DUI: Adam Chance blows 0.209% BAC after crashing Tesla into tree near I-40 West

26-year-old software engineer Adam Chance crashed his black Tesla into a tree on the right shoulder of the exit ramp onto I-40 West in the early hours of March 2nd. When officers arrived, Chance was standing next to his car and advised officers that he was driving westbound on I-40 West when a vehicle reportedly ran him off the road. A witness told officers they saw Chance swerving between lanes with his hazard lights on. The witness also stated that Chance told him he had two alcoholic beverages before the accident. Chance consented to sobriety tests, performed poorly, and agreed to provide a breath sample as officers noticed him reeking of alcohol. Chance’s breath sample resulted in 0.209 BAC%. Chance failed to blow for the second attempt and then was taken into custody for driving under the influence.

DUI: Anthony Collett has “only one” drink before driving towards oncoming traffic in his Tesla

36-year-old Anthony Collett drove the wrong way down a road towards oncoming traffic in his blue Tesla early January 1st. Trooper Duncan was working a DUI checkpoint and conducted a traffic stop when he observed this. Collett admitted to having “only one” alcoholic beverage, consented to sobriety tests, and performed poorly. Collett was taken into custody for driving under the influence and implied consent.

Ari Rozh booked for going 85 in a 55mph zone in his Tesla Coupe

19-year-old Ari Rozh was booked on a citation when officers observed him speeding down I-440 in his 2022 Tesla Coupe, going 85 in a 55 mph zone. He was scheduled to appear in court for the citation in June 2023 but failed to appear. He was booked on the failure to appear on November 15th

Marty McGregor charged with keying Tesla outside Trax Bar in Nashville

55-year-old Marty McGregor was jailed on an outstanding warrant this week from November, charging him with felony vandalism. William Coleman says he was sitting in his Tesla outside of the Trax Bar when McGregor exited the building and scratched the side of his vehicle with a key. The victim was able to capture the tag number of the red Ford truck McGregor fled in, and a warrant was issued for his arrest.

Seth Pedigo carves an ‘X’ into slimy Realtor Stephen Delahoussaye’s Tesla to ‘mark his spot’ – we’re not even mad at him

33-year-old Seth Pedigo is charged with felony vandalism after police say he used a rock to clearly etch an “X” into the door of a 2021 white Tesla Model 3. The car is owned by one of Nashville’s worst realtors, Stephen Delahoussaye of House Haven Realty. He says he confronted the man and asked him why he vandalized his car, and Pedigo reportedly replied, “I was trying to mark where I was”… as in ‘x’ marks the spot. Delahoussaye provided a video of the crime to police, and Pedigo was taken into custody as he was still on the property.

DUI: The man passed out behind the wheel of his Tesla would like his lawyer — Jeff Halm

Metro Nashville Police say they found 34-year-old Jeffrey Halm passed out behind the wheel of his Tesla at the corner of Gallatin Ave. & Eastland Ave. in the early hours of Monday morning. It took multiple attempts to get Halm alert and awake, at which time he became hesitant to exit the vehicle. He reportedly swayed back and forth and answered every question with “I want my lawyer”, over and over again. Police located an unopened bottle of beer in the cupholder.