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River Road Church of Christ had a big event planned for Sunday with an egg hunt – and just couldn’t allow a homeless individual to catch some sleep in their parking lot, so they had the 54 year old black man arrested before the morning service. Guess there really was no room at the inn. They didn’t invite him in for service, or offer to feed them, just straight to jail.

River Road Church of Christ’s Congregation

Just before Sunday morning service, members of the River Road Church of Christ on Charlotte Pike called MNPD, with a complaint of a homeless individual were sleeping in a vehicle in their church parking lot.

Upon arrival, MNPD did find John Wynn asleep in a parked vehicle, in the church parking lot. He was awoken by the police and was advised that the church wanted him to leave the property, however he fell back to sleep, seeming to ignore the officer. He was taken into custody and charged with trespassing.


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