Jerock Walker continues county jail tour, now transferred to Nashville on domestic assault charges & probation violation

22-year-old Jerock Walker has been now been transferred to the Metro Nashville Jail to face his Nashville charges as he continues his year-long tour of middle Tennessee jails. The current charges for Nashville include two new warrants from January of 2021, charging him with two counts of domestic assault of his then roommates, Tatianna Johnson and Ke’maurius Wright. He reportedly told both parties they better pack their things or he would pack them for them. During an escalating argument, Jerock grabbed Tatianna and forcibly pulled her out of the home, and did the same to Ke’maurius while assaulting him. Jerock has been covered multiple prior times for theft, retail theft, domestic assaults, stealing from his grandmother, and a multitude of other petty crimes. In addition to the new charges, he has a probation violation and two failures to appear, bringing his total bond amount for Nashville to $26,000 and a probation hold.

Woman faces drug paraphernalia charge after traffic accident — Emily Goforth arrested

Police say 27-year-old Emily Goforth hit the vehicle in front of her while driving Monday night. When police responded to the accident, they discovered she had an outstanding warrant for a probation violation, and during the search for that arrest, police found what they believe to be a crack pipe with white residue on it. She is free on a $1,500 bond.

Man celebrates 1 year of sobriety with Fentanyl, marijuana, & liquor

Just days after finishing his criminal probation sentence and graduating from a year-long faith-based drug rehab program, 25-year-old Joshua Sigafoose celebrated his one-year mark in recovery by being revived by Narcan when he passed out behind the wheel and drove into oncoming traffic. He admitted to having narcotics, marijuana, and liquor in his system at the time of the crash. His passenger was also a friend in recovery.

Man charged with domestic assault again after witness says he threw beer can at girlfriend’s face

25-year-old Donald Mays was charged with domestic assault again when a witness told officers he threw a beer can at his on- again off-again girlfriend’s face.

Police Chase: Nashville rapper ‘Ladonn’ calls 911 tells cops to follow him to probation office, “deal with it there”

Vivid Musi Group artist ‘Ladonn’, legally Bryan Ladonn Covington, led middle Tennessee police in a car pursuit last Friday, during which he called 911 and stated: “I’m not stopping or pulling over until I get to the probation office and we can deal with it there”. Police eventually stopped him, and he rolled up his window on the arm of the officer attempting to extricate him from his vehicle.

Woman arrested for hiding fugitive Dylan ‘Boogie’ Wilson under bathroom sink

Earlier this week, Cheatham County Sheriff Mike Breedlove published posts on social media about 21-year-old Dylan ‘Boogie’ Wilson, who he says is a ‘known heroin user and suspected dealer’, advising citizens and other agencies to be on the lookout for him, as he has outstanding felony warrants for his arrest. Late Wednesday, Dylan Wilson was taken into custody, but not before Misty Lepley tried to hide him underneath a bathroom sink.

James Lobasco aka ‘Trigga Scope’ arrested for drugs… again: 314 Hydrocodone Pills

James Lobasco (aka Trigga Scope) was arrested on felony drug charges Saturday night, after he was stopped for running a red light. According to officers, Lobasco was exiting from I-40, onto 28th Ave, when he ran the red light turning onto 28th. Officers reported a smell of marijuana when they approached the vehicle, and he was asked to step out of the vehicle. Lobasco admitted to smoking in the vehicle Friday night, which caused the smell to still be in the vehicle, but also had a small baggie of marijuana…