James Palmer gropes MNPD undercover after paying to have sex with her during a sting

53-year-old James Earl Palmer responded to an ad on Escort Alligator Monday morning, where he agreed to meet a woman in exchange for pleasure. Once he arrived at the location, he agreed on $80 for 15 minutes and then selected the upgrade package add-on of no condom, which brought the total to $120. He retrieved half from his pocket, handed her the cash, and immediately grabbed the woman, who was an undercover operative, in the buttocks and vagina. Police say there was no consent and charged Palmer with sexual battery and patronizing a prostitute. He is free on a $12,000 bond.

Nashville Police charge Morgan Gray with prostitution & illegal handgun possession during West End sting operation

Nashville police conducted a sting operation this week, placing ads online and meeting respondents at a hotel near Elliston Place & 24th Ave North. 26-year-old Morgan Gray responded to one of the ads and agreed to have sex with an undercover detective in exchange for $400. Once she arrived and accepted the payment she was taken into custody. During a search incident to arrest, officers located a handgun in her purse, and it was discovered she was a convicted Utah felon.

The takedown of a real-life Nashville pimp

Mohamed Muse told the detective “take your time, and have fun”. Detective Wilson asked him what his name was, and he replied “Jamal, same as on the card”. Wilson then asked him for a condom, and Mohamed Muse(aka Jamal Rain) provided Detective Wilson with two grey packaged condoms and a cigarette. 

Friday Prostitution Docket – 27 Cases

There are 27 prostitution related cases on Friday’s docket. Here they are: Orlando Northington Patronizing Prostitution Elizabeth Barfield Prostitution Maranda Chandler Prostitution Malina Crowe Prostitution Karmeisha Cuthrell Prostitution Sabrina Hopkins Prostitution Maisey Hudson Prostitution Rachel Little Prostitution Brittany Messina Prostitution Amanda Perryman Prostitution Bonnie Rodirguez Prostitution Kristina Smith Prostitution Stephany Vickers Prostitution   Here is the full list of defendants on related charges on the docket for today. An arrest and/or court appearance dos not imply guilt. Defendant Case Charge Northington, Orlando GS829377 Promoting Prostitution Asbell, Alicia SC1112001 Prostitution Barfield,…

50 People In Nashville Court Today for Prostitution – We Have The Names & Prices

It’s going to be a slow day for sex work in Nashville – anyone looking for some extra curricular activities on popular escort websites or their favorite corner may be disappointed in the lack of availability today – as there are 50 individuals on the court appearance dockets in Nashville today for 58 prostitution related charges – mostly due to recent sting operations throughout the city. In addition to the entire list below, here are some fast facts about these 50 individuals: 7 Male 43 Female Youngest: 18 Oldest: 68…