Crack laced with Fentanyl infiltrates downtown homeless population – multiple dead and overdosed

8 overdosed, 2 dead, as crack cocaine containing high doses of Fentanyl infiltrates homeless camps in downtown Nashville… Authorities are distributing Narcan kits to unhouse individuals in the downtown area

Nashville Police wake up homeless man sleeping under a tree to arrest him — David Moore

Metro Nashville Police woke up 32-year-old David Moore as he slept under a tree in the parking lot of 1419 Clinton Street just before midnight on February 14. A ‘concerned citizen’ called 911 to report them, and officers responded to check on his welfare. Officer Christopher Cantrell woke up Moore, who stated he was fine and didn’t need any assistance or medical attention. The officer says he smelled of alcohol and marijuana and told him he was under arrest due to being too intoxicated in public. The officer seized three marijuana joints totaling 1.5 grams. Moore began to scream the police were “robbers” and called them a few choice names. After sitting in jail for a few hours, the DA declined to prosecute the case.

Mother has son arrested when he breaks into her home to eat a meal in her kitchen — Tyrell Stokes

Felicia Stokes called Metro Nashville Police after coming home from work to find her 32-year-old son, Tyrell Stokes, sitting in her kitchen eating a plate of food. She says her security camera captured him using a can opener to break into the back door of the apartment earlier in the day. Stokes says he only came inside because he had nowhere else to go. New MNPD Trainee, Officer Andre Williams, charged Stokes with aggravated criminal trespass and transported him to booking. He remains jailed in lieu of a $500 bond. This was his first arrest in Metro Nashville.

Homeless man strangles woman who lives with him in his car until she blacks out twice

34-year-old Matthew Fox was charged with two counts of aggravated assault by strangulation after getting upset with his homeless roommate and strangling her until she passed out twice.

River Road Church of Christ Has Homeless Man Arrested for Sleeping on Property

River Road Church of Christ had a big event planned for Sunday with an egg hunt – and just couldn’t allow a homeless individual to catch some sleep in their parking lot, so they had the 54 year old black man arrested before the morning service. Guess there really was no room at the inn. They didn’t invite him in for service, or offer to feed them, just straight to jail. Just before Sunday morning service, members of the River Road Church of Christ on Charlotte Pike called MNPD, with…