Brandon Thornton charged with kidnapping after dragging girlfriend into car during altercation

36-year-old Brandon Joe Thornton had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Morgan Beavers, near the Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital around 11:56 a.m. on April 21st. Officers initiated a call for service after observing a woman being dragged into a car, which Kate Melby, an employee at the District Attorney’s Office, also witnessed. Thornton also called the police regarding the incident. When officers arrived, they spoke with Beavers, who told them she was in the passenger seat while Thornton drove her car. Beavers stated that he started to behave erratically and began punching her in the leg. She said she waited for Thornton to slow the vehicle down and then jumped out, fearing for her safety. Then, Beavers said he exited the car, wrapped his arms around her, and dragged her back into the car, leaving a friction burn on her buttocks. After this, Thornton drove her to the Vanderbilt Psychiatric Hospital. Thornton told officers that Beavers struck him in the face. Despite this, officers observed no visible injuries on Thornton. Thornton added that Beavers was intoxicated and jumped out of a moving vehicle, so he picked her up and forced her back into the car for her safety. Thornton was taken into custody for kidnapping and domestic assault.

18-year-old Joshua Leach jailed during pursuit over possible kidnapping

18-year-old Joshua Leach was jailed on February 28th when police were dispatched for a female who had been abducted by two males in a silver Nissan. The complainant followed the vehicle throughout Nashville. Police intercepted the car and attempted a traffic stop, but it refused to pull over. The police deployed spikes at the intersection of Clarksville Pike and Ed Temple Boulevard. The vehicle was then abandoned, and after a brief foot pursuit, officers apprehended Mr. Leach, who was carrying a loaded handgun. The officers later discovered that the vehicle they were chasing had been reported stolen. Mr. Leach admitted to owning the firearm and being inside the stolen car. Leach also had an outstanding probation warrant. Leach was taken into custody on February 28th for unauthorized use of a vehicle, evading arrest, and weapon possession.

Overton High School Asst. Basketball Coach Kayesean Coverson jailed for kidnapping girlfriend

27-year-old Kayesean Coverson had a domestic altercation with his girlfriend, Alexis Streeter, at her apartment late February 10th. Officers were dispatched to Thornton’s Gas Station nearby regarding a kidnapping. Officers spoke with the complainant, Mikayla Marin, who advised them she heard her downstairs neighbor, Streeter, fighting with her boyfriend. Marin witnessed Coverson pull Streeter by the arms and push her into her car. Marin said Streeter was crying about not wanting to enter the vehicle as she held onto the door frame. She also stated that Coverson used both hands to force her into it before driving off to Thornton’s Gas Station. Officers started to search for Streeter and pinged her phone’s location to the Nashville West Shopping Center parking lot, where they found her vehicle unoccupied. Then, officers were flagged down by a bystander who advised them that Streeter was at Thornton’s. Officers located and brought Streeter back to her apartment, where she explained her situation. Streeter stated she and Coverson argued before he left, and then when Coverson returned, he grabbed a knife from the kitchen drawer. Coverson held it in the air, yelling, “Happy Birthday,” and walked out again, so Streeter locked the door. Streeter explained that they argued over the phone for 30 minutes about Coverson trying to gain entry to the apartment before he left the scene. Then, Streeter said Marin came to check on her, which was when she told Marin to alert the authorities if she had seen Coverson or heard any commotion. Streeter had believed that her door was locked when Coverson returned and gained entry. Streeter said Coverson then rushed into the bedroom and pushed her onto the bed while stating, “Now you deserve to die.” Coverson punched Streeter in the jaw and temple area and continued to swing punches near her hip while Streeter tried to kick him off. Streeter said Coverson went outside again and was arguing with the neighbors when Marin tried to give Streeter her phone to speak with 911 operators, but Coverson grabbed it from her hand and hung up the call. Then, Coverson dragged Streeter into the car so they could leave before the officers arrived. Streeter said she told Coverson that she did not want to go with him but permitted him to use her car. However, Coverson refused and forced her into the car anyway. While in the car, Streeter told Coverson that she needed to use the restroom, so they pulled into Thornton’s Gas Station, where she waited and asked bystanders to call the police. Coverson then entered the store, demanding Streeter come with him, but she refused, and he left the scene. Coverson was taken into custody for interfering with a 911 call, kidnapping, and domestic assault on February 16th. Kayesean Coverson is an assistant basketball coach at John Overton High School and has been placed on administrative leave since his arrest.

Nashville songwriter Matt McGinn threatens to kill girlfriend and slit her dog’s throat while kidnapping her

35-year-old Matthew McGinn reportedly lied to his girlfriend of two years, Carly Strickland, about staying in a hotel while she was out of town. She wanted to confront him and asked him to meet her at his multi-million dollar estate, where she was located. He arrived and blocked her car in the driveway. The couple discussed the matter, and Strickland decided to leave. She says McGinn refused to let her leave until she sat down and talked to him more. During the continued discussion, he became irate and called her derogatory names. She gathered her dog and attempted to flee the residence when McGinn reportedly pushed her to the ground and stood in the doorway to block her exit. She says he then grabbed the dog and threatened to strangle it, and told her she needed to “sit the fuck down,” and he wanted her and her dog to die. He is overheard on a recording telling her he would kill her and slit her dog’s throat if she attempted to leave.  A copy of the order of protection is included in the linked story.

