Dana Genest assaults female roommate after argument

47-year-old Dana Robert Genest had a domestic altercation with his roommate, Erina Clark, at their Village Hills Drive apartment on April 7th. Upon arrival, officers spoke with Clark, who stated that she and Genest had argued about her not wanting him in their unit. Then, Genest pushed her head against the closet wall, leaving bruising and redness on her chest. She added that she could not call the police immediately because he had hidden her phone, but after he went to work, she felt more comfortable alerting them. Genest was taken into custody for domestic assault.

Samuel Smith smokes meth before trespassing into woman’s home looking for his “friend”

32-year-old Samuel Smith trespassed in Angelina Mahran’s home on Goodbar Drive around 7 p.m. January 27th. Mahran was not home but observed this from her security cameras and alerted the authorities. When officers arrived, Smith was in the front room of the residence, advising them that he did not live there, and entered through the unlocked rear door. Then, he stated he was there to visit his friend “Jeremy” but did not notify him that he was coming over. Officers confirmed that Mahran lived there with her partner, as she told them that Smith did not have permission to enter the house, which caused concern for her safety. She also told officers that no one named “Jeremy” lived there. Officers then detained Smith and searched him. The search yielded a small clear plastic bag containing less than 0.5 grams of methamphetamine and a pipe used to smoke methamphetamine in his backpack. Smith was taken into custody for the possession of meth, the unlawful use of drug paraphernalia, and aggravated criminal trespassing.

Carmen Kemp drunkenly assaults girlfriend during dispute

59-year-old Carmen Linette Kemp had a domestic disagreement with her girlfriend, Van Vanessa Lancaster, at Tarrywood Lane on December 11th. Officers arrived and spoke with Lancaster, who advised she and Kemp had been arguing. Kemp was visibly intoxicated and flustered when she talked to the police and began to spark an altercation with Lancaster when officers were speaking with her in the living room. They warned Kemp not to argue with Lancaster, but she refused and eventually tried to provoke her physically, hitting her on the arm. Officers observed this, deemed Kemp the primary aggressor, and placed her in custody for domestic assault.

Brigitte Burks Tobola whips husband with CAT5 cable after he disconnects the internet

63-year-old Brigitte Burks Tobola admitted to the police that she whipped her husband across the back with a network cable after he unplugged the modem from the wall. Her husband, Paul Charles Tobola, said that he was in his bedroom when she entered unannounced and began whipping him with the cable, upset the internet wasn’t working. Police observed multiple cuts and bruises on Paul’s back. Brigitte was deemed the primary aggressor and was arrested for domestic assault.

Derek Nehring forcefully grabs wife while she’s holding their child, leaving her bruised

28-year-old Derek Nehring admitted to police that he grabbed his wife forcefully while she was holding their baby on May 15. Sarah Nehring says she was attempting to leave with the baby when her husband grabbed her so hard that responding officers documented bruising on the victim. Derek was transported to booking and charged with domestic assault with bodily injury.

Chuck Heron cited for DUI after crashing motorcycle in front of his own house

Just before 1 a.m. on a Saturday morning in August, police responded to the Plum Nelly Circle home of 54-year-old Charles ‘Chuck’ Heron to find him lying in the bushes near the side of the road after he had crashed his motorcycle on the roadway and sustained injuries. He stated he had been drinking earlier in the night and had consumed two Miller Lite tall boys. He appeared to be very intoxicated and then began to fall asleep and become incoherent. He reportedly told one of the Nashville Fire medics he had been drinking and “f-*ked up,” and they relayed that information to officers. He was transported to the hospital for his injuries and level of intoxication and was issued a state citation for DUI. He was booked on that citation this week.

Franklin Dee Settle charged in strangulation of ex-girlfriend at Green Hills Grille during dinner

Jalil Huddleston says she went to dinner with her ex-boyfriend, 44-year-old Franklin Dee Settle, at the Green Hills Grille Saturday. During the dinner, the pair engaged in a verbal altercation and she took possession of his phone. In an attempt to retrieve his phone he grabbed her by the hair and brought her to the ground in the middle of the restaurant. Multiple witnesses reported he appeared to be strangling her during the altercation.

Daughter who threatened mother and fled from police is arrested in North Nashville — Martha Jenkins

22-year-old Martha Jenkins was booked into the Metro Nashville jail after police say she assaulted her mother after her mother confronted her about bringing “strange people into her home, eating all the food, and being disrespectful”.

The daughter reportedly told her mother she’d “kick her ass” if she called the police. Police responded at which point Jenkins escaped past them and fled in a vehicle and refused to exit her vehicle after a traffic stop was made on her. Supervisors eventually coaxed her from the vehicle. She is charged with domestic assault, vandalism, and evading arrest in a motor vehicle. She is free on a $3,500 bond.