One roommate jailed after night of “drinking to excess” — Edward Rhoden

Police say 27-year-old Edward Rhoden and his roommate, Aaron McCray, were both ‘drinking to excess’ on February 12. Aaron says he doesn’t remember what happened that night but knows he woke up with a black eye. Edward says he absolutely slugged his roommate in his eye, leaving it bruised and black. Officers took Edward into custody and charged him with domestic assault.

Mother has son arrested when he breaks into her home to eat a meal in her kitchen — Tyrell Stokes

Felicia Stokes called Metro Nashville Police after coming home from work to find her 32-year-old son, Tyrell Stokes, sitting in her kitchen eating a plate of food. She says her security camera captured him using a can opener to break into the back door of the apartment earlier in the day. Stokes says he only came inside because he had nowhere else to go. New MNPD Trainee, Officer Andre Williams, charged Stokes with aggravated criminal trespass and transported him to booking. He remains jailed in lieu of a $500 bond. This was his first arrest in Metro Nashville.