Rhonda Cain jailed after filling nitrous oxide balloons in downtown Nashville #Phish

35-year-old Rhonda Cain of South Carolina was seen near the Walk of Fame Park near the Phish concert in downtown Nashville. Officers described a sea of fifty to a hundred people all filling and inhaling inflated balloons filled with nitrous oxide. Officers noticed that some were talking about how high they were, others were quiet, and some were even actively vomiting. 

Cain was noticed by officers allegedly filling balloons for people out of the back of a black wagon before handing them off to multiple individuals. Upon noticing officers, Cain reportedly dropped a balloon and removed her hand from the nitrous oxide canister. Although she attempted to distance herself from the canister, officers brought Cain in on the charge of distributing toxic vapors.

Daniel Jones jailed for public intoxication after fight with his father

22-year-old Daniel Jones was on the sidewalk when police arrived in response to a fight involving him and his father. Daniel was unsteady on his feet, had slurred speech, and smelled of alcohol, but his father was not present on the scene. He told police he was staying at his mother’s somewhere in Hendersonville but could not remember the exact location or how to get there. Also, he told them that he did not know his mother’s or stepfather’s phone numbers to get him there. Police asked if he wanted to go to the hospital or stay in a shelter; he refused. However, he said that he did not mind being arrested. He was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.

Atlanta Tourist Brian Gary jailed after partying too hard at Second Fiddle bar in Nashville

34-year-old Brian Gary was jailed after causing a disturbance at Second Fiddle bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville Thursday night. Security at the venue told police that Gary was so intoxicated he was falling into people. He was asked to leave and repeatedly refused. He told police he “wasn’t worried about it” when they repeated the demand to leave the property. He was given one last opportunity to walk away and was transported to booking when he refused.

Richard Erpelding knocks man unconscious in downtown fight; victim requires brain surgery

24-year-old Michigan tourist Richard Erpelding knocked a man unconscious during a fight at 1st & Broadway early Sunday morning. Erpelding reportedly was hitting on a female member of another group when one of her friends told him to stop and may have pushed him. Witnesses say Erpelding then punched the victim, Christopher Thompson, knocking him unconscious. He was transported to the hospital and had not regained consciousness at the time of the report. Doctors report he would have to have surgery due to an injury to his brain. 

Tourist Michael Boyce drunkenly cat-calls women on Broadway in downtown Nashville

32-year-old Michael Boyce was cat-calling women on Broadway before his friends told the police they did not want to help him. Michael was seen on Broadway after MNPD officers were flagged down on August 3rd. The police were told he was intoxicated and made sexually explicit comments to women walking by him. They also saw him pretend to jump in front of vehicles passing by on 1st Ave. Michael was unsteady on his feet and smelled strongly of alcohol when police asked him about the comments he was making toward the women, per the report. He said that he did not remember the comments nor where he was staying. Michael called his friends when the police asked if he had any that could help him; the friend said that they did not wish to help.

Shannon Robbins kicked out of Luke Bryan’s bar after fighting other patrons

19-year-old Shannon Robbins was fighting security staff inside Luke Bryan’s bar on Broadway in downtown Nashville early Saturday morning. Metro Nashville Police officers were flagged down and Robbins was escorted outside. He was visibly intoxicated and starting fights with other patrons, according to bar staff. He grabbed onto the rail in an effort to prevent being escorted out of the venue. He was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Travis Woolf — give me my receipt or take me to jail! To jail, he went.

45-year-old Travis Woolf was extremely intoxicated and arguing with security at Jason Aldean’s bar early Sunday morning. Officers had told Woolf to level the venue due to his behavior, and Woolf refused to leave until he got a receipt from the bar. Security advised him he would not be getting a receipt, and the argument continued to escalate as Metro Nashville Police arrived. He was given additional opportunities to leave the area but refused. Woolf pointed his finger in the face of an officer, nearly touching him, during the argument. He continued to refuse to leave and was taken into custody and transported to booking.

New York’s Salvatore Cerniglia charged with assault of his girlfriend in downtown Nashville

42-year-old New York tourist Salvatore Cerniglia was arguing with his girlfriend, Jennifer Sackowski, in front of the Apple store in downtown Nashville Sunday when a bystander attempted to separate the couple as things escalated. Salvatore then reportedly grabbed his girlfriend and punched her with two fists. Officers arrived, and the couple stated, “nothing happened,” and they just wanted to go home. Salvatore was taken into custody and charged with domestic assault.

Jevon Chrystak pushes officers during fight in front of Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa

23-year-old Jevon Chrystak was involved in a fight in front of Miranda Lambert’s Casa Rosa on Broadway in downtown Nashville Sunday. Metro Nashville Police officers attempted to break up the fight when Chrystak pushed one of the officers in the chest. He also refused another officer’s commands to place his hands behind his back and pulled away from officers as they took him into custody.

Harpreet Singh jailed after drunkenly harassing women at Nashville Sundae Club

Police received calls about 41-year-old Harpreet Singh harassing women in the area of the Nashville Sundae Club on 11th Ave South Friday night. Officers located him on the sidewalk in front of the location and quickly noticed his level of extreme intoxication. He could not tell officers where he was staying or locate his phone or ID. During the interaction, his phone and ID were found nearby where he had dropped them. He was taken into custody and charged with public intoxication.