Musician Brian Elliot Hyken charged with DUI after colliding with a fire hydrant in East Nashville

31-year-old Brian Elliot Hyken, who performs under the name “Brian Elliot” says he had “3 gin & tonics” at the Pearl Diver in East Nashville before he ran over a curb to collide with shrubbery and a fire hydrant in the early hours of August 31st. He refused a breathalyzer and was charged with DUI. He is free on pre-trial release.

DUI: Woman blows nearly 3x BAC limit after crash — DNeshia Mitchell arrested

Police say 22-year-old Dneshia Mitchell blew a 0.231 BAC after crashing her car in Antioch. She sustained minor injuries, and completed field sobriety tests in her bare feet, after locking her keys in her car after the crash, with her shoes and socks inside. Mitchell says she had “two shots of Jack Daniel’s” ten minutes before driving. She is free on pre-trial release.

DUI Ridin’ Dirty: Man tosses beer bottle out window, lies about it, admits it; asks for lawyer, talks anyway — Jamie Levitt

Metro Police say 33-year-old Jamie Levitt was driving 83 in a 55 mph zone at 6:52 p.m. on Friday when he suddenly crossed four lanes of traffic while merging from I-440E onto I-40. As an officer attempted to conduct a traffic stop, Levitt reportedly tossed a beer bottle out the window, then denied it, then eventually admitted it. He asked for a lawyer but then continued telling the officer about how his intoxication. He blew a 0.103 BAC.

DUI: Nashville lawyer found drunk & disorderly in McDonald’s Drive-thru – blows .226

50-year-old Nashville Lawyer Benjamin Ashley Hodges was found in a South Nashville drive-thru just after 2:30 a.m. Wednesday morning, according to police. He was reportedly in a Toyota Yaris, hanging out of the driver’s side window yelling at the vehicle behind him in line. He would eventually blow a .226 on a breath test.

Lyft Driver Admits to Drinking, Gets DUI Charge in #EastNashville | Joshua D Kaplan

Just after 2:30 AM Monday morning, Lyft Driver Joshua D Kaplan admits per court records, that he consumed “three beers” before logging onto the Lyft platform to work as a driver. He got a request to pick up a passenger, and accepted it. They made it as far as Gallatin & McGavock in East Nashville before he was pulled over and arrested on several charges – including DUI. According to the MNPD, Kaplan drove past an officer, going approximately 58 in a 40 mph zone, confirmed by radar. Kaplan’s vehicle…

DUI ARREST: NFL Agent Tom Condon, Jr Arrested for DUI After Dinner at Kayne Prime

NFL Agent Tom Condon Jr, 30,was arrested around 1AM on Wednesday, and charged with DUI & violation of the implied consent law, after having dinner at Kayne Prime. Per the affidavit: On 12/6/17 at approximately 0059 hrs I observed the Defendant driving on Broadway in the area of George L Davis westbound. The Defendant failed to maintain the lane of travel (#1 lane), almost striking a center divider on the bridge over I-40. The Defendant continued on West End and failed to maintain his lane of travel by straddling the…

Man gets 10th DUI at Noon, Back on Street by 8PM – William Arnold

On Tuesday, William Arnold was arrested in for his 10th DUI. 10 DUIs, and Mr. Arnold is still out driving the streets in Nashville. The maximum charge is for “DUI 4 or More” – There’s wasn’t even a law conceived for someone to get 10 DUIs and still be driving. He’s also had 17 related charges dismissed by the courts. Here’s what happened: Arnold was parked sideways in parking spaces at 414 Gallatin Pike S Someone called in a drunk person getting into the vehicle (defendant) Cranked it. Reversed it.…

East Nashville DUI Arrest: Tyler Jacobsen Blows Over Double Legal Limit – 0.184 BAC

Tyler Jacobsen was stopped by MNPD early Saturday morning in East Nashville as he decided to drive without any lights just after 2AM on Gallatin Ave. Upon contact with Jacobsen, the officer reports there was an odor of alcohol coming from him, his speech was slurred, and his eyes were bloodshot and watery. Upon performing SFST’s there were numerous indicators of impairment, and he was taken into custody. Tyler Jacobsen consented to a breath test, and registered a 0.184% BAC. Jacobsen was booked into the DCSO just before 2:30AM, and…

Librarian DUI ARREST: “No I Have Not [drank], I Promise” – Blows 2x Legal Limit: 0.16

Librarian and Assistant Professor Nicole Wood was arrested in the early hours of Saturday morning and charged with DUI, as she missed the interstate on-ramp, and stopped quickly to make a U-Turn, causing a line of cars to slam on their brakes to avoid a collision. When asked by the officer that stopped her if she had any alochol this evening, Wood replied “No, I have not, I promise!” – despite the officer smelling alcohol emitting from her car, and her fumbling to locate her insurance card. After having her…