DUIL: Cielo Sweatt tosses beer cans out of car after crash

Police say 22-year-old Cielo Sweatt crashed her blue Chrysler 300 on Harding Place Sunday evening. Officers were told she might be trying to flee the scene and had pulled into the gas station nearby, where she was located. Store employees told police she had pulled up and tossed beer cans out of her car, which was captured on video. She told officers she had not consumed any alcohol, despite reeking of it. She was taken into custody and charged with DUI.

Jack Spence charged with daytime DUI after Saturday crash on interstate

27-year-old Jack Spence was driving on I-65 N just before 5 p.m. Saturday when police say he crashed into a guardrail on the right side of the roadway. During their interaction, Spence reportedly reeked of alcohol and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. The passenger in his vehicle sustained injuries, so a warrant was granted for Spence’s blood, which was drawn at Metro General. Spence was charged with the daytime DUI.

DUI: Sierra Day drove drunk at night in Belle Meade

26-year-old Sierra Day says she had “several glasses of wine” before driving in the early hours of Saturday morning. Belle Meade Police were blocking an intersection at Harding Pike and Lynnwood Blvd due to a fallen tree, causing the intersection to have no traffic lights. Day reportedly drove through the intersection at full speed, despite police cars with lights activated, and nearly struck one of the cruisers. A traffic stop was conducted, during which she reportedly reeked of alcohol and later performed poorly on field sobriety tests. She was transported to booking and charged with DUI.

DUI: Janett Walkoff Crawford blows 0.228% BAC after crash

36-year-old Janett Walkoff Crawford was jailed on March 21st after crashing into private property on Shihmen Drive. When officers arrived on the scene, Janett declined medical attention. Police asked her what caused the wreck, and she said that she just took a wide turn and wasn’t sure what else had happened. Janett was swaying back and forth while standing, and police could smell alcohol coming from her breath. She consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. She agreed to the breathalyzer, and it read .228% BAC — nearly three times the legal limit.

Avery Matthews charged with DUI in Airport Center Drive parking lot

39-year-old Avery Matthews was charged with DUI late Thursday night after parking his white Kia Sedan into a no-trespass zone at Airpark Center Dr. – where officers were patrolling for street racers. Officers saw the car parked with exhaust coming from the back and later confirmed keys were still in the ignition. When officers approached Matthews, he had extremely slurred speech and bloodshot watery eyes. Officers could smell the strong odor of alcohol coming from him. Matthews told police he was in the parking lot to drop off a female partner before going home. He denied drinking any alcohol, although there was a half-empty bottle of Vodka on the passenger floorboard. Matthews refused sobriety tests and the blood sample. During the vehicle search, police discovered a half-empty bottle of Vodka, a completely empty bottle of Vodka, and a Corona bottle. After running Matthews’s name, it was discovered that he was arrested twice before for DUI in Illinois.

DUI: Kate Swan crashes after drinking 2-3 beers at Chili’s before driving

58-year-old Kate Swan was jailed on March 23rd after rear-ending a stopped car in the turning lane on Myatt Drive while drunk. Swan was standing next to her Toyota Rav 4 when police arrived. They could smell alcohol coming from her, and she told officers that she had 2-3 beers at Chili’s prior to driving. She agreed to sobriety tests and performed poorly. The breathalyzer came back as .131% BAC.

Megan Sequeria found unresponsive behind wheel at gas pump with ecstasy in her bra

36-year-old Megan Sequeria was jailed on March 20th after falling asleep high at the wheel of her Mitsubishi while at the gas pump. Officers knocked on the window, but Sequeria didn’t respond. Her door was unlocked, so the officer gently shook her shoulder; she opened her eyes partially but closed them again. Officers asked if she was ok, and she nodded yes but seemed completely confused about where she was and what was going on. Officers asked Sequeria to exit the vehicle to question her. As she exited the car, a folded-up dollar bill fell from her lap, officers stated that judging from their experience, it looked to be folded in a manner used for drugs. Sequeria admitted to taking Gabapentin, a nerve medicine, when officers asked her if she had any substances or anything to drink. A white powdery residue was found inside the dollar bill during the vehicle search. She agreed to sobriety tests which she performed poorly on and was taken into custody. She later admitted to having ecstasy pills in her bra, which was recovered by a female officer.

DUI: Nathan Harrell charged after admitting to drinking before driving on interstate

32-year-old Nathan Harrell was driving on I-24 late Wednesday night when he nearly struck the front end of a Kentucky State Trooper’s patrol car that was also traveling in the area. The trooper contacted Metro Nashville Police, who responded to the scene and found Harrell visibly intoxicated and smelling of alcohol. Harrell stated he had two drinks and lunch and had also been drinking at a client’s home prior to driving. He refused field sobriety testing and was transported to Nashville General for a blood draw and then to booking. An inventory search of the vehicle revealed an open bottle of alcohol that was a quarter empty and a Yeti cup with an alcoholic beverage inside.

DUI: Tyler-Anne Ogg crashes; hides a bottle of Evan Williams in the glovebox

36-year-old Tyler-Anne Ogg was jailed early in the morning on March 21st for causing an accident on Old Hickory Boulevard. Police were told that one of the drivers seemed to be drunk. Police spoke with the driver of the other vehicle, who told them that Ogg was falling down as she walked before she got into her car. He said he was turning left when Ogg ran a red light and caused the collision.

When police spoke with Ogg, she was sitting in the passenger’s seat. She was unaware of what was happening or that she was in an accident. She asked if anyone had gotten hurt, and the officer told her she was alone in the vehicle at the time of the accident. Ogg reeked of alcohol, spoke slowly, and her eyes were watery. She admitted to having something to drink but didn’t respond when she was asked how much she had to drink. She took a long time trying to find her license and asked the officer to hold a deck of cards while looking. She found her license, and as she was looking for proof of car insurance, she opened the glove box, and an officer saw a mostly consumed bottle of Evan Williams Bourbon.

When she realized what was in the glove box, she shut it, but the officer said, “I already saw it,” and asked her to keep looking for the insurance. She refused sobriety tests and also refused to get out of her vehicle for quite some time. When she finally got out, she could barely walk and asked the officer if he would hold her hand; he had to hold on to her arm to keep her from falling.

DUI: Soldier Dustin Lehrke had five drinks and a muscle relaxer before driving

26-year-old Fort Campbell soldier Dustin Lehrke told police he had taken a muscle relaxer and drank five alcoholic beverages within the timespan of one hour as he traveled through a St. Patrick’s Day roadblock near Lewis County Store late Friday night. As he spoke with officer Groeneweg, he was “robotic” in his responses and showed multiple signs of intoxication. He performed poorly on two of the field sobriety tests and was taken into custody. A blood draw was completed at a nearby hospital.