Jackson Crosby breaks into apartment after drinking a “good amount of Tequila” on Broadway

24-year-old Former Soldier Jackson Crosby kicked in the door of an Artisan at 18th Apartments unit in the early hours of February 25th. A nearby resident observed this and alerted the authorities. When the officers arrived, they noticed the damaged door and found Crosby sleeping in a bed in the living room. Crosby woke up confused about where he was, stating he was in Spring Hill, Tennessee, where he resides. Crosby then said he thought he was in a hotel, not his home. Crosby said he was unaware of being in Nashville and the last thing he remembered was ordering a cab on Broadway after drinking a “good amount of tequila” at a bar. Crosby claimed not to remember breaking the door or entering the apartment. Crosby was taken into custody for vandalism, aggravated criminal trespassing, and public intoxication.

Bryan Keach enters ex-girlfriend’s home uninvited, threatens to burn her house down

40-year-old Bryan Keach was involved in a domestic altercation with his ex-girlfriend, Andrea Hill, at her residence on December 8th. Hill advised officers that she wanted an order of protection against Keach. She stated they have a pending court date involving an assault and that he has been mentioning suicide to her, claiming that he is going to beat her up and that she was lucky that he did not kill her. Hill told him to stop again, and there have been three messages since then that she has not responded to. Then, when she was sleeping, Keach entered her residence uninvited, yelling, waking her out of her sleep. Keach began dumping out her purse and turned on the gas stove, threatening to burn the house down. Officers were notified of the bond condition between the parties, stating there was supposed to be no communication, and they observed the messages Hill provided and the video showing him in the residence. Keach was taken into custody for harassment, aggravated criminal trespassing, violation of a no-contact order, and aggravated assault.

Drunken Santa, Koy Stewart, breaks into Wildhorse Saloon, sleeps on shuffleboard table

26-year-old Koy Stewart, while dressed in a Santa costume and extremely intoxicated, broke into the Wildhorse Saloon in the early hours of Thursday morning. Security video shows after he forced the door open, he walked upstairs and laid on a shuffleboard table. Police arrived after a public works employee, Johnny Pete, witnessed him enter the closed and locked venue. Officers arrived and sent a K-9 into the building, and Stewart was located sitting on the floor. He was charged with aggravated trespassing and public intoxication.

Judge sets $75,000 bond for man trespassing at home of Taylor Swift’s mother — Bryan Sebera

A Nashville judicial commissioner set the bond for 31-year-old Bryan Sebera at a jaw-dropping $75,000 for a misdemeanor aggravated trespass charge Wednesday evening. Police arrived at the Forest Hills home of Taylor Swift’s mother after the family’s security detail had detained the man. Security advised Sebera was at the home earlier in the day and was escorted off the property. Now, he had returned, crossed over the wall, and was peeking in a window at the back of the estate.

Drunk woman texts ‘POW POW!’ threat, storms front door, falls on sidewalk, lays there until police arrive — Angie Chapman

49-year-old Angie Chapman, who is in the middle of a heated divorce, decided to track her husband down Tuesday night at his brother’s home, just a few streets over. She sent texts on the way over, stating “Do you remember how to shoot? I do!”… and “POW POW!”. Once she arrived, she texted him to “look out your window, a–hole” so she could “zero in”. She stormed the front porch, opened the storm door, and attempted to push her way into the home, but the homeowner pushed her back out the door, causing her to fall down the steps, firmly plopping her body on the sidewalk below, where she remained laying until police arrived. They took her into custody while she screamed “I will come back and get them!”. A loaded Smith & Wesson revolver was located in her front passenger seat, and she was extremely intoxicated. Police only charged her with misdemeanor aggravated trespass, and she posted a $2,500 cash bond after being booked. She recently removed $40,000 from the joint checking account, which has been a contentious point during the divorce proceedings.

Mother has son arrested when he breaks into her home to eat a meal in her kitchen — Tyrell Stokes

Felicia Stokes called Metro Nashville Police after coming home from work to find her 32-year-old son, Tyrell Stokes, sitting in her kitchen eating a plate of food. She says her security camera captured him using a can opener to break into the back door of the apartment earlier in the day. Stokes says he only came inside because he had nowhere else to go. New MNPD Trainee, Officer Andre Williams, charged Stokes with aggravated criminal trespass and transported him to booking. He remains jailed in lieu of a $500 bond. This was his first arrest in Metro Nashville.

Intruder loots $5,000 worth of tools from construction site

37-year-old Norman Smith was charged with theft of property and aggravated criminal trespassing after illegally entering a construction site and stealing a box filled with tools. The value of the tool box alongside its contents was estimated at $5,000.

18-yo Casto arrested AGAIN today in attic space, hours after court appearance #tasered

BREAKING: Hours after his court appearance Thursday, 18-year-old Matthew Casto was found back in the attic space of a 14-year-old girl’s bedroom, and had to be tasered while taken into custody. Mt. Juliet Police officers were alerted by a vigilant neighbor, who spotted Casto walking towards the home today. After an extensive search of the home, he was found hiding in an attic. An electronic control device was deployed to take him into custody due to his resisting arrest. Pending charges include a violation of an order of protection, trespassing,…