Ladasha Bledsoe & Atalaya Lopez charged after blowing through roadblock, letting it flow.

23-year-old Atalaya Lopez drove through a barrage of emergency vehicles with flashing lights that were blocking the roadway for a police investigation on Donelson Pike early Monday morning in her Chevy Impala at a very high rate of speed. Officers eventually got the vehicle stopped near Knapp Road and observed her extreme level of intoxication and an open container in her cupholder. While she was being placed into custody for DUI, her passenger, 23-year-old Ladasha Bledsoe, repeatedly got in and out of the vehicle despite being told to stay inside the car. Bledsoe then got out a final time, dropped her pants, and exposed herself to police officers while urinating on the roadway. She was charged with indecent exposure.

Ashley Hanes charged after drunken night at Double E Bar & Grill

Employees at the Double E Bar & Grill say 31-year-old Ashley Revel-Hanes was already heavily intoxicated when she appeared at the bar, where she stayed for several hours. At some point in the evening, she began harassing a tow truck driver who was assisting another patron in the parking lot. When police arrived, the tow truck driver was gone, however, employees stated she was still causing a disturbance. She had arranged for a friend to pick her up, but when they never showed up, Hanes eventually laid down on the sidewalk by the street and attempted to hitchhike her way home. Due to her level of intoxication, she was given a free ride… to jail.