Nashville ANTIFA activist Corey Lemley jailed after selling Fentanyl & cocaine to police

33-year-old ANTIFA activist Corey Lemley is jailed in lieu of a $238,500 bond after a weeks-long drug investigation came to a close Monday when detectives executed a search warrant on his Barclay drive home at 10:30 a.m. Family members directed detectives to Lemley’s bedroom, where they discovered a loaded Sig Saur P365 9 mm handgun, 1 gram of white powder concealed in a dollar bill, and 4 grams of a white powder substance concealed in a hallway closet adjacent to his bedroom, which tested positive for cocaine and Fentanyl. 72 grams of marijuana was also stored in a shoe box in his closet. 

In late October, An undercover detective called Lemley’s known cell phone number and asked to purchase drugs, at which time Lemley directed him to his Barclay Drive home. Once in the driveway, cash was exchanged for 30 grams of a cocaine/Fentanyl mix, later providing probable cause to obtain the search warrant for the home.

Prajesh Patel sold alcohol to a minor at Green Chili Indian Restaurant in Goodlettsville

35-year-old Prajesh Patel was charged with selling alcohol to a minor during a sting at the Green Chili Indian Restaurant at 707 Rivergate Parkway in Goodlettsville on January 26th. Goodlettsville Police were conducting a beer compliance check using an undercover underage person. Patel was booked on the citation this week and will appear in court in March.

Nashville Police charge Morgan Gray with prostitution & illegal handgun possession during West End sting operation

Nashville police conducted a sting operation this week, placing ads online and meeting respondents at a hotel near Elliston Place & 24th Ave North. 26-year-old Morgan Gray responded to one of the ads and agreed to have sex with an undercover detective in exchange for $400. Once she arrived and accepted the payment she was taken into custody. During a search incident to arrest, officers located a handgun in her purse, and it was discovered she was a convicted Utah felon.

Nashville’s most notorious drug kingpin you’ve never heard of: Eric Jenkins #SharkOfWallStreet

37-year-old Eric Jenkins, who goes by the moniker ‘Shark of Wall Street’, is acknowledged by the DA’s office to be one of Nashville’s largest drug Kingpins – and you’ve probably never heard of him unless you’re among the city’s most elite clientele he serviced. Nashville took him into custody earlier this summer during a “major sting operation” when he attempted to take possession of 10 kilos of cocaine from an undercover agent – and all local charges have disappeared.

Details of MNPD Officer Jason Wilkerson’s Felony Aggravated Assault Charge

On April 15, the MNPD released a simple statement, and a press photo of their officer that was arrested for aggravated assault. Almost every news outlet simply ran the provided press photo and the identical provided statement from the MNPD. After multiple requests we have finally received the arrest affidavit and details of the felony aggravated assault he is charged with. Wilkerson has been decommissioned and is currently assigned to desk duty with the MNPD. He will appear in court on May 30th, and is currently out on a $6,500…

$250 for the sex, an extra $80 for spanking – Prostitutes & Pimps At the DoubleTree Hotel

On Thursday night, MNPD was conducting an undercover operation, in which an undercover police operative responded to an ad posted on the “SkipTheGame(.com)” website.  The undercover operative negotiated a price of $250 for sex, with an additional $80 for spanking. As detectives arrived, they observed 2 men sitting in the lobby of the DoubleTree Nashville Airport, on Atrium Way, the hotel which was the location the sexual activities were to take place. Detectives met the female prostitute, Erica, in room 125. While detectives were in the room with Erica, eventually…

Nashville heroin dealer busted, flips on those above and below her. Stephanie Morris #Arrested

Over the past few weeks, MNPD has been conducting undercover buys in order to work their way up to a local heroin dealer. Court records show just how easy people ‘flip’ on those above them, and admit to everything, when questioned by the police. On Monday one of the last outstanding warrants, for Stephanie Morris, was served in this investigation, so here’s how it all went down, and how it ended in an East Nashville drug bust – and who told what. In the end, Stephanie Morris would admit that she…

MNPD ‘Narc’ steals heroin during ‘controlled buy’ operation- #DumbCriminals #Arrested

Kaleb Ringelstein found himself under arrest Tuesday afternoon, despite the fact that he was working with MNPD to identify and buy heroin from a dealer on their behalf. Not only did he buy the heroin for the cops, but he kept some for himself. It’s probably safe to say no one will ever sell this guy drugs again. According to a MNPD affidavit, the defendant (Kaleb Ringelstein) was working with detectives to identify a narcotics dealer. Ringelstein conducted a controlled buy of heroin from the dealer. After the deal was…