Candis Carroll charged with posting revenge porn of ex-lover Matt Williams on social media

Matt Williams of Essex Development contacted police to report his ex-girlfriend, 38-year-old Candis Carroll, was posting links to her iCloud account in social media comments, which led directly to his nude photographs, including both his member and his face together in some of the photos. She had already been served with an order of protection, which prohibited such activity. When confronted by police, Carroll admitted to posting the content. She was taken into custody on this charge and for an outstanding warrant charging her with criminal contempt.

Registered sex offender violates his mandate to stay away from children twice

34-year-old David Hamman was charged with two counts of sex offender residential/victim violation for spending the night in a house with a minor present and being within 1,000 feet of a park.

Business Beware: Konkrete Exterior Cleaners (aka Vence Barbee)

Perhaps when Vence Barbee named his ‘business’ “Konkrete Exterior Cleaners“, he should have kept the “Con” spelling – as in ‘convict’. Barbee has an extensive record, including a felony aggravated kidnapping charge, for which the police report states “he was aware they were going to beat and kill the victim” (see full report below). We are in full support of felons getting back into the workforce, and being entrepreneurs, as long as they are doing it legally – and not deceiving consumers to make money, avoid taxes, liability, and perhaps…