Vandy Basketball Forward Lee Dort jailed & suspended from team for domestic assault

21-year-old Vanderbilt Men’s Basketball Forward Lee Dort reportedly assaulted and strangled his ex-girlfriend, Amani Foster, on the Vanderbilt Campus in the early hours of Sunday morning. Vanderbilt Police responded to a report of screams at 1:14 a.m. coming from a dorm room at McTyeire Hall. Foster told officers that 6’9″ Dort took her cell phone and shoved her against a wall and bedpost in her dorm room. He accused her of lying to him about her location during Thanksgiving and searched her texts and call logs on her phone. He says he discovered she was with someone else on Thanksgiving night. He then reportedly gripped her neck after she slid down onto the bed. Officers documented red marks and scratches on the victim. Dort initially fled the scene but was located at Memorial Gymnasium, where he was questioned about the incident. Vanderbilt Spokesperson Jacob Bell confirms Dort has been suspended from the basketball program pending the outcome of investigations by both the criminal justice system and the university.

Jared Taylor charged with attempted murder of his infant daughter

25-year-old Jared Taylor is charged with the attempted murder of his infant daughter. The child’s grandmother heard crying at 7:30 p.m. on July 1 and walked in on Taylor while he was standing over the child. He was pressing the child’s head into the bed, appearing to suffocate her. She screamed at him, and he stopped but “appeared unfazed.” He initially claimed he was placing a blanket over the child, but later admitted he was trying to get her to stop crying. He stated he was “not using his full body weight because that would probably snap her neck.” Taylor is jailed in lieu of a $175,000 bond.

Neal Williams-Weston charged in assault of sister on University Ave in Nashville

27-year-old Neal Williams-Weston was jailed on April 14th for allegedly punching a woman in the eye during an argument and hiding from the police. Police responded to University Court and were met at the door by Williams’ sister, who told them that he woke her up by asking her to watch his kids, and he left. Police asked for consent to search the home to be sure Williams wasn’t inside. They received consent and found him hiding in an upstairs closet. Williams told police that he and Dominque Washington were drinking when they got into an argument, and she left. Police found an outstanding felony warrant for Williams on an unrelated incident.

As officers were leaving, Dominique arrived. She told police that she and Wiliams got into an argument over personal matters, and he slapped her, causing her to back up into a corner in her bedroom. She said that he yelled that he would hit her again while walking toward her. She told Williams he would not hit her, and she tried to leave the room when he punched her in her left eye. Police saw Dominique’s eye red with swelling and bruising around it, consistent with her statement.

Ethan Morris & Anna Kuba both jailed after neither could act like an adult during a fight

25-year-old Ethan Morris and his ex-girlfriend, 32-year-old Anna Kuba, were both jailed Sunday after neither could act like a full-grown adult. Ethan says Anna sent him text messages, but he was downtown and didn’t notice them. Once he was home, she showed up at his home and, using a key from when she lived there, entered the residence and began to argue. She reportedly threatened to get him fired from his job, and he took her phone, so she could not make that phone call. She then struck him in the side of the neck, leaving scratch marks, and dented his guitar case by kicking it, destroying a wall outlet in the process. He then placed her in a “rear-naked choke and full body block,” which resulted in her nearly passing out. Both parties were transported to jail.

Wontez Graham brutally assaults ex-lover in downtown Nashville parking garage

29-year-old Wontez Graham brutally assaulted his former lover, Abagail Collier, in the parking garage on 1200 Broadway just before 4 a.m. Monday, causing her to be hospitalized with serious injuries. Although their relationship had ended, the two still maintain a few properties they use as short-term rentals. She arrived at this one to stay the night, believing it was empty and Wontez was out of town. She says as she entered the unit, he immediately pulled her inside and punched her in the face. As she escaped to the elevator, he followed her to the parking garage, where security footage showed him strangling her approximately five times and shoving her to the ground. He then brutally kicks her in the body and face multiple times.

Wontez Graham shot and killed a man in 2020 in another downtown apartment parking garage in what was determined to be self-defense.

Anya Lee charged with smashing her girlfriend’s windshield & assaulting her

22-year-old Anya Lee was jailed early Saturday after she reportedly assaulted her girlfriend, Haven Blakemore, and smashed her windshield during an altercation. Haven was upset as Anya wanted her to stay at her home in Murfreesboro for the night, but Haven refused. The two got into a physical altercation, during which Anya was reportedly on top of Haven, grabbing her by the neck. Haven got into her vehicle to leave the scene, but not before Anya rushed her vehicle and smashed the windshield. Officers documented injuries on the victim and took Anya into custody.

Chad Barber charged in assault of female roommate

41-year-old Chad Barber was arrested after attacking his roommate over an argument about rent money. On Mar 3rd, Susan Slonecker reported she was hiding in the laundry room after Barber allegedly assaulted her. When officers arrived, she was in the laundry room, speaking rapidly about the events that took place. She pointed to her armpit area and explained that Barber grabbed her there and hurt her. Officers observed several scrapes and scratch marks. Barber had strangled Slonecker to the point where she could not breathe for several seconds. He used one hand to strangle her and the other to grab her aggressively all over her body. Scratches and scrapes were left on her body and throat. Slonecker claimed that she lived with Barber for about six months in a halfway house, and then they lived together for several months at the hotel. The argument started because she was having trouble sending her half of the rent from her bank to Barber’s account, which she claims she usually does without a problem. Barber denied the assault.

Austin Harrison charged in brutal assault of girlfriend, strangles her unconscious, drags her by hair

23-year-old Austin Harrison was jailed this week on an outstanding felony warrant charging him with aggravated assault/strangulation. Elizabeth Egan says her boyfriend, Austin, had locked her out of their shared residence, and an argument continued as he let her back inside. He reportedly punched her and knocked her onto the ground before getting on top of her and strangling her until she lost consciousness. When she came to, Egan says she was being dragged by her hair into another room. When he realized she was conscious again, he continued the assault and strangled her a second time. During a struggle, she was able to kick him in the face twice, after which he stood up, walked upstairs, and fell asleep or passed out across the bed. Officers observed multiple injuries to the victim. [WARNING: images and video in the story are graphic]

Angel Sanchez charged in brutal New Year’s Eve assault of girlfriend

25-year-old Angel Sanchez is jailed in lieu of a $25,000 bond after police say he strangled his girlfriend, Yasmin Rivera, in an Uber and then, after they got home, reportedly headbutted her, dragged her across the floor, and strangled her again. The victim says the fight began at a bar but didn’t turn physical until they were in the rideshare vehicle on their way home. During the ride, she says he pulled her into his forehead and placed his hands around her neck until she had difficulty breathing. Once at home, she grabbed her dog for comfort, and Sanchez grabbed her and dragged her across the floor before getting on top of her and placing both hands around her neck once again. The victim says she was losing consciousness but was able to scream loud enough for a neighbor to come to her rescue. Officers documented multiple injuries to the victim.

Randal Young charged in strangulation of girlfriend during Nashville Trip at Moxy Hotel

57-year-old Randal Scot Young is charged with the aggravated assault and strangulation of his girlfriend, Andrea Boucher, during their trip to Nashville this weekend. Metro Nashville Police responded to the Moxy Motel late Friday night and spoke with Andrea, who stated the couple had been out drinking on Broadway in the Entertainment District downtown. As they returned to their hotel room for the evening an argument began and she says Randal placed both hands around her next and strangled her for several seconds until she had difficulty breathing. She bites him during the struggle in an attempt to break free, and when officers arrived, she has bruising around her next and behind her ears, swelling and scratches on her arm, and blood in her mouth.