MNPD arrests man for 0.5 gram ‘partial joint’ found in vehicle after observing ‘significant smoke’

#MNPD Officer Blake Lutz (who once claimed to smell factory sealed THC Gummy Bears from outside a vehicle) has done it again. On Thursday, he physically arrested a 24-year-old for possession of a 0.5 gram partially smoked joint, after seeing ‘significant smoke’ coming from the parked vehicle. Caleb Brown remains jailed, unable to post his $2,000 bond.

35+ year Metro Police veteran asks what black arrestee would look like with bullet hole in forehead

Former MNPD Detective Clinton Vogel, who was with the department for 35+ years, and still fills his social media profiles with photos to appear as if he’s an active-duty MNPD Officer, recently commented on the arrest of Alante Roper (aka Trap Rich Looney), who has a cross tattoo on his forehead. In response to the photo, the former MNPD Officer said “Wonder what a ROUND hole would look like in the middle of his forehead instead of that cross?”, referring to a bullet hole. Even though Vogel is no longer…

Woman tells man “Come get your hoodie” assaults him, later kicks in his door & assaults him 2nd time in same day

Stephiana Garrett, 18, is charged with assault and felony aggravated burglary after she admitted to punching a man who she told to come get his hoodie from her apartment, and then went to his house, kicked through his door, and assaulted him a second time, later in the day.

VIDEO: Watch closing arguments in preliminary hearing of MNPD Officer Andrew Delke

The closing arguments in the preliminary hearing of Andre Delke were delivered on Saturday, in front of Judge Melissa Blackburn. MNPD Officer Andrew Delke is charged with the murder of Daniel Hambrick, after he shot him in the back and killed him. Judge Blackburn is set to rule if the case will move forward on Monday.

Metro Nashville’s failed transgender response; How Goodlettsville got it right

Metro Nashville has been quietly handling their response to the transgender shaming incident by multiple city employees in October. Along the way, they have shown some signs of progress. However, they also took 28 days to ask the victim’s name, and are considering a city-wide response that does nothing to address the behavior of the employees. Goodlettsville, however, addressed the incident with a passion, and moved forward with the support of their community.

What’s a 3rd Shift MNPD Officer Do All Night? Snapchat Women & Complain of Boredom.

One of MNPD’s new officers, sworn to ‘protect and serve’ spent dozens of hours during a recent overnight rotation, serving his personal interests, of posting to social media about how boring his MNPD job was, how he couldn’t stay awake, and finding women to snapchat him while he patrolled Midtown.

After 6 Years On The Force, MNPD Found a Racist, Drug Using Officer in their Ranks.. By Accident

Due to a tip about an MNPD officer using ‘magic mushrooms’ to avoid failing drug tests, MNPD found a string of offenses, including videos of him growing & using the mushrooms, and his history of extreme racists texts send during his patrol shifts. The officer was allowed to resign without any criminal charges being pressed.

East Nashville Prostitution Arrest: The $27 Blow Job & Smoking Crack Inside A Cop Car

Tonya Dawn Burgess, 38, will appear in Davidson County General Sessions Court on Tuesday to answer to her 11th charge for prostitution in Nashville. For her most recent arrest, a MNPD undercover detective solicited Burgess to engage in a “sexual act” for $27, and she agreed, according to the arrest affidavit. Of her numerous Nashville arrests, over 40 in total, perhaps her most notable was perhaps in 2014 when the arresting officer put her in the back of his police cruiser, started the drive to booking, and mid-way there, Tonya…