DUI: Marco Sic Burrero urinates in Arby’s parking lot after causing 3 car collision

26-year-old Marco Antonio Sic Burrero was involved in a three-car collision late February 10th. When officers arrived, there were no injuries to the involved parties, and Burrero advised them that he had consumed one to two beers about an hour before the accident. Burrero was visibly intoxicated as they asked him to exit the vehicle, where he then stumbled and began leaning on his car for support. Officers pulled him to a nearby Arby’s parking lot to perform sobriety tests. While they waited on an interpreter, since he only spoke Spanish, he began to urinate on the ground. Burrero performed poorly on the tests, and then he was taken into custody for driving under the influence on February 11th.

Carlens Ostin charged after police find 6 pounds of marijuana at his residence

19-year-old Carlens Ostin left the back door of his house open on Aaronwood Drive for a couple of days, so a concerned neighbor called the police on the afternoon of December 5th. The neighbor stated the previous residents had moved out, and they believed no one had moved back in. Officers arrived and observed the lockbox attached to the front door, commonly found on homes that are for sale, had been cracked and left open without the keys. They went to the unsecured door at the rear of the home, announced themselves to ensure no one had broken in, and began to clear the residence when they located three vacuum-sealed bags full of marijuana sitting in plain view on top of a box in the upstairs bedroom, so they executed a search warrant, uncovering three additional vacuum sealed bags, weighing a total of six pounds, and a vacuum sealer. Ostin arrived at the house while the officers were on the scene and advised he had just moved in and must have left the back door open. He stated he had gotten the key out of the lockbox and accidentally damaged the box. Then, Ostin contacted his aunt, the legal renter of the property, and she confirmed that he was staying there while going to school. He told officers he was the only one who was staying there, and he knew nothing about the marijuana. Ostin was taken into custody for possession with intent to distribute and unlawful use of drug paraphernalia.

Samaneh Moradi follows husband around home, assaulting him; he has her jailed

33-year-old Samaneh Moradi is charged with the assault of her husband, Hassan Tehrani, as police documented injuries on his arms, wrists, shoulder, hands, and back on May 25. Police responded to their Nolensville Pike home, where the victim stated his wife was in an argument and became upset when he started to record her with his phone. She is captured on the video following him around the home and assaulting him multiple times with slaps, punches, and fingernail scratches. Her husband stated he wanted to prosecute for the assault, and she was taken into custody.

Ben Hamm charged in 8 a.m. DUI crash on Briley Parkway

23-year-old Benjamin Hamm crashed his vehicle on Briley Parkway Thursday morning at 8:33 a.m. When officers arrived, they observed him to be visibly intoxicated, and he claimed he only had two “tall boys” around midnight. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and eventually blew a 0.25% BAC on a breathalyzer.