Nashville heroin dealer busted, flips on those above and below her. Stephanie Morris #Arrested

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Over the past few weeks, MNPD has been conducting undercover buys in order to work their way up to a local heroin dealer. Court records show just how easy people ‘flip’ on those above them, and admit to everything, when questioned by the police. On Monday one of the last outstanding warrants, for Stephanie Morris, was served in this investigation, so here’s how it all went down, and how it ended in an East Nashville drug bust – and who told what.

In the end, Stephanie Morris would admit that she gets her heroin supply from Nathan Woodard, and that she uses William Buttrey and Brooke Kelley to run for her. Here’s how it happened:

  • On February 5th, Brooke Kelley was observed leaving the residence of Stephanie Dawn Morris on Pawnee Trail. Officers conducted a traffic stop for a traffic violation, and a search of the vehicle revealed 1.5 grams of heroin. Under Miranda, Brooke Kelly admitted to police where she got the heroin & that she was then going to resell the heroin to someone at 414 Gallatin Pk S for $170.
Brooke Kelley
  • Later in the week, detectives used a confidential informant to purchase a felony amount of heroin from the same location as above, the Pawnee Trail residence of Stephanie Morris.
  • The following week, of Feb 11th, detectives used a confidential information to purchase a felony amount of heroin from William Thomas Buttrey II.
William ‘Bill’ Buttrey
  • The next week, of Feb 18th, detectives once again used a confidential informant to purchase another felony amount of heroin from Stephanie Morris. Via an electronic listening devise, detectives could hear the voice of a young child while the transaction was taking place between the confidential informant and Stephanie Dawn Morris. When the CI exited the vehicle, detectives observed a young child sitting in a child seat in the middle of the car, next to where the CI was sitting. Following the deal, the CI verified that they sat next to a child who was approximately two years old sitting in a car seat and that the child remained there throughout the duration of the narcotic transaction.
  • On Feb 21st, detectives observed Nathan Woodard leave the same residence of Stephanie Morris, and conducted a traffic stop on his vehicle for running a stop sign on Nelly’s Bend Rd. A search of the vehicle resulted in 3.3 grams of heroin.
  • Detectives would then execute a search warrant on the home of Stephanie Morris, finding 4.2 grams of heroin at that time. Also found was a Titan .25 pistol, a Bersa .380, 60 Adderall 20mg pills, 39 hydrocodone pills, 49 oxymorphone 15mg pills, 94 oxymorphone 10mg pills, 22 2mg suboxone strips, 41 Xanax, and 79 gabapentin 300mg capsules.
Stephanie Morris

Under Miranda, Stephanie Morris admitted that she gets her heroin supply from Nathan Woodard, and that she uses William Buttrey and Brooke Kelley to run for her. This would lead to a search warrant on the home of Nathan Woodard on N 9th St in East Nashville. During that search, 36 grams of heroin was found, along with 203.9 grams of cocaine. Nathan Woodard stated to police that there was “no one above me” and that “I am the top dog”.

As a result of this investigation, detectives seized a total of 48.8 grams of heroin through the month of February. Woodard, Kelly, Buttrey & Morris have all been arrested on multiple charges.  Buttrey missed his 03/20 court date and currently has a warrant for his arrest.

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