visible injuries on the juvenile. After the assault, Steffany abandoned her daughter in the Entertainment District without a phone or any supervision and without the address of their AirBNB. Medics transported the child to the hospital, and Hamner was located and jailed on charges of domestic assault and child neglect.