DUI: Local DJ Lithideth Sirikoun drives 4Runner onto the lawn of Walk of Fame Park after a night of drinking

36-year-old Lithideth Sirikoun, DJ Disarray, drove his 4Runner over the curb and sidewalk onto the lawn of the Walk of Fame Park in the early hours of April 7th. Officers watched him drive onto the Walk of Fame and turn around towards Demonbreun Street, where he passed out behind the wheel. Officers then approached him and moved him to his backseat, so he could exit the vehicle. Sirikoun stumbled and had to use his vehicle as support to walk. Police tried to question him for his information, but he did not provide it. Sirikoun then told officers that he did not know where he was coming from, where he was at, or where he was going, but admitted to drinking throughout the night before driving. He refused sobriety tests and refused to provide a chemical sample. Sirikoun was taken into custody for driving under the influence and implied consent.

Peyton Womack causes 3 vehicle accident, tells officers “I got too drunk”

39-year-old Peyton Womack was jailed on November 15th after causing a three-person crash on Jefferson Street Bridge. One of the involved parties advised dispatch that the driver of the Lexus was drunk. When officers arrived on the scene, Womack was sitting cross-legged on the curb of the sidewalk. When officers asked Womack what happened, he stated, ” I got too drunk.” Officers asked which vehicle he was driving, and he pointed to the Lexus. He told officers he was coming from South Nashville and headed to Franklin; however, the crash happened in North Nashville. Officers helped Womack to his feet, and he immediately began to sway heavily. Officers had to guide him to the patrol vehicle so he didn’t fall over. After running his license, officers discovered that there was an alcohol interlock device system restriction, but there was no interlock device within the vehicle. Womack had a prior DUI conviction from Williamson County in 2019. He refused to perform sobriety tests, provide a blood sample, or answer further questions.

What in the Jerry Springer Episode? — Porsha Brown charged with theft of car and purse

On October 10th, officers responded to Erica Brooks’s residence regarding an alleged carjacking. Brooks states that 33-year-old Porsha Brown assaulted her in front of her house and stole her 2016 Kia Optima with her phone inside. Brooks’ daughter stated she was tracking the phone and that Brooks’ boyfriend, Leonard Rucker, may have been involved. Her daughter told officers that the phone was pinging around the perimeter of TSU campus. Officers observed a black Cadillac SUV around the pinging location, ran the license plate, and it returned to be registered to Rucker. Officers conducted an investigative stop and spoke with Rucker, who stated that he had Brooks’ phone in his vehicle. Rucker told officers he was at his uncle’s house when Porsha Brown told him she liked his car, and then he let her drive it around. Rucker states that Brooks pulled up to their location and became irate before getting into a scuffle with Brown, and during the incident, Brown got into Brooks’ car and drove away.

Officers were directed to Rucker’s uncle’s house and were able to locate Brown. Brown told officers she was driving around with Rucker before they arrived at his house, where Brooks came outside screaming at her, so she locked the car door. Brown stated Rucker must have unlocked the car door because Brooks opened the door and hit her in the face twice before walking to the Kia Optima, telling Brown, “I got something for you.” Then, Brown stated she was afraid that Brooks might have a gun or pepper spray, so she followed her to the car, pushed her out of the way, got in, and drove away. She stated she felt like she was getting jumped. Brown directed officers to where she left Brooks’ vehicle. Officers confirmed the vehicle belonged to Brooks and took Brown into custody. Brooks’ driver’s license was in Brown’s purse, and she told officers she kept the license for an address so she could return the vehicle. Brooks confirmed that Brown was the person who stole her car and that her purse was still missing. When officers asked Brown about the purse, she initially lied, stating she did not know, but eventually told officers where the purse was after changing her statement three times.

