Avery Matthews charged with DUI in Airport Center Drive parking lot

39-year-old Avery Matthews was charged with DUI late Thursday night after parking his white Kia Sedan into a no-trespass zone at Airpark Center Dr. – where officers were patrolling for street racers. Officers saw the car parked with exhaust coming from the back and later confirmed keys were still in the ignition. When officers approached Matthews, he had extremely slurred speech and bloodshot watery eyes. Officers could smell the strong odor of alcohol coming from him. Matthews told police he was in the parking lot to drop off a female partner before going home. He denied drinking any alcohol, although there was a half-empty bottle of Vodka on the passenger floorboard. Matthews refused sobriety tests and the blood sample. During the vehicle search, police discovered a half-empty bottle of Vodka, a completely empty bottle of Vodka, and a Corona bottle. After running Matthews’s name, it was discovered that he was arrested twice before for DUI in Illinois.

DUI: Nathan Harrell charged after admitting to drinking before driving on interstate

32-year-old Nathan Harrell was driving on I-24 late Wednesday night when he nearly struck the front end of a Kentucky State Trooper’s patrol car that was also traveling in the area. The trooper contacted Metro Nashville Police, who responded to the scene and found Harrell visibly intoxicated and smelling of alcohol. Harrell stated he had two drinks and lunch and had also been drinking at a client’s home prior to driving. He refused field sobriety testing and was transported to Nashville General for a blood draw and then to booking. An inventory search of the vehicle revealed an open bottle of alcohol that was a quarter empty and a Yeti cup with an alcoholic beverage inside.

Mark McCormack, 67, charged with 2nd DUI after West Nashville crash

Police say 67-year-old Mark McCormack could not stand up on his own and had to be propped up by officers during questioning after he crashed his car into a tree Thursday evening in West Nashville. He refused all medical treatment and sobriety testing but did admit to drinking “five large mixed drinks” prior to driving. A search of his vehicle revealed an open bottle of Skol vodka, partially consumed. McCormack was previously convicted of a DUI in 2017 in Dickson County.

DUI: Molina Wilson charged after near crash with a police patrol car

31-year-old Molina Wilson was jailed for DUI on Sunday morning when he almost hit a police officer while running a red light at the intersection of Nolensville Rd. and Wallace Rd. The officer could smell alcohol while approaching the vehicle. There was a box of Corona beer in the backseat with some containers open. Wilson never admitted to drinking alcohol but agreed to do a sobriety test and performed poorly. When he was asked for his driver’s license, he told police that he didn’t have one.

DUI: Julio Reyes-Rodriguez runs over traffic cone, causing ‘catastrophic’ oil leak

21-year-old Julio Reyes-Rodriguez was arrested after driving into a prohibited area and causing a catastrophic oil leak to his vehicle. On Mar 4th, a tree knocked down power lines onto the road. Officers created a road closure with crime scene tape and cones. Mr. Reyes-Rodriguez drove his car through the cones and tape getting one of the power lines wrapped around his car, and a cone stuck under it, causing a massive oil leak. Despite all the visible warnings Reyes-Rodriguez only stopped when an officer approached him. Instead of speaking with the officer, Reyes-Rodriguez started backing up his car, getting further tangled up in debris. When he finally stopped and spoke, officers saw several opened and unopened beer bottles in the car. Officers observed alcohol on his breath, bloodshot watery eyes, and a lack of balance. He admitted that he had five drinks and agreed to a sobriety test which he performed poorly on, with several indicators of impairment.

Brennan Spiller, 19, charged with DUI after interstate crash

19-year-old Brennan Spiller was standing on the shoulder of I-40 after wrecking his 2006 Mazda in late January with a bloody nose and a busted lip. He admitted he was the driver, but when officers remarked that he smelled like alcohol, Spiller stated he wasn’t speaking to officers any further about the incident. Officers located several opened alcoholic beverages inside the crashed car. Medics had to hold him up to get to the ambulance, as he could not stand on his own. He was transported to the hospital for treatment and issued citations related to the DUI. He was booked on those charges this week.

Tiara Wilson charged with DUI 2nd offense after East Nashville crash

24-year-old Tiara Wilson was charged with DUI after crashing into a utility pole. On the 24th, officers were dispatched to a crash on Gallatin pike. Wilson had damaged power lines that were setting the nearby grass on fire. When asked how the crash happened, she would not answer but instead talked only about her life story and how she was already going to jail in Montgomery County in two days for another DUI charge. After asking several times, she admitted that she had leaned over to grab something when the crash occurred. She repeatedly stated that she was going to jail and that she was sober. Due to the strong winds, Officers could not pick up a smell of alcohol, but with her insistence on being sober and her performing poorly on the sobriety test, officers believed her to be impaired. While conducting a vehicle search, officers found an open container of VooDoo Ranger IPA.

Matthew Brecht flees from police, they meet him at his house

21-year-old Matthew Brecht face multiple charges after police say he fled from them after they observed him traveling at 50 mph in a 35 mphz in his silver Dodge Ram truck late Friday night in Goodlettsville. Officers stopped the pursuit, per policy, but knew the vehicle and where the driver lived. Officers arrived at the location to find the truck parked but still warm to the touch. Brecht’s cell phone and a half-empty bottle of vodka were vidisble in the vehicle’s driver’s seat. Brecht eventually came out of the house and was taken into custody.

Hailey Carney found in a stolen Camry with a baby, ecstasy, and Bud Light Platinum

Belle Meade Police Officer Wes Bowker responded to a license plate reader (LPR) hit on a stolen Toyota Camry as it drove through the mini city on February 15th. 22-year-old Hailey Carney was found to be driving the car during a traffic stop, along with a small child in the back seat. A search of the car revealed a small bag of what Carney identified as ecstasy and an open Bud Light Platinum in the center cup holder.

Jesus Jurarez cited after reckless driving and loud muffler on Nolensville Pike

21-year-old Jesus Jurarez was cited on five charges on January 7 as he drove his 2015 Camaro on Nolensville Road with a very loud exhaust as he passed a marked patrol car while accelerating recklessly. He was swerving between lanes, and a traffic stop was initiated. Jurarez had no license, no insurance, and an open beer in the vehicle. He passed field sobriety tests with only minor indications of impairment. He was issued state citations and was booked on them this week.