DUI: Tadros Mehany swerves between lanes in Honda Accord on Briley Parkway

22-year-old Tadros Mehany was seen in a gray Honda Accord swerving into lanes at Briley Parkway North on March 29th. The Honda Accord also fluctuated back and forth from 55 to 65mph. Officers made contact with Mehany, who visually seemed intoxicated. Mehany consented to sobriety tests and performed poorly. After being read implied consent, Tadros Mehany was taken into custody and charged with driving under the influence on March 29th.

Kielii Chacon charged with DUI after early morning crash

21-year-old Kielii Chacon crashed her vehicle into another at the Briley Parkway entrance ramp to I-65 just after 6 a.m. Monday. Police say she drove her black hatchback into a Honda Civic, despite her claiming the other vehicle struck her. She was visibly intoxicated during the investigation and performed poorly on field sobriety tests. She was taken into custody and charged with DUI. A search of her vehicle revealed a small glass pipe with marijuana residue.

DUI: Brandon Matute jailed after crashing into utility pole

22-year-old Brandon Matute was involved in a car accident in the early morning hours of October 30 on Briley Parkway. As the officers arrived, Matute told them another vehicle got in his way, causing him to crash into a telephone pole. Officers noticed the smell of alcohol on Matute’s breath as he admitted to having two beers, and when asked to perform sobriety tests, he replied, “It depends.” Matute reiterated that the wreck was not his fault, and he was taken into custody for suspicion of driving under the influence and was later charged with not having a valid driver’s license when officers tried to verify his identity.

Ben Hamm charged in 8 a.m. DUI crash on Briley Parkway

23-year-old Benjamin Hamm crashed his vehicle on Briley Parkway Thursday morning at 8:33 a.m. When officers arrived, they observed him to be visibly intoxicated, and he claimed he only had two “tall boys” around midnight. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and eventually blew a 0.25% BAC on a breathalyzer.

James Werdeniuk charged with DUI after speeding on Briley Parkway

42-year-old James Werdeniuk was traveling at 70 mph in a 55 mph zone on Briley Parkway on February 4, according to police. During a subsequent traffic stop, Werdeniuk reportedly had slurred speech and signs of apparent intoxication, including smelling of alcohol. Inside the vehicle was a four-pack of Southern Grist, and a bottle of Banana Split liquor. He showed multiple signs of impairment on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody for DUI.

Brianna Barron charged after punching and pushing Keijuana Bonds on video

19-year-old Brianna Barron is charged with the domestic assault of her roommate, Keijuana Bonds, who is also her roommate. Video shows Barron pushing and punching Bonds and was determined to be the primary aggressor. Prior to the assault, a two two were in a verbal argument after Barron placed Bonds things outside the home so she could retrieve them.

DUI: Kristen Burke charged after leaving Lucky’s Bar & crashing

23-year-old Kristen Burke told police she had just left Lucky’s Bar, where she had been drinking, before crashing her Hyundai near the Hotel Preston on Briley Parkway. Officers say she reeked of alcohol and had watery eyes, and showed some indications of impairment on field sobriety tests. Once at booking, she blew a 0.146% BAC on a breathalyzer test.

Drummer Grant Jenks snares DUI in Nashville after drinking Jack Daniel’s Whiskey

23-year-old Grant Jenks told police he has “two or three” Jack Daniel’s Whiskey drinks prior to driving his car into a pole near Arbor Creek Blvd & Briley Parkway Wednesday night, causing it to roll over. Jenks, who is the drummer for Descmber, performed poorly on field sobriety tests and was taken into custody, charged with DUI.

DUI: Man found asleep behind wheel 100 yards off Briley Parkway — Gregory Chitwood

Gregory Chitwood FEAT

37-year-old Gregory Chitwood is charged with driving under the influence after multiple motorists called 911 to report a dark-colored pickup truck was off the roadway on Briley Parkway.

Officers canvassed the area, eventually locating the vehicle in a grassy field 100 yards away from the road. Chitwood was found asleep behind the wheel of the vehicle, which was still running and still in drive. He admitted to drinking prior to driving. Chitwood blew a 0.141% BAC and was charged with DUI. He is free on pre-trial release.

Airplane pilot charged with DUI after taking drugs and rolling vehicle with a revoked driver’s license

43-year-old Mark Scott Bornemann is charged with DUI after police found him inside his crashed vehicle, which landed on its side after a collision on Briley Parkway on March 16th. Bornemann, who is a licensed pilot, had his license to drive on land revoked years ago, and told officers he had taken Gabapentin before driving, but not for any diagnosed injury or illness. Police say he was nodding out, sweating profusely, and couldn’t stay awake during their interview.