DUI: 61-year-old celebrates casino trip with booze & weed – Lisa Jones #Arrested

61-year-old Lisa Jones told officers she was celebrating her trip to the casino, as she was being arrested for #DUI at 4 in the afternoon on a Monday. Police found a jar with marijuana joints in the open center console, and she admitted to smoking and drinking prior to driving.

Musician Chris Hill threatened to punch Nashville cop in the face after DUI arrest

Christopher Hill and Marissa Sardar, both 34-years-old, were charged with DUI (and DUI: vehicle owner) after he turned his DJ friend’s Audi the wrong way onto a one-way street. Police say he was ‘very disrespectful’ to law enforcement, making threats to punch officers in the face if he saw them downtown in the future, and taking his frustration out on the patrol vehicle once inside it.

East Nashville nudist charged with DUI on the way home from Rebar

57-year-old Vicki Walbridge was charged with driving under the influence and implied consent after she crashed her Rav4 into a curb and told officers she was heading home from Rebar.

Woman crashes car on Hwy 70; police find marijuana and alprazolam

27-year-old Raven Lockridge was charged with driving under the influence, driving while license revoked, possession of marijuana, and possession of a controlled substance after she told paramedics she used marijuana before she wrecked her car.

Man pops Xanax, crashes car, and tells police “I have a problem, that’s why I’m in AA”

30-year-old Shepard Watson was charged with a DUI and implied consent after police asked if he believed he was intoxicated and unable to safely operate a vehicle and he stated, “I mean, scientifically I’d say yes.”

Woman pulled over for speeding admits to drinking half a pint of vodka beforehand

52-year-old Candy Matthews was charged with driving under the influence, revoked license, drug paraphernalia, possession of cocaine, contraband in a facility when being booked for a DUI, and cocaine was found in her bra.

Man backs into another vehicle while leaving Cahoots Bar in Lebanon

feat Holmes Timothy

26-year-old Timothy Holmes was charged with driving under the influence after hitting another vehicle while backing out of a parking space at Cahoots Bar.

Woman intoxicated from Hooters charged while waiting for boyfriend at stop sign

28-year-old Chelsea Kalk was charged with driving under the influence after drinking at Hooters and being stopped at a sign for just a little too long.

Intoxicated driver found with her lights out fails breathalyzer test

62-year-old Ellen Lehman was charged with her first DUI after police saw her driving late at night with her headlights off and then blew a 0.12% BAC on a breathalyzer test.

Man caught with loaded handgun while driving intoxicated on Nolensville Pike

24-year-old Devin Wilson was charged with DUI and possession of a handgun while under the influence after an officer noticed him drive on the sidewalk and swerve into the bicycle lane on Nolensville Pike.