Brentwood ‘Mortgage Brother’ to Scoop Media: “I’m kinda bored, I’ve got money, I’m gonna get attorneys… I’m gonna take y’all down”

AUDIO: “I’m kinda bored, I’ve got money, I’m gonna get attorneys… I’m gonna take y’all down. I don’t give a fuck if it costs me a couple hundred thousand…”

That’s what Brentwood ‘Mortgage Brother’ Justin Allender told Scoop Media early Tuesday morning, in response to two articles that he was upset with. The first, being his friend, Luxury Realtor Blake Glaskox, who was arrested on a DUI charge a few days ago. The second story turned out to be about his father, a local bank robber.

Nashville man steals Hummer from downtown valet, drives to Brentwood to ‘buy heroin’

Initially, Austin Stockton claimed that someone gave him the vehicle, and that the reason he drove to Banbury Row is that he thought he could buy Heroin at the location. On the way to booking he told the arresting officer “yeah, there was no friend. I noticed it running and took it”.

Jason Maneval Arrested for Cocaine & Assault on Female after Garth Concert

Jason Maneval, owner of BNA Techology Solutions, was arrested on Christmas Eve just after 3AM, with cocaine, paraphernalia, and for assault on the female he was with, after they left the Garth Brooks concert. According to MNPD, the defendant (Jason Maneval) made it seem as if nothing had happened, however officers observed multiple visible injuries to the female victim he was with. She had scratches on both hands and the left side of her face. Her left arm (bicep area) had a large bruise that was red and still swelling.…

White Nationalists Invade Corner Pub Brentwood – Videos from BOTH Sides. Woman Assaulted. [GRAPHIC]

An Altercation happened last night between some individuals at Corner Pub in Brentwood and NSM members who had attended the White Lives Matter earlier in the evening. We have videos from BOTH sides. Warning: some content is graphic. The first video was taken by a NSM member (who goes by Colton of Yore), who posted it to social media, with this description: Heimbach attempts to stop an altercation at the Corner Pub, after a local female attacks an NSM member’s girlfriend. This footage clearly shows that no one on our…