McGinn then reportedly removed his shirt and began to wrap it around her shoulders in an apparent attempt to strangle her with the shirt. She was able to call 911, and when she screamed that he would not let her leave, he finally allowed her to exit the residence. He followed her outside, got in his own car to unblock the driveway, and reportedly drove aggressively as if he was going to hit her vehicle with his own. Warrants, including felony aggravated assault with a deadly weapon and kidnapping, were issued, and McGinn was taken into custody.

Escort financially drains, kidnaps, and drugs man in Nashville; he’s abandoned in Detroit

When Ryan Raidel found escort Destiny Murray online, met her in Nashville, and paid for her services, he never imagined he would end up drugged, kidnapped, financially drained, and stranded in Detroit, MI — but that’s exactly what he says happened to him. Murray is jailed on a $175K bond, and two accomplices remain at large.

Pineville Predators: Three indicted in kidnapping, rape, & assault of a runaway juvenile in Nashville

Police say three high school friends who moved from Louisiana to Nashville after they graduated Pineville High School in 2020, participated in the assault and rape of a 16-year-old runaway who was staying with them at their Priest Lake apartment. A newly unsealed Grand Jury indictment charges 20-year-old Albert “Riley” Roberts IV with aggravated assault with a deadly weapon, especially aggravated kidnapping, and reckless endangerment. Roberts was taken into custody Thursday and is free on a $100,000 bond. His co-defendants, 20-year-old Ashton Ivy Cannon, and 20-year-old Edsaviour Ricshaun Groves, both have outstanding warrants for their arrests. Cannon is charged with rape, aggravated rape, and kidnapping. Groves is charged with rape, aggravated rape, and solicitation of a minor.

Antioch man charged with kidnapping of wife and assault of ex-lover — James Kennedy

28-year-old James Kennedy, AKA “Busta Buss Checkmate” is free on a $32,500 bond after police say he would not let his wife, Takarria Kennedy, leave their home and assaulted her when she attempted to leave the residence anyways. He grabbed her and tossed her against a wall. One of her female friends, Amaya Forrest, who is also a former lover of the husband, was visiting her at the time, and when she confronted James Kennedy about the assault of his wife and said she was going to call her brother, he pulled up his shirt exposing a handgun in his waistband, then grabbed her and attempted to push her down a set of stairs. As Forrest left the residence, the wife attempted to follow her and physically kept her from leaving for a substantial period of time.

Brazen burglars zip-tie 3 residents, break out front teeth of 1, during Madison home invasion

NEW DETAILS: 25-year-old Adarius Frazier, 31-year-old Ralphael Turner, and an unknown third person, held a resident at gunpoint as he arrived home from the 3000 Bar in downtown Nashville and demanded access to the apartment. Once inside, all three residents, Anthony Holmes, Capria Holmes, and Francesca Clark, were zip-tied and placed on the floor of a bedroom closet. The invaders also knocked out the front teeth of Mr. Holmes. As officers were putting on heavy armor outside, the suspects fled in a resident’s vehicle… police eventually caught 2 of them on Lischey Ave. as they dumped an AR Rifle, a Keltec pistol, and iPhones along the way.

Frazier is held on a $387,000 bond, and Turner is held on a $270,000 bond.

Man charged in kidnapping & assault of ex-boyfriend after finding him with another man — Darren Thompson

Trent Marsh says he was asleep inside his Donelson apartment, with Trevante Rogers, when his ex-boyfriend, 28-year-old Darren Thompson suddenly appeared inside the bedroom at 1 a.m. on December 21st. Darrent was reportedly yelling and screaming and refused to leave the home, which he never lived at previously. Trent attempted to leave the location to prevent further conflict, however, when he entered his bathroom/walk-in closet area he was followed by Darren, and prevented him from leaving the room. The two grappled and eventually Trent was able to escape with Trevante.

They returned an hour later to find the apartment was ransacked with damage to all the screens and electronics in the home and an iPad that was now missing. It was pinged to Darren’s home, and home security cameras captured the entire incident. Darren Thompson is charged with aggravated burglary, domestic assault, kidnapping, theft, and vandalism. A commissioner set a $61,000 bond, then he was freed on the pre-trial release program by the Davidson County Sheriff’s Office.

“Til death do us part…” says woman as she kidnaps her wife at gunpoint & strangles her — Alexia Dunn arrested

28-year-old Alexia Dunn is charged with the aggravated kidnapping and strangulation of her wife, Quenticia, after accusing her of having a new lover while the couple is preparing to finalize their divorce. Court records indicated she pulled a handgun on her wife and stated “we gonna die tonight, till death do us part!”, grabbed her by the neck and pressed her against a wall until she went limp, smashed her phone so she was unable to call for help, and when she was able to escape to ask a neighbor for help, Alexia physically picked her up and forced her back inside the residence. Alexia Dunn is free on a $35,000 bond.