DUI ARREST: NFL Agent Tom Condon, Jr Arrested for DUI After Dinner at Kayne Prime

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NFL Agent Tom Condon Jr, 30,was arrested around 1AM on Wednesday, and charged with DUI & violation of the implied consent law, after having dinner at Kayne Prime.

Per the affidavit:

On 12/6/17 at approximately 0059 hrs I observed the Defendant driving on Broadway in the area of George L Davis westbound. The Defendant failed to maintain the lane of travel (#1 lane), almost striking a center divider on the bridge over I-40. The Defendant continued on West End and failed to maintain his lane of travel by straddling the broken dotted line. I stopped the Defendant at 17th / West End and made contact on the driver’s side. The Defendant had bloodshot, watery eyes, & dilated pupils. I asked the Defendant where he was coming from and he stated dinner at Kayne (Kayne Prime). I asked how much he had to drink and he stated a glass of wine. I asked the Defendant for his registration paperwork which he had difficulty locating. I advised it was in his right hand & he produced it. I asked the Defendant to exit the vehicle and he complied. I conducted SFST’s with the Defendant and he exhibited indicators of impairment throughout. I asked the Defendant on a scale of 0-10 impairment where he felt that he was and he stated a zero. The Defendant was arrested for DUI and was read the Implied Consent form. The Defendant wouldn’t give an answer and was persistent on wanting to talk to his lawyer. I allowed the Defendant to contact his father, who contacted the Defendant’s attorney, whome advised the Defendant to refuse the breath test. The Defendant ultimately refused the breath test and was transported to booking without incident and released to DCSO.

His bond was set at $4,000, and he bonded out via Smiley’s just after 6AM Wednesday morning to a 20th Ave S address.

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