Colton Collins forgot to leave his gun at home when he was treated for a drug overdose at Summit Hospital

Metro Nashville Police say they responded to Summit Hospital late Wednesday night after 29-year-old Colton Collins was brought in for a drug overdose. A security officer recovered a firearm on Collins and contacted MNPD to collect the weapon. As Collins was being discharged, officers located him inside the room and placed him into custody for being a felon in possession of a firearm, citing Collins has at least two prior felony drug convictions.

East Arrest: Colton Collins Wrestles Officer, Breaks Watch During DUI Arrest | Bonds Out, Re-Arrested 36 Hours Later.

Just after midnight on Monday, Colton Collins was arrested at our East Nashville Cop’s favorite DUI spot – N 11th at Gartland/Gallatin. It’s almost like no one knows this is the hottest DUI spot on the East side. Just before 1AM Tuesday morning, Collins was observed going 50 in a 40mph zone, and not keeping his vehicle between the lines. The officer reports smelling an obvious odor of alcohol coming from the defendant’s breath, blood shot, watery eyes, and the officer noted that he suspected an additional use of an…