Warner Earl Jones hotboxes car, caught with narcotics

25-year-old Warner Earl Jones was jailed on November 17th when officers spotted him coming out of a store and entering his car with tinted windows on John A Merit Boulevard. Officers watched him until he entered his vehicle and noticed all four tinted windows were too dark to see through. When they began to follow behind him, he sped off and made a U-turn, driving recklessly while other vehicles were on the road. Officers lost the car on the I-65 ramp. About 20 minutes later, officers spotted Jones and his vehicle on Jefferson Street as he entered a different store. Officers entered the parking lot and pulled right in front of the car, nose to nose. As he was exiting the convenience store, officers walked towards him. By the time officers caught up to him, he had already made it back inside his car. Officers commanded him to leave his vehicle, which he refused. They had to command him several times to step out. Once he did, a large amount of smoke exited the car with him. Officers asked if he had any drugs on him. First, he denied it and then admitted to having drugs in his car. Officers found a large amount of twenty dollar bills along with a bag of marijuana, a digital scale, plastic bags, 26.0 grams of cocaine laced with fentanyl, and 24.5 grams of methamphetamine. There was enough probable cause that the defendant was engaged in the sale of narcotics. Jones was charged and taken into custody.

Brandon Moses caught with meth syringe while biking

34-year-old Brandon T. Moses was pulled over during a traffic stop while riding a bike around 11 p.m. on South 1st Street with no forward-facing light in the darkness. He admitted to officers that he had a syringe in the backpack he was wearing that he used for “ice,” which is slang for methamphetamine. He consented to a search, and the syringe was located. Moses was issued a citation for unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.

Megan Sutton assaults guests, breaks into cabin at Nashville RV Park over feral kittens

36-year-old Megan Sutton was jailed Thursday morning after assaulting guests at the Nashville RV park where she works. Mr. Victor Motley and Ms. Zara Vecino-Domenech told police that they discovered two feral cats living on the property and asked the employees if they could adopt and find a home for them. They received permission and took the kittens into their possession. When Sutton discovered the kittens had been claimed, she confronted the victims at their cabin and entered without permission, demanding to know where the kittens were. She demanded the two hand the kittens over. She picked up one of the kittens that ran out while the door was open and shoved Ms. Vecino into a chair on the deck, injuring her hip. At that point, Mr. Motley demanded Ms. Sutton to leave. Officers observed a huge bruise on Ms. Vecino’s hip when they arrived, coinciding with their story. Sutton told police that she knew the kittens were feral and didn’t belong to her; however, she was the one putting food out for them. She also denied the assault and claimed that she was pushed. Sutton had no visible injury and was taken into custody.

Efrain Santiago Olivero assaults wife, tells children “Mom is about to learn”

29-year-old Efrain Santiago Olivero was jailed after threatening to assault his wife at their home on Hobson Pike. Bergeline Garcia told police that she and her husband got into an argument, and Efrain told their children to go to their room because “mom is about to learn.” He then began to chase her around the apartment. When she realized he wasn’t going to let her leave, she ran into the bathroom. Officers found Efrain on Old Hickory Boulevard and took him into custody. Bergeline told police that she was afraid her husband would hurt her because he had before. She then showed the officers photos from September 18th, where she had bruising on her chin from her husband hitting her. Efrain was taken into custody and charged with false imprisonment and two counts of domestic assault.

Ari Rozh booked for going 85 in a 55mph zone in his Tesla Coupe

19-year-old Ari Rozh was booked on a citation when officers observed him speeding down I-440 in his 2022 Tesla Coupe, going 85 in a 55 mph zone. He was scheduled to appear in court for the citation in June 2023 but failed to appear. He was booked on the failure to appear on November 15th

Peyton Womack causes 3 vehicle accident, tells officers “I got too drunk”

39-year-old Peyton Womack was jailed on November 15th after causing a three-person crash on Jefferson Street Bridge. One of the involved parties advised dispatch that the driver of the Lexus was drunk. When officers arrived on the scene, Womack was sitting cross-legged on the curb of the sidewalk. When officers asked Womack what happened, he stated, ” I got too drunk.” Officers asked which vehicle he was driving, and he pointed to the Lexus. He told officers he was coming from South Nashville and headed to Franklin; however, the crash happened in North Nashville. Officers helped Womack to his feet, and he immediately began to sway heavily. Officers had to guide him to the patrol vehicle so he didn’t fall over. After running his license, officers discovered that there was an alcohol interlock device system restriction, but there was no interlock device within the vehicle. Womack had a prior DUI conviction from Williamson County in 2019. He refused to perform sobriety tests, provide a blood sample, or answer further questions.

DUI: Alexandra Knox hits parked car, tells officers she “Doesn’t drink alcohol at all”

39-year-old Alexandra Knox was involved in a vehicle crash on November 15th near Clifton Avenue. She was visibly intoxicated but told the officer she “doesn’t drink alcohol at all.” The officers then found a cup of alcohol in her vehicle’s cup holder. Knox was then asked how she managed to crash into a parked car; she responded that she was looking at her phone while driving and left her traffic lane. Knox was asked to SFTs and showed multiple indicators of impairment. Knox was then taken into custody and charged with DUI.