DUI: Marco Sic Burrero urinates in Arby’s parking lot after causing 3 car collision

26-year-old Marco Antonio Sic Burrero was involved in a three-car collision late February 10th. When officers arrived, there were no injuries to the involved parties, and Burrero advised them that he had consumed one to two beers about an hour before the accident. Burrero was visibly intoxicated as they asked him to exit the vehicle, where he then stumbled and began leaning on his car for support. Officers pulled him to a nearby Arby’s parking lot to perform sobriety tests. While they waited on an interpreter, since he only spoke Spanish, he began to urinate on the ground. Burrero performed poorly on the tests, and then he was taken into custody for driving under the influence on February 11th.

Tourist Farmer Blake McFadin crashes F-250, filled with Smirnoff Vodka, Mike’s Hard Lemonade, shooters…

20-year-old Tourist Farmer Blake McFadin was involved in an accident while driving his Ford F-250 late Saturday night. Police responded to the scene, where McFadin claimed he was not paying attention and the accident was his fault. Inside what he described as his “company truck,” was an open Smirnoff 100-proof bottle of Vodka that was 75% empty, five empty “shooter-style” bottles of 99-proof alcohol, an empty Mike’s Hard Lemonade, along with other empty alcohol containers in the back. Vomit lined the inside of the driver’s seat. Blake claimed he “has an ongoing stomach issue” but wouldn’t elaborate further. He initially denied drinking, then admitted earlier in the day. He performed poorly on field sobriety tests and eventually admitted to consuming “more than a few shots” prior to driving, though he claims he slept between the drinking and the driving. 

David Crow charged after dragging another man inside his home, taking his phone, assaulting him

36-year-old David Crow is charged with the domestic assault of Chris Platt after neighbors reported they observed Crow drag Platt back inside the residence after he had escaped out of the back door to scream for the neighbors to call 911. The couple had been in an argument that got heated, and Crow took Platt’s phone and refused to let him leave the residence. Once he got Platt back inside, he dragged him across the floor back to the living room but claimed it was “for his own well-being.” Officers documented a golf ball sized known and cuts on the victim’s forehead and bruising and cuts on his arm.

Man shoved hamburger in face of girlfriend from behind — Michael Austin Collier arrested

Nashville Police say 24-year-old Michael Austin Collier shoved a hamburger into the face of his girlfriend from behind. She had brought the food to his apartment for him, when he demanded she leave. Collier is charged with domestic assault/provocative contact, and is free on a $1,000 bond.