DUI: Robert E. Page crashes vehicle after “a few beers”

35-year-old Robert E. Page told officers he had a “few beers” before crashing at the intersection of Paragon Mills Road and Eisenhower Drive. He blew a 0.173 % BAC on a breathalyzer after being discharged from Century Farms Medical.

Man celebrates 1 year of sobriety with Fentanyl, marijuana, & liquor

Just days after finishing his criminal probation sentence and graduating from a year-long faith-based drug rehab program, 25-year-old Joshua Sigafoose celebrated his one-year mark in recovery by being revived by Narcan when he passed out behind the wheel and drove into oncoming traffic. He admitted to having narcotics, marijuana, and liquor in his system at the time of the crash. His passenger was also a friend in recovery.

Drunk man jumps from roof of Nashville gay bar, goes on rampage against parked cars

25-year-old Tyler Anderson is charged with public intoxication and vandalism after police say he lost his shirt and scaled a fence at Play Dance Bar. When he reached the roof of the club, he jumped onto the pavement below, and took his drunken rage out on at least 5 vehicles, knocking off mirrors and vandalizing them.

Lauren Green Tases Boyfriend when he tries to leave

Lauren Green blocked the door & tased her boyfriend when he tried to leave the residence in an effort to defuse an argument between them. She was arrested for assault. On Tuesday 03/22, MNPD responded to a domestic dispute in the overnight hours between Lauren Green and her boyfriend. Police arrived and interviewed both parties individually. According to the boyfriend, he and Green were in a verbal argument earlier, and he had “had enough” of it, and decided to leave the residence. His girlfriend, Green, blocked the door so he…

East Arrest: Colton Collins Wrestles Officer, Breaks Watch During DUI Arrest | Bonds Out, Re-Arrested 36 Hours Later.

Just after midnight on Monday, Colton Collins was arrested at our East Nashville Cop’s favorite DUI spot – N 11th at Gartland/Gallatin. It’s almost like no one knows this is the hottest DUI spot on the East side. Just before 1AM Tuesday morning, Collins was observed going 50 in a 40mph zone, and not keeping his vehicle between the lines. The officer reports smelling an obvious odor of alcohol coming from the defendant’s breath, blood shot, watery eyes, and the officer noted that he suspected an additional use of an…

DUI Arrest: Asleep Behind Wheel, Vehicle in Drive, Wearing Only Her Undergarments – Dominic Hardy

Dominic Hardy, 31, of East Nashville, was arrested on a DUI Charge just before 5AM on Saturday when officers were flagged down by people nearby where Hardy appeared to be sleeping or unconscious behind the wheel of her vehicle at a stop sign, wearing only her undergarments. Her vehicle was at a stop side, and in drive. She was in what appeared to be a state of sleep, with her foot resting on the brake. It took officers several minutes of knocking on windows to arouse Hardy from her state.…