Brian Maza charged with personal marijuana possession by petty Airport Police Officer

22-year-old Brian Maza was charged with simple possession of marijuana by Airport Police after he was observed speeding on airport property, where he also works. During the traffic stop, Airport Police Officer Ahmed Aly said he could smell marijuana, so he conducted a search of Maza’s vehicle. A small amount of personal marijuana was seized, and Maza was issued a state citation. He was booked on that charge this week.

Nashville Police charge Ryan Murray with personal marijuana possession

32-year-old Ryan Murray was booked this week on a citation from January 4th after officers pulled him over for driving on and over the dotted roadway lines and blocking two lanes of traffic on the Korean Veterans Boulevard Bridge. Murray openly admitted that he had marijuana in the car, and his vehicle was searched. Officers located a baggie of marijuana in the center console and a pipe with residue in the sunglass holder.

Soldier Jedidiah Marlow jailed after ripping down yellow construction tape #PettyPolice

23-year-old Fort Campbell Soldier Jedidiah Marlow was jailed early Saturday morning after off-duty Metro Nashville Police Officer Nelson Chandler Hemingway, who working a secondary job as security for a construction site, says he ripped down the yellow caution tape at a job site in downtown Nashville. The officer charged him with “tampering with construction signs and barricades” as he reportedly stumbled through the construction tape, ripping it down. He was additionally charged with public intoxication.

Nashville Police wake up homeless man sleeping under a tree to arrest him — David Moore

Metro Nashville Police woke up 32-year-old David Moore as he slept under a tree in the parking lot of 1419 Clinton Street just before midnight on February 14. A ‘concerned citizen’ called 911 to report them, and officers responded to check on his welfare. Officer Christopher Cantrell woke up Moore, who stated he was fine and didn’t need any assistance or medical attention. The officer says he smelled of alcohol and marijuana and told him he was under arrest due to being too intoxicated in public. The officer seized three marijuana joints totaling 1.5 grams. Moore began to scream the police were “robbers” and called them a few choice names. After sitting in jail for a few hours, the DA declined to prosecute the case.

Petty Vanderbilt Police charge George Woods with marijuana possession in parking lot

Sgt Orlando Dixson of the Vanderbilt University Police Department charged 22-year-old George Woods IV with marijuana possession on January 20. Dixson says he approached an illegally parked vehicle in a Vanderbilt University parking lot and noticed the seats were laid all the way back. Two small bags of marijuana were in plain view, and the driver, Woods, admitted it was his marijuana for personal use. Woods was booked on the citation this week.

Braxton Mckissack busted by Petty Goodlettsville Police Officer William Campbell

25-year-old Braxton Mckissack was booked this week on two citations stemming from a December traffic stop in Goodlettsville. Officers say that during the traffic stop, they allegedly established probable cause to search his 2015 Chevy Malibu. Petty Police Officer William Campbell discovered 1 ounce of marijuana in a backpack behind the driver’s seat, along with a digital scale.

Nashville Police charge Brendan Stevens for 15 grams of marijuana during a traffic stop

23-year-old Nashville musician Brendan Stevens was charged with possessing 2 grams of marijuana in downtown Nashville after Field Training Officer Trevor Taylor observed him driving a white Chevy Cruz without headlines at 11:18 p.m. on Black Friday. During the traffic stop, the officer says he smelled marijuana, and when asked, Brendan stated he had “around 2 grams” in the vehicle. A search of the vehicle discovered a sandwich bag with 15.4 grams of marijuana inside. Stevens was issued a state citation and was booked on the charge this week.

VIDEO: MNPD Detective decommissioned after assaulting a homeless man on a public street

The Metro Nashville Police Department has decommissioned Detective William Thorowgood after he assaulted a homeless man on a public roadway outside his home, who he claimed was littering. He attacks the man, knocking him to the ground and placing a knee on his chest while telling him he’s detained and he would be in cuffs if he had them with him. Thorowgood, who has been with the department for ten years and served as a Fraud Detective, reported the incident to his supervisor on Monday, December 12, and was decommissioned the same day. After the assault in the video [full 17 minutes included in the story], Thorowgood calls 911 and reports the homeless man is armed and advancing toward him, both of which the video shows to be untrue. This is a developing story.

Anthony Chappell jailed after smoking marijuana on 27th floor of downtown Nashville hotel

31-year-old Anthony Chappell was arrested this past Sunday morning by petty Metro Nashville Police Officer Cory Fetner after staff at the JW Marriott Hotel in downtown Nashville reported he was smoking marijuana on the 27th floor of the hotel. Police were flagged down by staff after Chappell refused to leave. Chappell, who has no priors in Nashville, was taken into physical custody and charged with criminal trespass and possession of one-half gram of marijuana.

Michael Green charged with marijuana possession by petty Goodlettsville Police

19-year-old Michael Green was stopped by Goodlettsville Police on Rivergate Parkway, and during the encounter police say they developed probable cause to search the vehicle. Inside the vehicle, Officer William Campbell says he found drug paraphernalia and 14 grams of marijuana, for which he charged Green.