Father charged after grabbing teen by the neck to get her phone #uncalledfor

feat Kaldess, Emad

52-year-old Emad Kaldess was charged with domestic assault after he twisted his 14-year-old daughter’s arm and shoved her to the ground by her neck to get her phone.

Pilgrimage Festival Co-Founder Kevin Griffin’s Divorce: Affairs, Drugs, Money & the Festival

Of the many interesting findings, in a 61-page final divorce decree, was the information revealed about the finances of the company that presents The Pilgrimage Festival, Pilgrimage Presents, LLC. The judge found Pilgrimage Presents, LLC has ‘no value’, citing “Pilgrimage Presents, LLC, had a shareholder equity of negative $1,885,855, as of December 31, 2017, and a substantially greater amount as of December 31st, 2018, due to the loss experienced in 2018.

Beaman Divorce: $15,000 per month in child support?

#BeamanDivorce Lee Beaman says he’ll pay $2100/month in child support, cover the child’s private school tuition, and an extra $750/month for extracurricular activities. Kelley says there’s simply no way she can maintain the 13-year-old’s lifestyle and meet his needs for less than $15,000/month in child support payments. Who will win?

Lee Beaman Taped Sex with Prostitutes, Made Wife Watch to ‘Train Her’ on How To Please Him

#BeamanDivorce: Nashville’s hottest divorce case just dropped some bombshells. Scoop: Nashville got first access to filings late Thursday afternoon, and Lee Beaman’s pornographic proclivities that Kelly Beaman has attested to in her brief before Monday’s trial… out city isn’t prepared for.

Lee Beaman is wearing a bodycam 24/7 during his multi-million dollar divorce, while paying his wife 12K/month

If you’ve been in the Nashville area for any length of time, you’ve heard of Beaman Automotive, and it’s owner, Lee Beaman, who also recently was involved with the no-tax-for-trax transit debate. What you may not know is that he’s in the middle of a nasty multi-million dollar divorce, and he’s been wearing a body-mounted camera 24/7 when in his own home for the past few months, as we found in some recent court filings. The multi-million dollar prenup is also posted below, with it’s conditions – which his wife…

East Nashville’s ‘Ghetto’ Songwriter Ashlee K Thomas served with divorce papers

East Nashville decided they had enough of “Ghetto”, a song by Ashlee K Thomas, and now, her husband has had enough of her, too. In a 4th circuit filing on Wednesday, her husband, Jason Langenfeld, filed a divorce suit against his singer-songwriter wife, citing ‘irreconcilable differences’. The filing states the couple have been separated since September 29th 2017, however both still have the same address on the filing as of yesterday. They were married in Salt Lake City, UT, in August of 2013. From all initial signs, he will keep…

Ladies, it’s official! WKRN’s Neil Orne signed marital dissolution agreement after 14 months.

After a fourteen-month protracted battle, it’s official. WKRN’s Neil Orne and his current wife finally both came to an agreement on terms and signed their marital dissolution agreement on Wednesday, and it was filed with the court on Thursday, it will quickly be combined into the final divorce decree and Neil Orne will be a divorced man. In the terms of the agreement: Wife is granted divorce from husband, on the ground of irreconcilable differences. (The amended complaint filed also cited ‘inappropriate marital conduct’, however that is since removed from…

Roger Moore Arrested for posting photo of his ex’s bare ass on Facebook #UnlawfulExposure

Roger Moore and his wife are in the middle of a divorce, which she filed against him in January. They had been married since May of 2016. She already had an order of protection against him at the time she filed for divorce. Last week, his wife was in Florida and posted this video on her Facebook timeline. She then received an alert that Roger Moore had posted on her page. The post was a photo of her bare buttocks and the text below: “Pls allow me to help sense…

SCOOP: WKRN’s Neil Orne’s Wife Files for Divorce. He locks her out, cancels insurance, despite judge’s orders – per court docs.

WKRN’s Neil Orne married his ex-colleague, Karen Higbee, back in 2014 – and the city was abuzz. It would seem that the honeymoon period didn’t last long, though. They couple would separate on March 8th of 2017, and his wife would file for divorce on March 28th, 2017. Karen Higbee Orne filed an amended complaint in May of 2017, and Neil hired a lawyer in August, and in the six months since the case was filed has been rather dormant… until now. Neil is 51, his wife who filed for…