Man charged with assaulting lover, stealing her PlayStation 5

23-year-old Zachary ‘Zack’ Stallcup is charged with domestic assault and theft after police say he kicked his lover’s door in when he was refused entry. He then is alleged to have grabbed his lover’s neck before unhooking her Sony PlayStation 5 and walking out the door with it.

Omega watch bought by accused identity thief at Genesis Diamonds with stolen credit card

24-year-old Claudia Moran-Perez was charged with theft of property and identity theft after she used a stolen credit card to buy an Omega watch at Genesis Diamonds that was valued at $9,500.

Woman climbs on top of husband, pummels his face after he wakes her up to feed twins; per video

Metro Police say 27-year-old Samantha Cox Ward climbed on top of her husband and repeatedly punched him in the face after he woke her up to feed their twins. He then retreated to the bathroom until police arrived at their Antioch home.

Brentwood man crashes stolen car, admits responsibility for “anything that happened”

35-year-old Jeremy Lawrence was charged with theft of a vehicle after being involved in a hit and run in a stolen vehicle and found less than half a mile away. Once caught, he offered to “take responsibility for anything that happened”.

“I think they put a gun in my waistband”, teen tells police when he was robbed during weed deal

18-year-old Cooper Knestrick is free on a $500 bond, after failing to book himself on an outstanding citation, which stated he told police “I think they put a gun in my waistband” after they responded to a robbery call during which Cooper told police he was robbed of his cell phone while buying marijuana.

Brentwood ‘Mortgage Brother’ to Scoop Media: “I’m kinda bored, I’ve got money, I’m gonna get attorneys… I’m gonna take y’all down”

AUDIO: “I’m kinda bored, I’ve got money, I’m gonna get attorneys… I’m gonna take y’all down. I don’t give a fuck if it costs me a couple hundred thousand…”

That’s what Brentwood ‘Mortgage Brother’ Justin Allender told Scoop Media early Tuesday morning, in response to two articles that he was upset with. The first, being his friend, Luxury Realtor Blake Glaskox, who was arrested on a DUI charge a few days ago. The second story turned out to be about his father, a local bank robber.