DUI: Hudson Kelly reportedly ‘white claw wasted’ during crash

29-year-old Hudson Kelley was found at the scene of an accident where he crashed a 2012 Hyundai Elantra into another car and then a concrete barrier. Police arrived at the accident scene on I-40 West near mile marker 207 and spoke to the witness whose car Hudson hit. The witness stated that Hudson was swerving before he hit their car. Police found a Whiteclaw can in the passenger side of Hudson’s vehicle while medics were checking him out. Hudson was very talkative, smelled of alcohol, and was unsteady.

When police spoke to him about the Whiteclaw, they reported that Hudson became quiet and refused to answer questions. He stated he was coming home from work with his boss, but then police overheard him tell a friend that he was coming from a bowling alley. Police reported that Hudson was experiencing mood swings where he cried, was placed into custody, would yell and cuss at the officer, and would later apologize. Hudson kept repeating that he had never been in an accident before and asked why he was driving his brother’s car.

As police told him that he was being placed under arrest for DUI, he said that he could not be due to him not owning a car or him driving; he just said that he was going home. After he refused to perform sobriety tests, he asked if he could smoke a cigarette, but police had just observed him smoking three. He said he had not smoked for years, yet just smoked moments earlier. Hudson was confused about which car was his and which family member was picking him up. He was placed into custody after he refused to give a blood or breath sample.

David Hansen charged with assault of girlfriend after leaving Nickelback concert

37-year-old David Hansen became upset with Sarah Forbes on the way home from the Nickelback concert on August 1st for walking too fast or too slow. Sarah told police the next day; she said that he verbally abused her on the car ride home and then continued once they got home. She said he then began throwing her clothes down the stairs and yelling in her face to get out of the house. David then grabbed her by her wrists, attempting to push her down the stairs, breaking her bracelet. At one point, she said that he had his full weight on her restricting her from escaping, and pinned her against the wall, where she hit her head. He attempted to drag her by her shirt out of the door, ripping it, but her head hit the door stop several times. Sarah also said that David threatened to throw her out of the window. Police observed marks consistent with her story and a bump on the back of her head. David was booked on August 11th.

Randal Young charged in strangulation of girlfriend during Nashville Trip at Moxy Hotel

57-year-old Randal Scot Young is charged with the aggravated assault and strangulation of his girlfriend, Andrea Boucher, during their trip to Nashville this weekend. Metro Nashville Police responded to the Moxy Motel late Friday night and spoke with Andrea, who stated the couple had been out drinking on Broadway in the Entertainment District downtown. As they returned to their hotel room for the evening an argument began and she says Randal placed both hands around her next and strangled her for several seconds until she had difficulty breathing. She bites him during the struggle in an attempt to break free, and when officers arrived, she has bruising around her next and behind her ears, swelling and scratches on her arm, and blood in her mouth.

Tourist Weston Porter arrested in Nashville after being drunk & disorderly downtown

22-Weston Porter was outside of Kid Rock’s Bar in downtown Nashville late Friday night as he approached Metro Nashville Police officers working in the area and shoulder-checked them while telling them there was a fight in the area. He bumped into the elbows and shoulders of multiple officers while causing a disturbance among the general public in the area. The only person attempting to fight in the area was Porter. Officers advised him to move along and go home, but Porter refused and continued to be drunk and disorderly. As police explained he was being taken into custody for public intoxication, Porter pulled away and resisted arrest. Once in custody, Porter repeatedly asked why he was cuffed, if it was illegal to be drunk in Nashville on a Friday night, and stated that he had been drinking beer.

Charles Michael Graham Jr. charged with sexual battery of female roommate during a massage

35-year-old Charles Michael Graham Jr., a Librarian Assistant at Fisk University, is charged with the sexual battery of his female roommate, who says he touched her sexual areas without consent and became aroused during a massage. Heaven Pryor told police Graham, who is her roommate, offered to give her a massage, and she accepted. She says she told him she was “gay as f–k”, and was not into him in any sexual way. She says Graham moved from her back to her buttocks and then to her pubic area and other parts of her body, each time with her having to tell him to stop. She states he also stopped multiple times due to getting aroused. He is free on a $2,000 bond.