DUI: Matthew Keaffaber pours beer in center console to hide it from police

36-year-old Matthew Keaffaber was driving on Gallatin Pike with his headlights turned off on November 8th. Officers observed this and conducted a traffic stop. Officers noticed Keaffaber moving around and getting out of his seat while approaching his vehicle. Keaffaber was visibly intoxicated when officers spoke with him, and he consented to sobriety tests, on which he performed poorly. Officers had probable cause to search Keaffaber’s vehicle, which led to them locating an open beer container in the backseat and beer poured into the center console. Keaffaber was taken into custody for driving under the influence and an open container violation.

Tralarrious Harrison crashes into police officer’s car; charged with DUI

21-year-old Tralarrious Harrison crashed his girlfriend’s black Sedan into an officer’s vehicle at the intersection of Dickerson Pk and Ewing Dr. on October 21st. Officers responded to the scene and observed a male get out of the passenger side of the Sedan and flee the scene. Harrison was visibly intoxicated as officers approached him and noticed he did not have shoes on before transporting him to General Hospital. Officers spoke with Harrison, and before they could ask him, he told them that he “was not the driver of the vehicle,” that he “messed his girlfriend’s car up,” that he was “extremely intoxicated,” and that he “exited the driver’s side after the crash.” Officers found a 24 oz Coors Light can with beer still in it and a plastic bag with 6.66 grams of a marijuana-like substance. Harrison was taken into custody for possession, driving under the influence, and an open container violation.

Margaret Nee charged with DUI after driving on a flat tire

On October 6th, officers observed 27-year-old Margaret Nee on 21 Ave. South driving on a flat tire, failing to maintain her lane. Officers conducted a traffic stop and observed a 12oz High Noon alcoholic beverage in the center console with some still left when approaching the vehicle. Nee showed visible signs of intoxication when asked to get out of the car and told officers she only had a few drinks but should have taken an Uber home. Nee refused to take sobriety tests.

DUI: Heaven Mohammed consumed four drinks and sip of DeLeón Tequila before crash

On the morning of September 24th, Officers responded to a car accident on Donelson Pike and I-40 West entrance ramp. Officers observed 33-year-old Heaven Mohammed and her passenger trapped inside a damaged White Nissan Murano. The Nashville Fire Department helped remove them from the vehicle. When the passenger door was pried open, officers noticed an open bottle of DeLeón liquor on the floorboard. The passenger was incoherent and was transported to Summit Hospital for medical attention regarding the accident. The driver of the other vehicle involved was in visible pain. Heaven refused medical attention. Officers reportedly smelled an alcoholic odor on Heaven’s breath. She then admitted to having four alcoholic beverages from 9 pm- 5am. She was transported to a nearby location for a standard field sobriety test, where she showed signs of impairments on all three tasks. Heaven was then advised of her Miranda rights and TN’s implied consent law. After being advised of Miranda, Heaven consented to provide a blood sample and admitted to having a sip of the DeLeón after the four drinks she already admitted to.

DUI: Bianca Canastillos found asleep behind the wheel with car in drive

32-year-old Bianca Canastillos was asleep in her car, which was obstructing the I24 exit ramp and Whites Creek Pike on September 25th. Officers approached the vehicle, noticed the vehicle was still in drive, and saw a water cup in her hand. Next to the water cup, police noticed an open alcohol container and two empty containers behind the passenger seat. When they attempted to wake her up, she dosed off two more times before finally waking up. Bianca could not roll her window down and struggled to open her door. She exited the vehicle and let her foot off the brake, causing the vehicle to roll into the intersection. Police assisted her in putting the car into park after she abruptly stopped it. She was confused, stumbled out of the vehicle, and admitted to drinking but could not tell the officers when she last drank nor how much. Bianca refused to perform sobriety tests and blood testing.

Martha Strassell charged with DUI on interstate in Nashville

37-year-old Martha Strassell was stopped in the middle of I-65S, and police safely pulled her to the side of the roadway. She told police that she stopped due to her rear-ending another vehicle. During the investigation, police noticed an odor of alcohol on Martha’s breath and a half-empty Voodoo Ranger IPA can in the console. After showing signs of intoxication on sobriety tests, she was placed into custody and read her Miranda rights. She admitted to having one margarita approximately two hours before the crash. Also, she stated that she did not drink the IPA found in her car and agreed to a breathalyzer test. The test showed that she had a 0.104% BAC. DCS was contacted to take custody of the child present before Martha was transported to booking.

