Bradford Millham forces wrong car off interstate in road rage incident on I-24

Police say 63-year-old Bradford Millham was driving on I-24 when he forced a BMW, driven by Rilei Hill, off the road toward an embankment and then blocked her from getting back onto the interstate, causing her to be in fear for her life. Officers arrived, and Millham stated a vehicle had struck his vehicle on the left rear side, and when he looked up, the only vehicle in his sight was the victims. The white paint transfer on his vehicle did not match the dark color of the victim’s BMW. In his road rage, Millham had identified the wrong car and forced an innocent victim off the roadway with his car. He was charged with felony aggravated assault with a vehicle (reckless endangerment) and transported to booking.

Daylen Brinkley charged after chasing wife around house, threatening to “bash her head in”

Samantha Brinkley says her 29-year-old husband, Daylen Brinkley, chased her around the house and threatened to “bash her head in” during an argument Wednesday night. Officers arrived at the disturbance and she explained they had been arguing since earlier in the evening. She states she was in fear of being injured after the threats and being chased around the house. Daylen admitted to making the threat and was taken into custody.

DUI: Kyle Coolidge blows 0.229% BAC after crash

31-year-old Kyle Coolidge crashed into another driver at a red light just before 3 a.m. Sunday. He attempted to flee the scene multiple times, resulting in the other driver removing the keys from Coolridge’s possession. Coolridge then fell asleep in the time it took the police to arrive at the accident scene. He would eventually blow a 0.229% BAC and be charged with DUI.

Brazen burglars zip-tie 3 residents, break out front teeth of 1, during Madison home invasion

NEW DETAILS: 25-year-old Adarius Frazier, 31-year-old Ralphael Turner, and an unknown third person, held a resident at gunpoint as he arrived home from the 3000 Bar in downtown Nashville and demanded access to the apartment. Once inside, all three residents, Anthony Holmes, Capria Holmes, and Francesca Clark, were zip-tied and placed on the floor of a bedroom closet. The invaders also knocked out the front teeth of Mr. Holmes. As officers were putting on heavy armor outside, the suspects fled in a resident’s vehicle… police eventually caught 2 of them on Lischey Ave. as they dumped an AR Rifle, a Keltec pistol, and iPhones along the way.

Frazier is held on a $387,000 bond, and Turner is held on a $270,000 bond.