Calvin Howse pours syrup in gas tank of cheating wife… tosses bottle at her; “this is just the beginning…”

Earlier this month Quinetta Howse informed her husband, 38-year-old Calvin Howse, that she was seeing another man. Though the two are still married, they have been separated for the past month since she had him arrested for DUI for taking his neighbor’s caddy to the store for more alcohol. Since she disclosed her affair she says he has been repeatedly calling, texting, and showing up at her workplace, friends’ houses, and places she shops, and has texted her “this is just the beginning.” On May 19th, he even followed her to the MNPD’s Family Safety Center where she went to report his harassment, and he pulled up beside her parked car and poured syrup down her gas tank, and tossed the syrup bottle at her. Officers were able to review the video of this incident.

Drunk man spits at wife, cracks her windshield, when she shows up at bar to take him home

Police say Caleb Roberts, of Greenbrier, was “irate” when his wife showed up at Tailgate Brewery Music Row because she believed him to be too intoxicated to drive. Appalled she would show up and tell him what to do, video shows him spitting at his wife, cracking her windshield with a beer bottle, then grabbing onto her in an effort to take her phone.

Nash Vegas Bar Brawl – 11/10 (4 Videos)

In case you missed it – videos from last night’s brawl at Nash Vegas Bar. Reportedly this all started over a racial comment from one patron to another. According to bar management: “ It had nothing to do with any MC(Motorcycle Club). It was started by one single ignorant guy talking racial slurs to another guy. That sad, that simple. There was no bikes in the parking lot and appears from the cameras that the three bikers in the bar stayed clear of the fighting.” Video credit to Andrew Timmerman.…

Nashville’s Newest PR Firm Has a DUI Problem: CEO Zach Farnum – “I want to talk with my attorney”

Zachary Farnum, 23, President & CEO of Nashville’s newest music PR firm, 117 Entertainment, has a PR problem of his own. In the early hours of Monday morning, Zachary Farnum tried to drive thru the barrier of the parking garage at Music City Center, to avoid paying for parking, according to the MNPD. When officers responded, they found an extremely intoxicated Farnum sitting in his running vehicle, after unsuccessfully attempting to breach the gate without paying. According to a police affidavit Farnum explained he was “just trying to get home”…

DUI Arrest: Asleep Behind Wheel, Vehicle in Drive, Wearing Only Her Undergarments – Dominic Hardy

Dominic Hardy, 31, of East Nashville, was arrested on a DUI Charge just before 5AM on Saturday when officers were flagged down by people nearby where Hardy appeared to be sleeping or unconscious behind the wheel of her vehicle at a stop sign, wearing only her undergarments. Her vehicle was at a stop side, and in drive. She was in what appeared to be a state of sleep, with her foot resting on the brake. It took officers several minutes of knocking on windows to arouse Hardy from her state.…