Kedarius Itiat to police: “I’m high” while being arrested for DUI

20-year-old Kedarius Itiat was recklessly driving before police pulled him over and admitted to smoking three or four blunts before driving. Police noticed a Ford driving at a high rate of speed and almost collided with another vehicle. The Ford braked suddenly to keep from colliding with the vehicle, and the police officer made a U-turn to make a traffic stop. While in the middle of the road, Kedarius exited the vehicle and approached the officer. Kedarius told police he was driving so fast because someone had stolen his phone. Police described him as paranoid, with rapid speech and glossy eyes. He said that he had smoked three to four blunts in the previous hour, and police found 24.4 grams of marijuana as well as a digital scale in his center console. When police asked him to, police arrested him for DUI and felony drug charges due to the amount of marijuana found, suggesting he sells drugs. After refusing an evidentiary sample, police arrested him for a DUI, and he told police, “I’m high.”