Alarrion Oglesby flees police after stealing merchandise at Publix

22-year-old Alarrion Monique Oglesby and her brother stole merchandise from the Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Boulevard Publix on May 3rd. Investigators observed them walking out of the establishment with a full cart without paying. Her brother put the items into a gold Dodge Journey and entered the passenger seat with the window down. Officers approached and demanded they exit the vehicle and turn it off. Oglesby then put the vehicle in drive and sped out of the parking lot. Officers noted the license plate and later discovered it was registered to her. On May 8th, they spoke with Oglesby at her Smith Springs Road residence, where she stated that she drove a gold Dodge Journey and that she gave her brother a ride to go “shopping” a couple of days prior. Oglesby was taken into custody for theft and evading arrest on May 9th.

Graffiti Artist William Weaver caught spray painting Altria Smokeless Tobacco building

20-year-old William Buchanan Weaver was one of two people captured on camera cutting a fence at the Altria Smokeless Tobacco building on Harrison Street on December 15th, 2023. The footage shows both suspects climbing up the exterior stairwell onto the roof. They tied a rope and rappelled down the side of the building before spray-painting the words “OSCAR,” “LTE,” and “SATED” on it. Both suspects descended from the roof and exited through the fence after causing nearly $7,500 worth of property damage. Investigators researched social media posts containing the tags “#OscarLTE” and “#sated” and discovered several graffiti art-style images like the words painted on the building. Officers found a profile linked to an “Oscar.” Officers learned that the owner of the social media account, later identified as Weaver, was from Nashville, TN, and had been arrested for vandalism in 2022. Photos from Weaver’s 2022 arrest showed the same three tags painted on the Altria building. Then, investigators located a YouTube video titled “Let Them Envy: Volume 1,” which was a compilation of graffiti artists who are part of the “Let Them Envy,” or “LTE,” group. In the video, several members are seen spray-painting various locations throughout Nashville, TN. The video showed one of the members, introduced as “Oscar” or “Amesh,” painting the word “OSCAR.” Later in the video, another member introduced as “Sated” is shown spraying the word “SATED.” It was revealed that Weaver owns a social media account named “@criketizm_wave,” where he is seen wearing the same necklace that “Oscar” wore in the YouTube video. Weaver was positively identified and was taken into custody for criminal trespassing and vandalism on February 14th.

Mason Cunningham shoves girlfriend’s face into fence during argument

25-year-old Mason Gray Cunningham had a domestic dispute with his girlfriend, Mary Eatherly, outside of the Freebird store on 2nd Avenue North early December 31st. Officers observed Cunningham shove Eatherly’s face into the fence, causing her to fall. Then he picked her up by the armpits and slammed her back onto the ground. Cunningham was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Frances Tindall breaks PVC pipe off building to wash her hands and groin in front of cops

27-year-old Frances Tindall was jailed on July 7th when PPG Paints employees reported a woman banging on the front door and taking her clothes off. When officers arrived, they observed Tindall on the property acting erratically and not making any sense. Officers advised Tindall that she was trespassing and that she needed to leave the property. Tindall then stood up and threw trash onto the ground toward the officers. They told her again that she needed to leave, so she began walking away but stopped and pulled a PVC pipe off of the wall of the building. She then used the water from the broken pipe to wash her hands and groin and was taken into custody.

Casey Daff charged with assault of police officer during drunken dispute downtown

Metro Nashville Police encountered 33-year-old Case Daff during a call for another incident they were investigating at 7th & Broadway in downtown Nashville Friday afternoon. During the investigation, Daff was observed to be visibly intoxicated and repeatedly walked up on officers. He was ordered to stand back, and in response, he smacked away Officer Kency Le’s hand. As he was being detained for assaulting a police officer, he tensed up and was taken to the ground. He continued to make threats and challenge the arresting officer to a fight while at booking.

Candis Carroll charged with posting revenge porn of ex-lover Matt Williams on social media

Matt Williams of Essex Development contacted police to report his ex-girlfriend, 38-year-old Candis Carroll, was posting links to her iCloud account in social media comments, which led directly to his nude photographs, including both his member and his face together in some of the photos. She had already been served with an order of protection, which prohibited such activity. When confronted by police, Carroll admitted to posting the content. She was taken into custody on this charge and for an outstanding warrant charging her with criminal contempt.

Jarrod Allender was “crying hysterically” after 12+ liquor shots & 3 crashes in downtown Nashville

Metro Nashville Police say 27-year-old Jarrod Allender was “crying hysterically” when they located him inside his Jeep Cherokee in the Music City Center parking garage in downtown Nashville. Allender had just crashed into at least three vehicles in an attempt to exit the garage. When asked how much alcohol he had consumed, Allender stated, “12-13 shots.” He would only suck on the breathalyzer nozzle instead of blowing into it, so that test could not be completed, and a blood draw was conducted at Metro General prior to being booked.

Donald Chris Hudson charged in brawl at JW Marriott in downtown Nashville

38-year-old Donald Chris Hudson was one of three men fighting with security and valet staff at the JW Marriott Hotel in downtown Nashville this weekend. Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative responded to the scene and viewed a video that showed the initial fight began with Hudson being approached by a person that was no longer present, and during the subsequent argument, Hudson quickly stood up and pushed the other man, causing a fight to break out. Due to this and his level of intoxication, Hudson was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Marine rips off shirt & threatens others in downtown Nashville — Jacob Thibodeau

Metro Nashville Police working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville Saturday responded to a fight call at the JW Marriott on 8th Ave S. and found 33-year-old Jacob Thibodeau, who they described as “very belligerent and verbally aggressive” to officers and staff. Thibodeau ripped off his shirt and yelled, “I am a Marine Corps Veteran!…” during the kerfuffle, followed by “he needs his f***** a** kicked!…” in response to a citizen whose vehicle was damaged in a separate incident at the same location. The staff also showed police a video of Thibodeau starting a fight with another individual prior to their arrival. He was warned to stop yelling, screaming, and making threats but was not hearing any of the suggestions and remained disorderly. Officers eventually arrested him and transported him to booking.

Jamie McMaster kicked out of two downtown hotels for flipping tables, attempting fights, and trying to pull fire alarms

Metro Nashville Police Officers responded to the Westin Hotel in downtown Nashville after 34-year-old Jamie McMaster was reportedly attempting to fight other guests and threatening to pull the fire alarm for the building. As officers arrived at the location, security from the JW Marriott had also arrived to inform them he had flipped over a table at their nearby hotel, too. McMaster was taken into custody for public intoxication, and he stated he didn’t recall what had happened since the left a bar on Broadway earlier in the night.