Theresa Paul charged in assault of Mr. Dick’s shaft & jewels during drunken argument

42-year-old Theresa Paul was jailed Friday afternoon after trying to push officers out of her house who were there because of her alleged attack against her boyfriend. Officers responded to Chestnutwood Trail home in Hermitage for a domestic disturbance after Ms. Paul’s boyfriend, Charles Dick, called in about her attacking him in a drunken rage. When officers arrived, Mr. Dick shouted, “She won’t let you in,” from an upstairs window. Officers asked Mr. Dick to come downstairs and let them in. When he finally invited the officers in, Ms. Paul approached them aggressively and tried to push them back out of the house. She was immediately taken into custody.

Mr. Dick told police that he and Ms. Paul were at a concert last night, and she was extremely drunk and aggressive towards him. He slept on the couch, hoping to speak to her the next day while she was sober, but when he got home from work that day, she was already drunk. Ms. Paul immediately got upset and began to punch him when he tried speaking with her. She would stop for a moment and go back to punching him. Mr. Dick showed officers video footage of Ms. Paul punching, kicking, and slapping him. Mark Wellesley lives with Ms. Paul and Mr. Dick and witnessed part of the assault. He told officers that he saw Ms. Paul kick and grab at Mr. Dick’s shaft and family jewels during the assault.

Daniel Lynch says ‘Cinnabon’ bought drugs with his money; as he foamed at the mouth

59-year-old Daniel Lynch was found screaming and yelling, “I’m going to fucking kill her!” while standing in a breezeway at the Meridian Apartments on Old Hickory Blvd. He then began to toss things from a 3rd-floor balcony. Officers were flagged down and Lynch told them he was upset because ‘Cinnabon’ used his money to buy drugs. Lynch admitted he had been drinking but denied any drug use, despite foaming at the mouth during the interaction. Management says the apartment was supposed to be empty. When officers were clearing the apartment, they located a crack pipe and several items of drug paraphernalia, along with Lynch’s ID and phone.

DUI: Lucas Gonzales says a stranger gave him a Roxicodone to make him feel better

23-year-old Lucas Gonzales told police he wasn’t feeling well when he left work Monday, so he stopped at a gas station on his way home. He claims a “random guy” gave him a “little blue pill, called a Roxi,” and told him it would “make him feel better and help with his anxiety.” Gonzales swallowed the pill from the alleged stranger and continued on his quest toward home. As he made it to the intersection of Murfreesboro Pike and Smith Springs Road, he passed out behind the wheel of his vehicle and was brought back to the land of the living when Nashville Fire medics used Narcan on him when they arrived at the scene. Medics reported he only had a faint heartbeat when they arrived. He is charged with DUI.

Hunter Bilyeu charged with disorderly conduct despite being given the chance to walk away

Metro Nashville Police Officers working the Entertainment District Initiative in downtown Nashville Saturday responded to 6th & Broadway, where they observed 20-year-old Hunter Bilyeu yelling and fighting another individual. Officers separated the parties, and the victim did not want to press assault charges. Officers told Bilyeu to go on about his night and leave the area, but he refused and continued to be aggressive and once again started to fight the other individual in front of police. He was taken into custody and charged with disorderly conduct.

Brandon Holliday charged after posting a sex tape of his wife and a friend together

Latoyia Anderson is still married to 39-year-old Brandon Holliday, but she says that’s only because he refuses to sign the divorce paperwork. Latoyia reported to police that the two were in an argument when Brandon threatened to post a sex tape of her and another friend together on social media. Brandon was sent the video by the other friend in an attempt to make him jealous. Shortly after the argument, the video of her having sex with the friend appeared on social media and was also sent via private message to multiple people on Facebook.

Makenzzie Mayberry uses soda bottle to assault motel mate who slept with her fiance

18-year-old Makenzzie Mayberry is charged with the domestic assault of her roommate at the Lotus Inn and Suites, who she says had sex with her fiance. A witness to the events, who is Mayberry’s cousin, tells police they all returned to the motel on April 24 after a day of arguing and fighting about the entanglement. Mayberry then threw a small plastic soda bottle at the victim, Keana Jonson, striking her in the center of the forehead, causing a small laceration. Nashville Fire transported the victim to the hospital and Metro Police took Mayberry into custody for the assault.

Cedric Miller charged with harassment of ex-girlfriend, annoying texts & calls

Kelsi Morgan says her 23-year-old ex-boyfriend, Cedric Miller, called and texted her repeatedly after being told to stop and was annoying and placing her in fear of being harmed. One of the text messages stated he was sitting outside her residence all night and watching her every move.

Kelexis Davidson charged in assault of girlfriend, leaving her home destroyed

25-year-old Kelexis Davidson reportedly saw text messages from another man on the phone of his girlfriend, Kevionna Pope, and began accusing her of cheating. She says he locked her in the bedroom with him and pushed her onto the bed and assaulted her. Police documented scratches, marks, and blood on her. Whenever she would attempt to leave the room, he would push her away from the door, and eventually tossed her phone out the 2nd-floor bedroom window. Police documented a hole in the bedroom wall, a door off the hinges, a TV knocked off a broken TV stand, a hole in a kitchen cabinet, and another hole in a downstairs wall.

The unwanted Christmas gift that kept on giving — Xiana Hughes

18-year-old Xiana Huges was taken into custody on an assortment of felony and misdemeanor warrants stemming from a Christmas day incident. Police say her relationship with Rodney Douglas had ended in November, and on Christmas Day she wanted to retrieve her things from his home. He explained it wasn’t a good time, as he was with his current girlfriend, Jasmine Easley, for the holidays. Undeterred, Xiana showed up and became immediately irate, letting herself into the home via the back door, and walked in on the family opening gifts with children present. She destroyed the inside of the home, pulled her ex-boyfriend’s hair, punched him in his face and body, bit him on the bicep, and threatened him with a kitchen knife.

As Douglas and Easely pushed her out of the home, she began a second round of physical attacks. She then attacks them, their home, and their vehicle, with rocks and other objects. The vehicle suffered extensive damage to the windshield, mirrors, and body damage on all sides and panels. She then rips the mailbox off the base and tosses it at the home. She then got in her car to flee, but not before she attempted to drive into her ex-boyfriend using her car. Several neighbors recorded the entire incident on phones and doorbell cameras.

Woman strikes ex-husband’s skull with frying pan, holds child’s school binder hostage —Kaysie Oys arrested

Just days after their divorce was finalized, police say 31-year-old Kaysie Oys used a frying pan to assault her newly divorced husband, locally loved ‘Jacob the Electrician’ Palmer, with a frying pan to the back of his skull, and again to his arm. She was reportedly being uncooperative with the parenting plan, had picked up their child from his school outside of her authorized day, and was holding his school binder under a faucet in the kitchen, threatening to destroy it when he came to retrieve the child from her home.