Nashville’s Newest PR Firm Has a DUI Problem: CEO Zach Farnum – “I want to talk with my attorney”

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Zachary Farnum, 23, President & CEO of Nashville’s newest music PR firm, 117 Entertainment, has a PR problem of his own. In the early hours of Monday morning, Zachary Farnum tried to drive thru the barrier of the parking garage at Music City Center, to avoid paying for parking, according to the MNPD. When officers responded, they found an extremely intoxicated Farnum sitting in his running vehicle, after unsuccessfully attempting to breach the gate without paying. According to a police affidavit Farnum explained he was “just trying to get home” in highly slurred speech. He was read the implied consent form, and refused, and would only repeatedly say “I want to talk with my attorney”. He was asked one final time to consent to a breath or blood test, and would only shake his head “no” in response.

Farnum, who had a previously spotless record prior to this month, has had two interactions with Metro Police within the past two weeks. The first of which was 10/05 where he managed to drive away with a state citation for wreckless driving. Late Sunday night, however, Farnum would leave the scene in handcuffs, and in the back of a patrol car, where his driver, an MNPD Officer, would take him to jail. Zachary Farnum was booked into the Davidson County Jail at 2:44 AM on 10/16 for DUI & Implied Consent charges.

Ironically enough, this image currently appears on Farnum’s Instagram account:

Patrol was dispatched to 201 5th Avenue South (Music City Center Parking Garage), where the location’s security stated that the defendant, Zachary Farnum, attempted to drive through the garage’s barrier in order to avoid paying to exit. When officers engaged the defendant, he was sitting in the driver’s seat of his vehicle with the ignition running. A strong odor of an alcoholic beverage expelled from the defendant’s breath as he repeatedly stated that he, “was just trying to go home,” in a highly slurred speech. The defendant was asked to turn the ignition off and to step out of the vehicle in order for officers to administer the standard field sobriety tasks (SFST). The defendant was extremely unsteady on his feet, had blood shot watery eyes, was slow to respond to questions and commands, and displayed several indicators throughout the SFSTs that he was under the influence while operating a motor vehicle. The defendant was read his Miranda Warnings at approximately 0115 hours and was read the MNPD Implied Consent form immediately after he acknowledged that he understood his rights. The defendant’s response to the implied consent form content was, “I want to talk with my attorney,” which he repeatedly stated. The defendant finally shook his head “no” when asked if he would consent to a breath or blood test a final time.

His new business, 117 Entertainment, claims clients such as Bobby Bare, Paul Bogart, Lewis Brice, Jerry Lee Lewis, Logan Mize, Chuck Negron, Lee Roy Parnell, Scooter Brown Band, & NATD.


All available cases for Zachary Farnum
Case Number Arrest Date Case Status Fees Owed Disposition Disposition Date
GS831314 10/16/2017 OPEN Case Details
GS831315 10/16/2017 OPEN Case Details
SCE261621 10/05/2017 OPEN Case Details

Farnum is scheduled to appear for his wreckless driving citation on 12/07, and for the current charges the initial court appearance will be on 11/03. Farnum was released on a $2,500 bond via Grumpy’s Bail Bonds, to Belgium Drive address.

Here’s a 2014 bio of Farnum:

Zach Farnum is a Nashville college student by day and business entrepreneur by night. Attending Trevecca Nazarene University, Zach has helped to build a CMA EDU Chapter to better connect students to country music. Through this relationship with the Country Music Association, TNU students get a large variety of opportunities ranging from attending artist Q&A’s to getting connected with valuable resources in the industry. As a Communications major with minors in both Music Business and Mass Media, Farnum is on track to being one of the leading members of the music industry in the not-so-distant future. Beginning to make his mark already, Zach founded That’s Country Y’all, a entertainment media outlet specializing in everything country music. Through TCY, artists such as Kenny Loggins and Cassadee Pope have found themselves sitting down with Zach to discuss their careers and the music industry. Besides That’s Country Y’all, Zach is heavily involved in the Nashville music scene and frequents places like the Bluebird Cafe and the Grand Ole Opry. His greatest joy is spending time with the artists and industry veterans that make the industry what it is and has been. Because of this passion, Zach has befriended various wonderful people including two of his favorite Opry members Jeannie Seely and Jan Howard. “To even have met some of my heroes is amazing in and of itself for me. The fact that I get to see and speak with them on a regular basis is more than a dream come true, I never could have imagined any of this happening,” Zach says. One notable friendship Zach has had the pleasure of making is nationally-known radio personality, Marcia Campbell. As one who has excelled in her craft, Marcia is one of Zach’s biggest influences and he has had the pleasure of being a guest on her radio show “The All-Nighter” on WSM 650AM, “Air Castle of the South” and broadcaster of the Grand Ole Opry.

Before trying to start one of his many businesses, he had a few runs at being a musician. Zach Farnum and the Music City Miracles (Ashley Whittaker, Craig White, Michael Fogarty, and Braden King) performed at the Hub Goes Country Show at Trevecca Nazarene University. February 2014


His website offers an older bio with some more of his history and companies:

Zach Farnum comes from a small town in the smallest state in the union – Rhode Island. With a belief that entertainment can touch so many people in so many ways, his drive is always to positively influence someone in a heartfelt way through his many pursuits and endeavors. His passion for music brought him to Nashville where he studied Communications and Music Business at Trevecca University.

Zach loved being able to see the inner workings of the music industry and wanted to share that view with others. Being the entrepreneur that he is, he started a blog called That’s Country Y’all where he highlighted and interviewed some of country music’s greatest icons and emerging artists through segments labeled Music City Live. Zach garnered another view of the inner workings of the music industry during his stint as a publicist at a Nashville based publicity firm where he handled the day to day publicity for artists such as Stoney LaRue, the SteelDrivers and Deana Carter.

Through the encouragement of peers he founded Hart Street Entertainment where he offered a complete menu of services including publicity, marketing, management, artist development, booking, radio promotion and social media strategy. With a strong background in marketing, development and media outreach, Zach brought his brand-driven mindset to Nashville PR firm, Webster PR where he handled mainly brand and lifestyle clients as well as numerous artists. Zach does not sit still for long – his mind is continually spinning and working on his next project, new strategies and how to best help his clients.

We also locate a video of Farnum at the Wilson County Fair, where under hypnosis, he is told he is having a baby, and when asked who the father would be, he answers musician Zach Wyatt.

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