Cody Tate used heroin before fleeing from police

29-year-old Cody Tate faces multiple charges after leading police on a chase on Murfreesboro Pike on Valentine’s Day. Officers attempted a traffic stop after observing a stolen plate on the car driven by Tate. Tate failed to stop and made a reckless u-turn, and fled in his Hyundai Elandra, which he crashed a short distance away. He fled on foot to a nearby room at 985 Murfreesboro Pike, where he was captured. Tate stated he used heroin an hour before the incident and fled because he believed he had outstanding warrants.

Memphis men in stolen car lead Metro Nashville Police on high-speed chase

25-year-old Andreotti Cole was charged with evading arrest, as well as theft of property and 23-year-old Derrick Stovall was charged with two counts of evading arrest, theft of property, and possession of cocaine after officers spotted them in a stolen vehicle and found cocaine inside during a search.

Business Beware: Konkrete Exterior Cleaners (aka Vence Barbee)

Perhaps when Vence Barbee named his ‘business’ “Konkrete Exterior Cleaners“, he should have kept the “Con” spelling – as in ‘convict’. Barbee has an extensive record, including a felony aggravated kidnapping charge, for which the police report states “he was aware they were going to beat and kill the victim” (see full report below). We are in full support of felons getting back into the workforce, and being entrepreneurs, as long as they are doing it legally – and not deceiving consumers to make money, avoid taxes, liability, and perhaps…