Richard Erpelding knocks man unconscious in downtown fight; victim requires brain surgery

24-year-old Michigan tourist Richard Erpelding knocked a man unconscious during a fight at 1st & Broadway early Sunday morning. Erpelding reportedly was hitting on a female member of another group when one of her friends told him to stop and may have pushed him. Witnesses say Erpelding then punched the victim, Christopher Thompson, knocking him unconscious. He was transported to the hospital and had not regained consciousness at the time of the report. Doctors report he would have to have surgery due to an injury to his brain. 

Ohio’s Thomas Gattuso assaults downtown Hilton employees with glass plate & metal spatula

Armed with a glass dinner plate and a metal spatula, 21-year-old Thomas Gattuso walked into the kitchen of the Hilton Hotel in downtown Nashville as the staff was wrapping up for the night and attempted to start a fight that even Gordon Ramsay would be impressed by. Gattuso entered the hotel, where he was not a guest, and became aggressive with the kitchen staff. As one of them called security, Gattuso threw his glass dinner plate and struck one of the employees in the back of the head. The employee had to be transported to the hospital due to his injuries. He then used the metal spatula to attempt to make contact with another employee’s head. Hotel security detained Gattuso until police arrived, and described him as “out of it” and “very intoxicated.”