DUI: Hudson Kelly reportedly ‘white claw wasted’ during crash

29-year-old Hudson Kelley was found at the scene of an accident where he crashed a 2012 Hyundai Elantra into another car and then a concrete barrier. Police arrived at the accident scene on I-40 West near mile marker 207 and spoke to the witness whose car Hudson hit. The witness stated that Hudson was swerving before he hit their car. Police found a Whiteclaw can in the passenger side of Hudson’s vehicle while medics were checking him out. Hudson was very talkative, smelled of alcohol, and was unsteady.

When police spoke to him about the Whiteclaw, they reported that Hudson became quiet and refused to answer questions. He stated he was coming home from work with his boss, but then police overheard him tell a friend that he was coming from a bowling alley. Police reported that Hudson was experiencing mood swings where he cried, was placed into custody, would yell and cuss at the officer, and would later apologize. Hudson kept repeating that he had never been in an accident before and asked why he was driving his brother’s car.

As police told him that he was being placed under arrest for DUI, he said that he could not be due to him not owning a car or him driving; he just said that he was going home. After he refused to perform sobriety tests, he asked if he could smoke a cigarette, but police had just observed him smoking three. He said he had not smoked for years, yet just smoked moments earlier. Hudson was confused about which car was his and which family member was picking him up. He was placed into custody after he refused to give a blood or breath sample.

Edward Perry charged with DUI — passed out behind truck in his own apartment complex

49-year-old Edward Perry blows four times over the legal limit after he told police that he had more than twelve-pack of beer. Police arrived on August 1st at a West Nashville Apartment complex on Sonya Drive, where Perry lives, and found him lying behind his Ford Ranger. The Ranger was parked with one tire on the sidewalk because a stranger took the keys from Edward and gave them to NFD. Police reported an open beer can in the center console and an open bottle of New Amsterdam Vodka within arms reach of the driver seat. Edward, who was so unsteady police had to help him stand, admitted to drinking heavily. Under Miranda, Edward admitted to drinking more than twelve 24oz beers. He blew a 0.320% BAC level, and police discovered that Edward’s license was suspended.

Teddy Frazier charged with DUI; claims he was born in 2021

23-year-old Teddy Frazier, jailed for DUI, was not born yesterday but told police that he was born in 2021. Close to 3 am on August 2nd, MNPD officers noticed a Ford Fusion with the hazard lights displayed pulled over on Murfreesboro Pike. Police saw the driver immediately try to hide open containers when they turned their blue lights on. As the officers approached the car, they saw an empty wine bottle in the back passenger seat and Teddy in the front seat. After asking Teddy to exit the vehicle, he was unsteady on his feet, smelled of alcohol, and had slurred speech, per the report.

Once Teddy realized his wallet was missing, police asked him for his social security number, and he gave the wrong number of digits several times. The birthday Teddy gave them was August 19, 2021, yet police were able to find him in the state’s records. Teddy said, “You know I’m intoxicated,” several times, and that he does not drink often but finished a whole bottle of wine that night. He said that he started driving at 1:45 a.m. and that the last thing that he had to drink was “whatever was in those cans,” identified as a mixed drink cocktail and a beer. Standard field sobriety tests were conducted, and he showed several indications of intoxication, then later blew a 0.12% BAC on a breathalyzer.

DUI: James Mannix “I’m not getting caught in the driver’s seat of this car!”

36-year-old James Mannix Jr was found asleep in his SUV in AllSouth Appliance Group’s parking lot. He woke up, then showed signs of impairment, refused a sobriety test, demanded medical attention, and told medical staff that he was suffering withdrawals from alcohol and “benzos.” On July 26th, MNPD responded to AllSouth Appliance Group’s parking lot and spoke to a complainant who said that a gray Ford Escape almost struck a mailbox while entering the parking lot. Then, the complainant said, the vehicle stopped in the middle of the parking lot. Police approached the vehicle and found James Mannix asleep with the keys in the ignition and the engine still running but in park. The fire department arrived on the scene and woke James up; he slurred his words while saying, “I am not getting caught in the driver seat of this car.”

During the investigation, police described him to be uncooperative and unsteady on his feet when asked to exit the vehicle. James refused to do a sobriety test and asked for a lawyer, so he was placed into custody. A search of his vehicle yielded a half-empty bottle of Irish whiskey, an empty pint of vodka, other open containers, narcotics, and other prescription medication. While James was in the back of the police vehicle, an officer noted that it newly smelled of alcohol. James demanded medical attention after he was placed into custody; once they arrived at the hospital, James told the staff that he was suffering withdrawals from alcohol and “benzos” (which is a colloquialism for “Benzodiazepines.”)